When William Friedkin set out to direct The Exorcist back in the 70s, he had never personally witnessed an exorcism before the shooting of this iconic 1972 film; however, more than 40 years later, he would witness an Exorcism for the first time and document it for the world to see.

The demonic realm has always intrigued and fascinated me — I try to read and research the subject whenever I stumble upon articles regarding demonic possessions cases. The 2009 book The Rite: The Making of a Modern Exorcist by Matt Baglio: is an excellent read, and it is one of my favorite non-fiction books on the subject of Exorcisms. There was a 2011 movie with Anthony Hopkins based on this book; It was well received, but it wasn’t a faithful adaptation of Matt Baglio’s work, and it wasn’t as thought-provoking as, say, The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005). 

Father Gabriele Amorth (1925-2016) has been on my radar for many years now, as I’ve been closely studying his work. He was the Catholic church’s most respected Exorcist. He founded the International Association of Exorcists, a training institution for priests’ training in Exorcism rites. He also wrote several highly acclaimed memoirs; The Devil is Afraid of Me: The Life and Work of the World’s Most Famous Exorcist and My Battle Against Satan

Friedkin is allowed unprecedented access by the Vatican to witness and record an Exorcism by Father Amorth. We meet Cristina, who is believed to be possessed by a demon or some dark entity. By the time we meet her, she has been through 8 Exorcisms, and they are about to perform the 9th. As father Amorth begins the Roman rituals of Exorcism, we see Cristina become violent, aggressive, and this unnatural, terrifying voice comes from inside of her. She screams and grunts — it all seems over the top, but it does feel genuine and straight out of some strange dark realm.

Perhaps the most significant thing this documentary attempts to do is bringing this evidence to medical professionals, scientists, scholars, and neuroscience experts to examine. All of them can’t articulate or properly diagnose what Cristina or other victims of so-called possessions are experiencing in medical terms. They all seem to agree that there is something entirely out of logical explanation happening to these people.

It is exceptionally fascinating to realize that even now, in 2021 the best weapon we have to combat these types of cases is not a medical doctor but Exorcism-trained priests.

Reading serious non-fiction works by Authors like Matt Baglio or Father Malachi Martin and even watching documentaries like The Devil and Father Amorth will challenge your views on spirituality to some degree. However, this documentary does little to satisfy any skeptics of demonic possessions; it instead leaves you with more questions than answers. Additionally, it establishes no concrete medical, psychological, or scientific explanations for this phenomenon. So, yes, this documentary is a must-see.

Three out of Five Popcorn Bags 🍿🍿🍿

The Devil and Father Amorth (2017)

*NFL WEEK 7 RECAP (2021 Season)

Three consecutive losses are disgusting and embarrassing. However, the silver lining here is that this was the best game Washington has played from start to finish despite the loss. 

I saw much better play from the defense, and I liked how the offense moved the ball multiple times into the red zone, and they were in scoring situations against a solid Packer defense — those were all positive signs. Plus, there was better play on special teams — all those things suggest to me that there is a chance to right the ship and that not all is lost this season.

I saw some exciting and good things that I hadn’t seen from the defense all season. They played better collectively but still missed tackles and allowed too many open targets for Aaron Rodgers in the secondary. 

We left multiple scores out on the field by not executing crucial plays at the goal line. This is why it is essential to have a legit franchise QB — Look, I’m not making any excuses, but simply put, Heinicke is a backup QB who can be explosive at times. Notwithstanding, the schedule has been crucial for such an inexperienced NFL QB. 

Antonio Gibson has been playing hurt with a shin fracture, which explains the struggles with the running game as of late. But they need to start featuring Patterson and McKissic a lot more and take away some of the risky play from Heinicke. 

Rivera going for it on all of those goal-line 4th downs was infuriating. The game would’ve been closer if we had scored at least field goals. We needed to see what we have with this new kicker.

Next Sunday, Washington has a unique opportunity to get some momentum by beating Denver and heading into their bye week on a positive note. Adavantage, Washington.



The Giants got a lucky break catching a Carolina team rattled with injuries and no Christian McCaffrey. Danny Dimes had a Philly special type of highlight catch. New York’s defense played an inspired game, keeping Carolina from scoring TDs. Next up, New York has a short week and will host Patrick Mahomes on Monday night. Advantage, Kansas City Chiefs.

Sam Darnold got benched in the 4th quarter. The Panthers started 3-0 and were looking pretty good; however, OL injuries and Christian McCaffrey’s loss have changed this team’s offensive outlook. Next up, Carolina has a divisional game at Atlanta. Advantage, Atlanta Falcons.


The Las Vegas Raiders have won two straight games and look like a brand new team without Jon Gruden. Derek Carr seems to be playing inspired and loose. Rich Bisaccia has this team looking like a contender. Next week, Las Vegas has its bye week.

The Eagles are struggling to get anything going. Jalen Hurts shows flashes of his potential, but the combination of lack of talent around him, injuries, and ineptitude from the coaching staff is reflected on their 2-5 record. Next week, Philadelphia visits a winless Detroit team hungry for a win. Advantage, Detroit Lions. 


The LA Rams got rocked from the very start of the game by trick plays from Detroit, but good teams know how to keep their composure, and they find ways to win. The Rams defense was pushed hard by a scrappy Lions team looking for their first win. Next week, LA visits a messy Houston Texans team. Advantage, LA Rams.

