*NFL WEEK 8 RECAP (2022 Season)

I have forgotten how good it feels to actually win games, especially when it is now three victories in a row. Washington is 4-4 and looking like a playoff team. Well, to me, they are. 

Terry McLaurin was the hero yet again. He made clutch catches, including the spectacular game-winning TD catch, to give this team the boost needed heading into the second half of the season. The chemistry between Taylor Heinicke and Scary Terry is obvious; we need more of this combo.

We have to stay committed to the run game; we have 3 solid running backs. Unfortunately, in this game, our three running backs combined for 64 yards and 17 carries; This is not a good stat, and it needs to change.

The trade deadline came and went — We didn’t do much, but we ended up trading away William Jackson III to Pittsburgh for some draft picks; good riddance. Oh, and by the way, Chase Young is practicing again and might be active as soon as week 10. 

WASH 17 — COLTS 16

The massive news of the week was the announcement of the Snyders exploring a potential team sale. I wonder if this announcement came with the knowledge of the news regarding an official federal criminal investigation into financial improprieties. The Snyders are keen on deflecting bad publicity, leaking, and announcing stuff to deflect any negative news about them. In any case, I hope this is the beginning of the end. Jeff Bezos is on top of the buyer’s list. 

Anyhow, next up, Washington welcomes back Kirk Cousins and Kevin O’Connell. Their offense is pretty dangerous, but Kirk will be susceptible to our pass rush. Also, their Defense is highly suspect. Advantage, Washington Commanders.

And for the rest of the league,


I predicted the eventual downfall of the NY Giants weeks ago, and I think this loss to Seattle is the beginning of the said downfall. I still do not see Daniel Jones as a starting QB. Saquon Barkley is their only bright spot. Next. The NY Giants have their bye week. 

Peter Carroll should be in the mix for coach of the year with the excellent job he has done so far this season, especially considering that this team is full of unknowns and rejects. Geno Smith is slowly changing the conversation and perception regarding his QB career. Next, Seattle visits Arizona. Advantage, Seattle Seahawks.


This final score is not reflective of how close this game was. The Cowboys pulled away at the end of the 3rd quarter, taking advantage of a weak and inexperienced Chicago offense. Next, Dallas has a week off. 

The Bears should feel optimistic about putting up 29 points against one of the best NFL defenses. Also, Justin Fields had 2 TDs, no picks, and 60 yards rushing; Chicago needs to improve on Defense to complement the potential explosiveness of this offense. Next, Chicago hosts Miami. Advantage, Miami Dolphins.


Jalen Hurts is killing it weekly; he threw for 285 yards with 4TDs and zero picks. And Philadelphia remains undefeated at 7-0. However, I do not think they will finish the season unbeaten. I predict their week 10 game against Washington as their first-season loss. Next, Philadelphia visits Houston. Advantage, Philadelphia Eagles. 

The Steelers are basically playing for draft picks now. They have no solid running game, their QB situation is shaky at best, and their once-strong Defense is being rebuilt. I don’t expect much from Pittsburgh, but they might win a game here and there and play spoiler at the end of the season. Next, Pittsburgh has a week off. 


The return of Gus Edwards added a new component to Baltimore’s game plan. The Ravens will become a more explosive offense if Edwards stays healthy for the rest of the season. Next, Baltimore visits New Orleans. Advantage, Baltimore Ravens.

Tom Brady can still sling it, putting up solid numbers. However, their lack of ground game is alarming. The Buccaneers need a running game to give this struggling offense a chance. Next, Tampa Bay hosts the LA Rams. Advantage, LA Rams.

49ERS 31 — LA RAMS 14

The Christan McCaffrey trade is starting to pay big-time dividends. After that, the sky is the limit for San Francisco; Kyle Shanahan will figure out a way to scheme an offensive strategy to overcome Jimmy Gs QB deficiencies. Next, San Francisco has a week off.

The LA Rams are beyond struggling; they are having personnel issues with their top RB Cam Akers, a banged-up Cooper Kupp, a leaky O-line, and an underperforming Defense. I wonder if Sean McVay will figure out a way to make adjustments and get back into contention. Next, the LA Rams visit Tampa Bay. Advantage, LA Rams.


The Buffalo Bills had a hard time putting away Green Bay, especially when Josh Allen threw 2 picks in the 4th quarter. Nevertheless, Buffalo has enough firepower to overcome QB mistakes. Next, Buffalo visits the NJ Jets. Advantage, Buffalo Bills.