Detroit seemed inspired by the return of Jared Goff to LA — against the team that gave up on him. The Lions were very much into this game, but things got away from them in the 4th quarter. Next week, Detroit has an excellent chance to get their first win of the season hosting Philadelphia. Advantage, Detroit Lions. 


Man, this was a shocker. It felt like Tennessee pulled Kansas City’s pants down and spanked them. Derrick Henry was somewhat contained, but the threat of the run opened things up for everyone else. Next week, Tennessee visits the surging Indianapolis Colts. Advantage, Tennessee Titans. 

Kansas City’s lack of defense is a massive problem and a cause for immediate concern. Patrick Mahomes tries too hard to make things happen by forcing plays, costing them dearly in this game. Next up, Kansas City has a solid chance to get things going again by hosting the NY Giants. Advantage, Kansas City Chiefs.


The Cardinals are rolling through every opponent and seem unstoppable at 7-0 for the season. Next up, Arizona will be tested by hosting the 6-1 Green Bay Packers. Advantage, Arizona Cardinals

The Texans are a disaster right now. Their best chance to get anything positive will depend on the return of Tyrod Taylor to the starting lineup. Next up, Houston takes on another dynamic team when hosting LA. Advantage, LA Rams. 


Joe Burrow and the Bengals have officially put everyone in the AFC NORTH on notice. The Bengals took over this game in the 4th quarter and never looked back. Cincinnati is now 5-2 and has 2 game division lead. Next week, Cincinnati visits the 1-5 NY Jets. Advantage, Cincinnati Bengals.

Lamar Jackson was a one-person show against Cincinnati, but it wasn’t enough to overcome Baltimore’s injuries. The lack of a balance in the running game and spotty secondary play are things to worry about if Baltimore wants to make a deep playoff run. Next up, Baltimore has their bye week.


Tampa Bay completely dominated this game and made things miserable for Chicago. Tom Brady recorded his 600 career TD, and Tampa Bay now moves to 6-1. Next up, Tampa Bay has a divisional game against New Orleans. Advantage, Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The Bears cannot protect Justin Fields, and the risk of ruining this kid’s career is pretty high if he continues to start games this season. Andy Dalton needs to return to the starting lineup soon. Next up, Chicago hosts San Francisco. Advantage, San Francisco 49ers.


The Patriots ran up the score on their division rival. This doesn’t surprise me; it is straight out of Belicheater’s playbook. Next week, New England visits a rested Chargers team. Advantage, LA Chargers.

This game was a disaster for the Jets. Zach Wilson had to come out of the game in the 2nd quarter with a knee injury. Their backup QB Mike White is another rookie, which is insane — How can an NFL team not have a veteran QB in their roster to mentor a young developing rookie?. Well, the Jets addressed this issue by trading for Joe Flacco. Next week, the Jets will probably start Flacco against Cincinnati. Advantage Cincinnati Bengals.


Case Keenum started this game replacing injured Baker Mayfield — Keenum managed the game effectively, relying heavily on the run game. Third-stringer D’Ernest Johnson had a breakout game against a strong Denver defense, rushing for 146 yards and 1 TD. The Browns will need to follow a similar game plan until Mayfield returns. Next week, Cleveland has a massive divisional game hosting Pittsburgh. Advantage, Pittsburgh Steelers.

Denver was supposed to have a strong defense this season, but injuries are piling up, and even Von Miller is banged up. However, the Broncos are still a dangerous team offensively with Terry Bridgewater, Jerry Judy, and Melvin Gordon III. Next week, Denver host a Washington team in desperate need of a morale-boosting victory. Advantage, Washington.


Atlanta is quietly finding its way out of what seemed a mess of a season by putting together back-to-back wins. Matt Ryan, Cordarrelle Patterson, and Kyle Pitts are clicking and will start to make some noise in the NFC SOUTH. Next week, Atlanta has a chance to pull closer in their division hosting Carolina. Advantage, Atlanta Falcons.

The Dolphins were supposed to be a playoff team this season. But, inconsistencies on defense, Tua’s constant picks, and all the trade rumors surrounding Deshaun Watson are putting Miami’s season in peril. Next week, Miami visits the division-leading Buffalo. Advantage, Buffalo Bills.

COLTS 30 — 49ERS 18

Carson Wentz had an impressive game, relying heavily on the run game with Jonathan Taylor and spreading the ball around to his play-making receivers. The Colts have a good defense and are now 3-4; they could make a run at a possible wildcard spot this season. Next week, Indianapolis hosts division-leading Tennessee. Advantage, Tennessee Titans. 

Rookie running back Elijah Mitchell had a breakout game rushing for over 100 yards and a TD. Deebo Samuel was elite as usual, with 100 yards receiving and 1 TD. But disappointingly, Jimmy G had a stinker of a game. Next week, San Francisco should have an easy game against a mess of a Chicago Bears team. Advantage, San Francisco 49ers.


Although new Orleans won this close game by a field goal, they should be concerned with how inefficient they were against a Seattle team with no Russell Wilson and many backups. Next week New Orleans hosts Tom Brady and company. Advantage, Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The Seahawks will struggle with Geno Smith running the offense, and they are seriously in danger of not making the playoffs if Russell Wilson doesn’t return soon. Next week, Seattle hosts Jacksonville. Advantage, Seattle Seahawks.


I went into this movie feeling pretty skeptical and not expecting to enjoy it as much as I did. However, I get the sense that the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) is finally beginning to find its way. 

Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021) was an exceptional achievement. Birds of Prey (2020) was pretty fucking enjoyable. And now we have The Suicide Squad (2021), which is not really a sequel or a reboot of the 2016 Suicide Squad movie, but more of a fixer-upper slash relaunch of the series — Will Smith is out, and Margot Robbie is in; she is now the heart and soul of this franchise.

The original 2016 Suicide Squad movie wasn’t that bad, but it wasn’t very memorable. I could tell that some editing issues plague the final theatrical cut. But, surprisingly, Will Smith was actually good in it, playing Deadshot — he was not as annoying as he usually is. And of course, Margot Robbie was excellent. She came to this role well prepared — she took this Harley Quinn character seriously and did some solid research before taking on this role. 

Here, what stands out the most is how director James Gunn uses many of the same elements from his Guardian of the Galaxy movies and how well those same elements work.

The premise is generally the same as the 2016 movie; the Suicide Squad is again comprised of a bunch of imprisoned super-villains who the US government recruits to fulfill a suicide mission. Some of these villains have unique superpowers, and some are just highly skilled at killing people and blowing shit up. 

The members of this new Suicide Squad are quirky characters with some very unique and odd qualities. Most notably, Polka-Dot Man (David Dastmalchian), King Shark (Sylvester Stallone ), Peacemaker (John Cena), Ratcatcher (Daniela Melchior), Savant (Michael Rooker), Blackguard (Pete Davidson), and Weasel (Sean Gunn). All of these new characters get a nice and quick backstory slash introduction at the start of the movie.

We also have newcomer Bloodsport (Idris Elba), who is essentially the same character as Will Smith’s Deadshot. Additionally, the main star of this franchise, Harley Quinn, is back along with Amanda Waller (Viola Davis), Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman), and Captain Boomerang (Jai Courtney). 

Our anti-heroes are sent to a fictional Latin American island nation in a seek and destroy mission to kill an alien creature being kept in a lab. And of course, unexpected things go down, and no one is safe — everyone is expandable.

Spoiler alert! We have a few characters played by big-name actors who get killed almost immediately — that was surprising but also pretty cool.

The casting of super-criminals is solid. John Cena is hilarious, especially when making dick jokes — Cena is finding his niche as a muscle-bound action-comedy actor. 

Polka-Dot Man was a weird-ass character, but a pretty compelling one. He has this sad and tragic backstory with big-time mommy issues. Sylvester Stallone is outstanding voicing King Shark — This character is a more interesting version of Groot. Taika Waititi showing up as Ratcatcher’s father was an exceptional choice.

Rick Flagg was developed better here and was a lot more likable than in the 2016 movie. Amanda Waller is the most consistent character from both Suicide Squad movies. She continues to be a sinister force behind the scenes. 

But unquestionably, Harley Quinn is better as the lead character and not as a side character like she kinda was in the 2016 movie. Margot Robbie embodies this character beautifully, as we all got to see in Birds of Prey. 

I liked the whole thing of Harley getting kidnapped by dictator Silvio Luna (Juan Diego Botto). This plotline was crucial to develop Harley Quinn further as a character. Not to mention how lucky Juan Diego Botto was on having an on-screen hookup scene with Margot Robbie — Every geek in the universe was dying with envy.

My only issue with this movie is in the same old Hollywood-style representation of Latin American stereotypes.

First of all, whoever wrote the Spanish language dialogue and characters is a clueless asshole. Or maybe it wasn’t one person, and instead, it was a group of clueless assholes. It doesn’t really matter — the whole thing was beyond insensitive; it was dumb and irresponsibly stupid. Hollywood still doesn’t “get it” when it comes to writing Hispanic characters. They don’t really care to reach out to writers like myself or others like myself with real-life experiences and who can actually write legit Spanish language dialogue and write more believable and less cartoonish Hispanic characters.

In any case, Besides all the poorly written Spanish-speaking characters, The Suicide squad is a shockingly fun and wild ride, full of over-the-top, gruesome violence, with some cool and unexpected twists and turns. There is solid chemistry between all of these new characters. They are all bad guys but with some slight redeeming qualities, similar to Deadpool in terms of sarcastic tone. James Gunn needs to make more of these movies.

Three out of Five Popcorn Bags 🍿🍿🍿

The Suicide Squad (2021).

*NFL WEEK 6 RECAP (2021 Season)

It was the story of two halves here. In the first half, we were looking good, leading the score 13-10 and even getting turnovers, forcing Mahomes to throw 2 picks.

But the second half was another story; it was a story of ineptitude on all sides of the ball.

The defense committed multiple penalties that Kansas city capitalized on; It allowed 21 points in the second half of the game, which is tough for a Washington offense not currently set up to come from behind, especially under high deficits. 

Dustin Hopkins kicking struggles are officially a problem. The amount of missed Field Goals and extra points is piling up, taking away momentum from the team. 

The offense was expected to have a better game against a suspect Kansas City defense. Taylor Heinicke had a rough game; he looked static and lacked the fire we have seen in previous games. Again, we got away from the run with a combined 18 carries between McKissic and Gibson for 89 yards. We only gave Jaret Patterson 1 carry for 5 yards. Washington has to commit harder to the run game and take some of the pressure off Heinicke.