The Packers are free-falling, and Aaron Rodgers is stinking up on a week-to-week basis. Soon enough, Defensive Coordinator Joe Barry will become the scapegoat. Next, Green Bay visits Detroit. Advantage, Green Bay Packers.


The Saints turned it on and looked like the explosive team I expected at the start of the season. Andy Dalton was effective, and Alvin samara was on fire. Next, New Orleans hosts Baltimore. Advantage, Baltimore Ravens.

The Las Vegas Raiders are 2-5, and the time to panic has arrived. They are way too loaded with talent to be this awful and inconsistent. Next, Las Vegas visits Jacksonville. Advantage, Jacksonville Jaguars.


The Broncos finally won a game and traded Bradley Chubb to Miami. Denver, at 3-5, can still turn things around. Next, Denver has their bye week.

The Jaguars are the NFL’s best and most competitive 2-6 team. They are always close in every game and will likely finish the season strong. Next, Jacksonville hosts Las Vegas. Advantage, Jacksonville Jaguars.


The Vikings are hitting all cylinders right now. Kirk Cousins, Dalvin Cook, Justin Jefferson, and Adam Thielen are explosive. Unfortunately, their Defense is shaky and inconsistent, which will become an issue in the second half of the season. Next, Minnesota visits Washington. Advantage, Washington Commanders.

The Cardinals took advantage of a suspect Minnesota Defense, but Kyle Murray’s 2 picks were costly. Deandre Hopkins seems to be back in top football shape. Next, Arizona hosts Seattle. Advantage, Seattle Seahawks.


I think New England has found a running back; Rhamondre Stevenson can run it and catch it, which might be the formula to offset their QB’s crappy play. Next, New England hosts Indianapolis. Advantage, New England Patriots.

The NY Jets allowed this game to slip away. Zach Wilson’s 3 picks were the difference maker here. No reason to panic; the Jets will clean things up in their rematch with New England in a few weeks. Next, the NY Jets hosts Buffalo. Advantage, Buffalo Bills.


Tua had an excellent game, throwing for 382 yards with 3 TDs and zero picks. Tyreek Hill had another monster game with 188 receiving yards. The Dolphins are playing like a playoff team, and it might come down between Miami and Buffalo for the division. Next, Miami visits Chicago. Advantage, Miami Dolphins.

The Lions are 1-6 and seem to be losing very close and highly contested games. Sadly, this 2022 season might not be the year Detroit turns things around, but they are very close. Next, Detroit hosts Green Bay. Advantage, Green Bay Packers.


The Falcons got a lucky break, Atlanta was winning by a score, and PJ Walker threw an excellent deep pass to DJ Moore in the end zone for a score to win the game. Stupidly, DJ Moore took his helmet off to celebrate — Of course, his actions drew flags, thus negating the TD. Surprisingly, Atlanta is 4-4 on top of the NFC South. Next, Atlanta hosts the LA Chargers. Advantage, LA Chargers.

The Panthers interim Head Coach Steve Wilks has Carolina playing hard and seems poised to make things interesting in the NFC South, a division entirely up for grabs. Next, Carolina visits Cincinnati. Advantage, Cincinnati Bengals. 


The Titans struggled with Houston, but Tennessee has Derrick Henry, and Houston does not. Henry rushed for 219 yards and 2 TDs. Next, Tennessee visits Kansas City. Advantage, Kansas City Chiefs. 

The Texans were pretty much in this game and came close to taking it away from Tennessee, but Derrick Henry’s tough running was too much to overcome. Next, Houston hosts Philadelphia. Advantage, Philadelphia Eagles.


The Cleveland Browns still own Cincinnati, simple as that. Jacoby Brissett was efficient, throwing for over 200 yards with 2 TDs and 1 pick. Nick Chubb rushed for over 100 yards with 2 TDs, and Amari Cooper had 131 receiving yards and 1 TD. The Browns are unleashing their offensive firepower, and at 3-5, the season is not all lost just yet. Next, Cleveland has a week off.

The Bengals consistently underperform against Cleveland, but this was a complete embarrassment for a Bengals team that just played at the Super Bowl. At 4-4, Cincinnati needs to start racking up wins, or Cleveland and Baltimore will leave them behind. Next, Cincinnati hosts Carolina. Advantage, Cincinnati Bengals.

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