Ricky Seals-Jones continues to impress me; He ended with 58 yards receiving with 1 T.D. I’m looking forward to having him paired with Logan Thomas after week 8 or 9. 

Adam Humphries on the slot should be a more consistent option, and this is not the case. Targeting Humphries more often as a slot option will open things up for Terry McLaurin and Dyami Brown.

Rookie linebacker Jamin Davis had a breakout game — He showed some pretty good speed, and you can see why he was drafted high, but he needs more time to develop.

I get the sense that the defense is slowly beginning to get more comfortable with each other and with the new players added in free agency and through the 2021 draft. Admittedly, they have not played as a cohesive unit in this first 6 weeks of the season like they did last year, but I did notice a slight improvement in their chemistry, well, at least in the first two-quarters of this Chiefs game.

Next week, Washington takes on another elite Q.B. in Aaron Rodgers and his high-powered Green Bay offense. We have got to throw everything we got into this game and figure out ways to contain Rodgers. We cannot continue to fall behind in games. This team is best suited to play with a lead. Advantage, Washington pulls the upset. 

WFT 13 — CHIEFS 31


Injury-riddled Tampa Bay continues to find ways to win tight games. It was great seeing how O.J. Howard is back in the mix and getting some targets. The Buccaneers still have an explosive offense to keep them in close games, and their upcoming schedule looks pretty winnable. Next week, Tampa Bay hosts 3-3 Chicago. Advantage, Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 

Jalen Hurts starting to show me some flashes of just how dynamic he can become. But, unfortunately, Philly lacks the weapons around him to take this team to the next level this season. Next week, Philadelphia visits an inspired and re-energized 4-2 Raiders team. Advantage, Las Vegas Raiders.


The Rams scored 38 unanswered points, which says it all. It was complete and total domination from L.A. The Rams are now 5-1 and looking forward to their week 13 rematch with Arizona. Next, up, L.A. welcomes back Jared Goff. Advantage, LA Rams. 

The Giants are beginning to unravel before our eyes. This was an embarrassing loss for N.Y., especially for what was supposed to be a strong defense. Next up, N.Y. Giants hosts a scrappy Carolina 3-3 team. Advantage, Carolina Panthers.


The Cowboys beat a bad team that cannot win games at home. This overtime victory is another mirage; Dallas is not a good team and will crumble soon enough. Next week, Dallas has a bye week. Their return game will be against Minnesota. Advantage, Minnesota Vikings.

New England seems to be all in on Mac Jones and willing to sacrifice this 2021 season to get him some NFL experience. Cam Newton would have won close games like this one. Next week, New England rematches the 1-4 N.Y. Jets. Advantage, New England Patriots. 


Derrick Henry continues to be the driving force behind Tennessee’s offensive success, rushing for 143 yards and 3 TDs. Finding ways to slow Derrick Henry down is going to be the key to beating Tennessee. Ryan Tannehill’s stats may not look too impressive; however, he was effective when it mattered, even scoring a TD on a 4-yard run. Next up, Tennessee host Kansas City. Advantage, Tennessee Titans.

The Bills were supposed to have a solid defense, but they could not contain Derrick Henry. It all came down to a 4th and 1 play at the goal line, which Josh Allen failed to gain enough penetration on the QB sneak for the 1st down. Head coach Sean McDermott should have gone for the field goal attempt and taken this game into overtime. Buffalo has their bye week next. And following their week 7 break, they will have an easy road ahead against Miami, Jacksonville, and N.Y. Jets


The Cardinals are officially the best team in the NFL and the only undefeated team at 5-0. Kyler Murray now has 3 excellent receiving weapons in Deandre Hopkins, Christian Kirk, and a resurgent A.J. Green. Next up, Arizona hosts a struggling Houston team. Advantage, Arizona Cardinals. 

Cleveland had a rough Sunday, and the hype train is starting to derail right before our eyes. The Browns at 3-3 are beginning to fall behind in the extremely tight AFC NORTH. Next up, Cleveland hosts an inconsistent Denver team. Advantage, Cleveland Browns. 


Rich Bisaccia got it done in his debut as Raiders interim head coach. All of the top offensive weapons for Vegas stepped up and had solid performances, especially Derek Carr, Josh Jacobs, Darren Waller, and Henry Ruggs III. Next week, Vegas hosts a struggling Philadelphia team. Advantage, Las Vegas Raiders.

The Broncos are now on a three-game losing streak and starting to fall in their division. Next week, Denver visits a wounded Cleveland team hungry for a win. Advantage, Cleveland Browns.


Anti-vaxxer Kirk Cousins is getting it done for Minnesota, throwing for 373 yards with 3 T.Ds and zero picks. Dalvin Cook had a monster game with 29 carries for 140 yards and a score. The Vikings have now won two games in a row and building some momentum heading towards a tough stretch in the schedule. Next week, Minnesota has a bye week.

The Panthers, without Christian McCaffrey, continue to struggle, losing three straight games. The silver lining is that all those losses have been close games. Next week, Carolina visits a disappointing 1-5 N.Y. Giants team. Advantage, Carolina Panthers.


Baltimore launched a ground attack that L.A. had no idea how to slow down. The rushing combination of Devonta Freeman, Latavius Murray, Le’Veon Bell, and Lamar Jackson combined for 166 yards and 3 TDs. The Ravens are now 5-1 and looking like an early Super Bowl favorite. Next week, Baltimore has a huge divisional game against the 4-2 Cincinnati Bengals. Advantage, Baltimore Ravens.  

The Chargers got spanked badly here. This was the most shocking result of week 6. The good thing is that L.A. has a bye week to reflect on this game and get some much-needed rest. 


The Steelers finally got Najee Harris involved, who rushed and received a combined total of 146 yards and a score. And T.J. watt, Minkah Fitzpatrick and Cameron Heyward were dsiruptive on defense. Pittsburgh needs to build on games like this one to challenge Baltimore and Cleveland for their division. Next up, Pittsburgh has their bye week.

The Seahawks without Russell Wilson took Pittsburgh to overtime, and Geno Smith looked pretty good, but Wilson’s dynamic play was missed. Alex Collins had an excellent game, rushing for 101 yards and a score. Next week, Seattle hosts an up and down New Orleans 3-2 team. Advantage, Seattle Seahawks. 


Trevor Lawrence and Urban Meyer got their first career NFL victory in London. However, it will probably be long until they win another game. Next week, Jacksonville has their bye week. 

The Dolphins benched Jacoby Brissett over Tua for this game. Brissett has looked better moving Miami’s offense, but Brian Flores continues to push for Tua despite his struggles. Next week, Miami hosts a dangerous Atlanta team. Advantage, Atlanta Falcons.


Aaron Rodgers struggled to get the ball through the air, but elite QBs find ways to get it done. The Packers are now 5-1 and about to start a murderous row of tough teams in the schedule. Next week, Green Bay takes on a Washington team desperate to make a statement. Advantage, Washington Football Team. 

The Bears kept Aaron Rodgers in check for most of the game, but Chicago is still a rebuilding team, and ultimately, they could not hang in with one of the best teams in the league. Justin Fields will be elite soon enough. Next week, Chicago takes on Tampa Bay and another elite QB in Tom Brady. Advantage, Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 


The Colts keep their season alive with this win. Carson Wentz got in sync with T.Y. Hilton and Jonathan Taylor, showing flashes of how good this offense can eventually become. Next week, Indianapolis visits a rested 2-3 San Francisco team. Advantage, San Francisco 49ers. 

The Texans are just a lousy team, and their only win came in week 1 against the Jacksonville Jaguars, another lousy team. Davis Mills continues to struggle, and the whole team will struggle to get another win this season. Next week, Houston visits the seemingly unstoppable Arizona cardinals. Advantage, Arizona Cardinals.


in the battle of former number 1 overall picks, Joe Burrow out-dueled Jared Goff. The Bengals showed they have the makings of a well-balanced dangerous playoff team. Next week, Cincinnati visits division-leading Baltimore Ravens. Advantage, Baltimore Ravens. 

Detroit is now in danger of completing another winless season, like the 2008 season. Next week, Detroit has a tough, awkward, and miserable game in L.A. Advantage, LA Rams.

*NFL WEEK 5 RECAP (2021 Season)

It was beyond distressing to watch our defense allowed score after score. I don’t know what Ron Rivera needs to do to address this problem, but this roster of top draft picks and big-name free agents has to start playing as a cohesive unit ASAP. 

The lackluster effort to defend the hail mary throw by Jameis Winston at the end of the 2nd quarter was embarrassing. 

The offense was inconsistent. Heinicke had a rough game throwing zero TDs and 2 picks. McKissick had 8 yards receiving and -1 rushing, a ridiculous stat for such a dynamic player. 

Week to week, Antonio Gibson continues to be our best offensive weapon. In addition, veteran receiver slash returner DeAndre Carter has emerged as a legitimate receiving threat to compliment Terry Mclaurin and Adam Humphries.

Ricky Seal-Jones is filling in nicely for Logan Thomas. But he needs to get more involved in the red zone.

Next Sunday, Washington hosts Kansas City. The Chiefs are a wounded team, with many deficiencies on defense. We should be able to move the ball and score on them; However, Patrick Mahomes might throw a party of our unreliable secondary; unless we make some urgent adjustments. 

A win over Kansas City could go a long way to change the course of our season.

WFT 22 — SAINTS 33


Dallas has got to be the luckiest team in the entire NFL. Daniel Jones left the game in the 2nd quarter when the game was 10-14. On top of all of that, NY had no Saquon Barkley, and because of injuries, they had to play musical chairs on the OL. So the Cowboys got another lucky break. Next week Dallas visits New England. Advantage, New England Patriots.

I root blue twice a year when the NY Giants play Dallas (the team I despise the most). The Giants will have no chance this season without Danny Dimes and Saquon Barkley. Next week, NY hosts the LA Rams. Advantage, LA Rams. 


The Eagles were able to hang on long enough for Carolina to self-destruct. Jalen Hurts showed how dynamic he could be with his legs. This was a massive win for Philly. Next up, Philly hosts Tampa Bay. Advantage, Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 

Not having McCaffrey and a banged-up OL is a big part of Carolina’s two-game losing streak. Sam Darnold threw 3 picks and looked shaky, trying to do way too much. Next up, Carolina hosts Minnesota. Advantage, Minnesota Vikings. 


The Rams played a well-balanced game here. Darrell Henderson Jr and Sony Michel combined for 117 yards with 28 carries. This was a solid bounce-back game for LA. Next week LA visits the NY Giants. Advantage, LA Rams

Seattle lost Russell Wilson to a finger injury — Geno Smith came in and looked pretty good. Wilson will be out for at least 4 weeks, which will be interesting to see how this will impact Russell Wilson’s future in Seattle at the end of the season. Next week, Seattle visits Pittsburgh. Advantage, Pittsburgh Steelers.


This was supposed to be the most challenging game for Buffalo on the 2021 schedule, but the Bills made it look easy. Monster game for Josh Allen; he threw for over 300 yards with 3 TDs and rushed for 59 yards with 1 rushing TD. The Bills are looking like the best team in the NFL. Next up, Buffalo visits Tennessee. Advantage, Buffalo Bills. 

Patrick Mahomes losing Clyde Edwards-Helaire to injury early in the game made a huge difference here. And their defense could not figure out a way to stop Josh Allen. So it is time for Kansas City to press the panic button. Next up, Kansas City visits Washington. Advantage, WFT.


The LA Chargers might just be the surprise team of the year, and Justin Herbert is looking like an elite QB. They are now 4-1 and the clear-cut favorite to win the AFC WEST. Next week, LA visits Baltimore. Advantage, LA Chargers.

Cleveland threw everything they had on LA, turning this game into a wild shootout. Baker Mayfield had a great game, but a couple of crucial 3 and outs was the difference maker here. There is no reason to overreact with his loss; the Browns are still a dangerous playoff team. Next week, Cleveland hosts Arizona. Advantage, Arizona Cardinals. 


Arizona was kept in check by a solid San Francisco defense. This game was close and came down to one score. The Cardinals are now 5-0 and looking like the most dangerous team in the NFC. Next week, Arizona visits Cleveland. Advantage, Arizona Cardinals. 

San Francisco should not be too concerned with this 3-game losing streak, and Trey Lance will be lighting up the league soon enough. Kyle Shanahan has a better version of RGIII in his offense. Next week, San Francisco has their bye week. 


It was a career day for Tom Brady, throwing over 400 yards with 5 TDs and zero picks. The Bucs are putting together solid wins and putting themselves in a position to run away with the NFC SOUTH. Next up, Tampa Bay visits Philly. Advantage, Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 

Brian Flores had a history of having Brady’s number, but Brady threw a party on Miami this time around. Jacoby Brissett needs to get some better help from the running game to have a chance at winning some games this season. Next up, Miami goes to London to take on the winless Jaguars. Advantage, Miami Dolphins.


Chicago is alive and well in the NFC North at 3-2. Justin Fields didn’t have to do much to win this game. Chicago controlled this game by rushing the ball effectively and limiting any potential mistakes by their rookie QB. Next week, Chicago hosts Green Bay. Advantage, Green Bay Packers.

Well, Jon Gruden is out as the head coach, and things will not be pretty for Raider Nation from now on. Also, The Raiders should be highly concern about their lack of running game and defensive woes. They have lost 2-straight games and risk falling behind in the AFC WEST. Next week, Las Vegas visits Denver. Advantage, Denver Broncos.


The Vikings barely survived to win this game with a 54-yard field goal with a few seconds left in the game to save their season. Next week, Minnesota visits Carolina. Advantage, Minnesota Vikings.

This was a heartbreaking loss for Detroit, and they are now 0-5. They need to find ways to put together some wins and build towards next season. Next week, Detroit hosts Cincinnati. Advantage, Cincinnati Bengals. 


Matt Ryan and Kyle Pitts are starting to click, and Atlanta has life at 2-3 for the season. Next up, Atlanta has their bye week.

The NY Jets put together some scoring drives late in the game to make things interesting, but Atlanta is just better than their record shows. Next up, the NY Jets have their bye week.


Tenessee will most likely win the AFC SOUTH, and Derrick Henry continues to dominate on the ground, rushing for 130 yards with 3 TDs. Next up, Tennessee hosts Buffalo on Monday night. Advantage, Buffalo Bills. 

Jacksonville is 0-5, but not all is lost. They seem to be getting better QB play from Trevor Lawrence every week. The critical factor here is RB James Robinson; Jacksonville needs to continue to get him more involved as they did in this game. Next up. Jacksonville stays in London to take on Miami. Advantage, Miami Dolphins. 


New England struggled, and it took a field goal in the final seconds of the 4th quarter to pull away and secure the win. Unfortunately, Mac Jones is not looking as good as he did early in the season. Next week, New England Hosts Dallas. Advantage, New England Patriots.

Houston let this game getaway. Davis Mills had an effective game throwing for over 300 yards with 2 TDs and zero picks. New England kept Houston’s running game in check for most of the game, but WR Chris Moore stepped up from the practice squad to put up some impressive numbers. Next week, Houston visits Indianapolis. Advantage, Indianapolis Colts. 


Missed field goals were the big story here. Mason Crosby missed 3 field goals and finally made a 49-yarder to put this game away. The Packers are now 4-1 and on top of the NFC NORTH. Next up, Green Bay visits Chicago, Advantage, Green bay Packers.

Joe Burrow and Ja’marr Chase are becoming a dangerous combination. Cincinnati is now 3-2 and still in a good spot to challenge for the AFC NORTH. Next up, Cincinnati visits the 0-5 Lions. Advantage, Cincinnati Bengals.


Big Ben got some much-needed help from the running game, and it made a huge difference. Najee Harris rushed for 122 yards, and because of this, the rest of the offense was more effective. Next week Pittsburgh hosts Seattle without Russell Wilson. Advantage, Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Broncos have lost 2 games in a row, and their schedule is about to get a little tougher with upcoming games against Vegas, Cleveland, Washington, and Dallas in the next 4 weeks. However, Denver has some good pieces on both offense and defense to make things interesting. Next week, Denver hosts Las Vegas Riders without Jon Gruden. Advantage, Denver Broncos. 


It was a thrilling Monday night game. Baltimore got hot in the 4th quarter, putting up 16 unanswered points to take this game into OT. The AFC NORTH is becoming as competitive as the AFC WEST. Next up, Baltimore hosts the LA Chargers. Advantage, LA Chargers.

The Colts kicker, Rodrigo Blankenship, is one of the most reliable kickers in the league; however, he was dealing with a hip injury throughout most of the game, which cost him to miss a few kicks, and ended up making all the difference in the final score. Next up, Indianapolis hosts Houston. Advantage, Indianapolis Colts.

*NFL WEEK 4 RECAP (2021 Season)

The Washington Football Team wins 34-30. This was a make-or-break game for Washington, a game that could have sent our season spiraling down a black hole of misery. However, Washington found a way to win — it wasn’t a pretty win, but in the NFL, wins are hard-to-come and this was a must-win for us.

The legend of Taylor Heinicke continues with a solid performance, throwing for 290 yards with 3 TDs and zero picks. Terry McLaurin and JD McKissic are playing at an elite level. They are both making spectacular, game-changing plays. 

I sense we have something special brewing in our offense. I was happy to see key players like Adam Humphries, Dyami Brown, Curtis Samuel, and Ricky Seal-Jones getting more targets… we just need to get them more involved, and this offense will be special.

It was a bummer to lose Logan Thomas early in the game; I hope his injury is not severe and can come back soon. If Thomas is a no-go for next week, then expect Ricky Seals-Jones to get more targets, and I don’t think they will activate Sammis Reyes just yet. Also, Brandon Scherff is banged up and will be out for 2-3 weeks — it seems like our OL depth will be tested earlier than I expected.

Our Defense is obviously not playing up to the level we all predicted. But our secondary seems to be the biggest issue here. We are getting killed through the air, and the entire secondary is out of sync, and they have become our weakest link; they are not playing as a cohesive unit, and this needs to be addressed immediately.

We lost Jon Bostic and Terry McTyer for the season. We will see how Ron Rivera adjusts the defense around these two losses. 

Washington is now 2-2 and about to go through a murderous row of dangerous teams. Next up, we host an inconsistent 2-2 New Orleans Saints loaded with talent. The Football team needs to win this game convincingly. Advantage, Washington.


and for the rest of the NFL…..


Dallas caught Carolina without some of their crucial weapons and still struggled to pull away. Nevertheless, Dallas’s record is a mirage; they will crumble soon enough. Next week, Dallas hosts the NY Giants. Advantage, Dallas cowboys.

Carolina will continue to struggle without McCaffrey, but I believe Sam Darnold will figure out a way to win some games here and there. Next week, Carolina takes on Philadelphia. Advantage, Carolina Panthers. 


The NY Giants got their first win of the year in overtime, overcoming a deficit and some up and down QB play from Danny Dimes. Next week, NY visits Dallas. Advantage, Dallas Cowboys. 

New Orleans is very close to pushing the panic button if they don’t start winning some games soon. Next week, New Orleans visits Washington. Advantage, Washington.


The Chiefs were supposed to win this game, but going into the 4th quarter, this game was close, which should cause concern for Kansas City. The defense is allowing 31.25 points per game, and the offense has to make up the deficit. Next up, Kansas City takes on the Buffalo Bills at home. Advantage, Kansas City Chiefs. 

Jalen Hurts was excellent here, throwing for almost 400 yards with 2 TDs, zero picks, and rushed for 47 yards. The Eagles came out of multiple scoring drives with no points, and it made the difference at the end of this game. Next week, Philadelphia visits Carolina. Advantage, Carolina Panthers.  


Justin Herbert looked fantastic against this highly regarded Raiders defense. Austin Ekeler was dominant running and receiving for a total of 145 yards and 2 TDs. The Chargers are 2-0 against their division, and when it is all set and done, they might end up winning the AFC WEST. Next week, LA hosts Cleveland. Advantage, LA Chargers.

The Raiders got behind early and could not catch up. Derek Carr tried to push some throws into difficult spots and got away from the run. They should have utilized Peyton Barber and Josh Jacobs better, but this wasn’t the case. Next week, Las Vegas hosts Chicago. Advantage, Las Vegas Raiders. 


The Colts got their first win of the season against a Miami team slowly falling apart. Carson Wentz played well, throwing 2 TDs and zero picks. The running game was effective; both running backs Jonathan Taylor and Marlon Mack combined for 26 carries. Next week, Indianapolis goes to Baltimore. Advantage, Baltimore Ravens.

Miami was supposed to be better than what they’ve shown so far this season. They have good weapons on offense and what seems to be a solid defense. However, I still feel that Jacoby Brissett is a better QB option for Miami than Tua. The Dolphins have to commit to their running game better to give Brissett a chance. Only 8 carries for their top running back is not a recipe for success. Next week, Miami takes on Tampa Bay, and the good thing is that Brian Flores has a history of success against Tom Brady. Advantage, Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


Buffalo was too much for Houston and Davis Mills to handle. The Bills look like a well-balanced team; Buffalo’s offense averages 33.5 points per game and has allowed 11 points in the first 4 weeks of the season; extremely impressive. Next up, Buffalo has a primetime game visiting Kansas City. Advantage, Kansas City Chiefs.

Embarrassing loss for Houston — and things will remain pretty bad for them unless they get Tyrod Taylor back. The Texans should probably consider bringing Cam Newton in to add some spark to their offense. Next up, Houston takes on Belicheater. Advantage, New England Patriots. 


Overtime victory for the Jets — Rookie QB Zach Wilson and rookie Head Coach Robert Saleh won their first NFL career game against a very good Titans team. This was a significant victory for a struggling team looking to build some confidence and rhythm this season. Next up, the NY Jets travel to London for an overseas game against 1-3 Atlanta. Advantage, Atlanta Falcons.

Tennessee should have won this game; they had plenty of red-zone chances but came out empty. Not having Julio Jones and A.J. Brown made a huge difference here. Next up, Tennessee visits the 0-4 Jacksonville Jaguars. Advantage, Tennessee Titans


Kyler Murray is slowly but surely becoming an elite QB, and Arizona looks like a legit contender. They are now 4-0 and in an excellent position to win their NFC WEST Division. Next week, Arizona hosts a wounded 49ers team. Advantage, Arizona cardinals.

Matt Stafford wasn’t really the issue here in the loss; the Rams struggled in every area of this game. Depth will be an issue all season long for LA. When they were healthy, and at full strength, they looked unstoppable. They are missing key players, and Arizona was too much to overcome. Next week, LA visits 2-2 Seattle looking to get into the running for the division. Advantage, Seattle Seahawks. 

SEAHAWKS 28 — 49ERS 21

Seattle turned it up in the 3rd quarter and held San Francisco back from getting back into this game. The Seahawks caught plenty of breaks against San Francisco, and they seem to be getting a similar injury-riddled team next week against the LA Rams. Advantage, Seattle Seahawks. 

San Francisco lost Jimmy G to injury early in the game, and we got to see Trey Lance come in. Lance looked shaky at first but got settled as the game went on. The injuries will continue to plague San Francisco, but the addition of Trey Lance will add a different dynamic to Kyle Shanahan’s offense. Next week, San Francisco visits Arizona. Advantage, Arizona Cardinals. 


Tom Brady was thrown everything Belicheater could throw at him, and it almost worked for New England. Finally, it came down to a missed field goal to pull off the well-deserved victory for Tampa Bay. Next up, Tampa Bay takes on a Miami team coach by Brian Flores that knows how to rattle Tom Brady. Advantage, Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 

Mac Jones played well enough to keep New England within striking distance, but once again, I feel that Cam Newton would have won this game by a couple of scores. Next week, New England visits Houston. Advantage, New England Patriots.


It was a tight game, but Cleveland’s run game was the difference maker here. Minnesota had no answer for the Nick Chubb slash Kareem Hunt combo. The Browns are looking like an elite team. Next week, Cleveland visits the LA Chargers. Advantage, LA Chargers.

Minnesota got away from feeding Dalvin Cook, and it cost them the game. The Vikings have got to get more balance out of their running game and rely less on Kirk Cousin throwing the ball around. Next week, Minnesota hosts the 0-4 Detroit Lions. Advantage, Minnesota Vikings.


Green Bay is putting together solid wins, but their schedule is about to get a little more challenging. We will learn how far this team can go in the next few weeks. Next up, Green Bay visits Cincinnati. Advantage, Green Bay Packers.

Pittsburgh cannot provide adequate protection for an aging QB like Big Ben. However, I don’t think Roethlisberger is the main issue here; 15 carries for Najee Harris is not enough to get more out of this Pittsburgh offense. Their defense is pretty good, and they will keep them in tight-close games, but they need more from the offense to have a shot at winning the AFC NORTH. Next up, Pittsburgh Host Denver. Advantage, Pittsburgh Steelers. 


Baltimore scored 16 unanswered points on what is supposed to be a good Denver defense. Latavius Murray is becoming a good complement to Lamar Jackson. Next week, Baltimore takes on the Colts. Advantage, Baltimore Ravens.

Denver’s offense looks completely different without Terry Bridgewater, and Drew Lock is obviously not the answer at QB for Denver. Next week, Denver visits Pittsburgh. Advantage, Pittsburgh Steelers. 


This historic rivalry is not what it once was, and both teams are trying to rebuild and get back to their winning ways. Chicago has been more consistent lately in terms of success but far from their glory days. Chicago has something special in Justin Fields, and building around him will be crucial for their future in a division with two aging Quarterbacks — and Jared Goff. Next week, Chicago has a tough test against the Raiders. Advantage, Las Vegas Raiders.

Detroit cannot catch a break; they have lost some close games, and Jared Goff has actually played pretty well for them. However, they are still many pieces away from becoming contenders for the NFC NORTH. Next week, Detroit has another divisional game against Minnesota. Advantage, Minnesota Vikings.

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