*NFL Week 13 (2019 Season)

Redskins 29- Panthers 21

My Redskins won their second straight game. They were down 14-0 in the first quarter and then, they woke up and ran through the Panther’s defense. The combination of Derrius Guice and Adrian Peterson was too much for Carolina to handle. It was the two-punch running back combo I was hoping for at the start of the season. Haskins is showing signs of moderate improvement as a quarterback. He has a big arm which you can tell without a doubt by just watching those throws he makes. At 3-9 for the season, the Redskins have a chance to make things interesting in the NFC East. If they can pull off a 7-9 record for the season, then you can start making a serious argument for Bill Callahan to remain as the Head Coach for next season. Maybe he is the right coach for this particular group of players. However, only if we go on winning streak.

My current disposition regarding my Redskins: RUN THE TABLE!!

And now for the rest of the league……

Bills 26-Cowboys 15: Dallas is exactly what I said they were on week 1, and they are slowly coming apart week to week. However, they are still pretty much alive to win the division since the Eagles are just stinking it up and cannot seem to get anything going. The Bills are going to make things very interesting for the Patriots towards the end of the season, but next week they face Lamar Jackson and the Ravens, which will be one of those must-watch games this Sunday. 

Dolphins 37-Eagles 31: Ryan Fitzpatrick and Carson Wentz had almost identical stats in this game throwing for over 300 yards each, they both had 3 TDs and 1 interception. Notwithstanding, Miami was a lot more creative offensively than Philly, and it made a huge difference. The Eagles are imploding and losing a grip for the Division title. 

Packers 31-Giants 13: For weeks, I been saying that Danny Dimes is not the answer at QB for NY; Pat Shurmur is not the answer at Head Coach. They are not using Barkley effectively. Eli Manning will be starting for a contender next season, and the Giants will still be rebuilding. The Packers are still on top of the NFC North, but the Vikings are hot on their tails.

Bears 24-Lions 20: Trubisky had his best game this year or probably ever. Chicago is mathematically still alive for a playoff spot. The Lions were leading for most of the game, and they just let this game slipped away — another heartbreaking loss for Detroit. I am just hoping the Bears have another great game next week against the Cowboys.

Baltimore 20-49ers 17: These teams are by far the best two teams in the NFL. They are both Super Bowl favorites, although San Francisco’s path to the big game will be a lot tougher than Baltimore’s. 

Rams 34-Cardinals 7: The Rams put up 34 answered points going into the 4th quarter, and that tells you the whole story. Goff was pretty effective in one of his best games of this season. Todd Gurley ran like the old Todd Gurley of last season. If the Rams can sustain this momentum, then they will be able to make a run at the playoffs. 

Chiefs 40-Raiders 9: The stats show the Raiders being better than what the final score shows, but the Chiefs needed this win badly, and now they have something to build upon towards next week’s showdown with Tom Brady and the Patriots. Oakland is still chasing a wildcard spot, but things are getting complicated.

Texans 28-Patriots 22: Tom Brady looks like he is just about done as a capable quarterback. New England struggles against dual-threat quarterbacks and cannot figure out a way to contain them. They only have Edelman as a serious threat, and Ben Watson cannot stay healthy. The Texans are on top of their division, but the Colts and Titans are trying to close the gap with only three weeks left in the season. 

Seahawks 37-Vikings 30: Seattle capitalized on every single mistake the Vikings made. Losing Dalvin cook made a considerable difference for Minnesota’s offense. This win puts the Seahawks on top of the NFC West. The Vikings are still pretty much in the playoff hunt. 

Bengals 22-Jets 6: Cincinnati finally won their first game of the season on a huge upset. The jets got caught napping, and got beaten soundly. 

Steelers 20- Browns 13: Baker Mayfield and the overrated Browns will not make the playoffs, and they are now officially the most disappointing team of this NFL season, but not to me, I predicted their fall from grace back in week 1. The Steelers are making a run at a wildcard spot, and I do not think they will be able to catch up to the Ravens. 

Saints 26-Falcons 18: New Orleans has pretty much this division locked down, and they will be a tough team for anybody to play against them in the playoffs. The Falcons are going to start rebuilding next season with most likely a new Head Coach. 

Titans 31-Colts 17: Ryan Tannehill is cementing himself as Tennesse’s answer at Quarterback, and Marcus Mariota will get a chance to start over somewhere else. IT was a game the Colts could not afford to lose to have a shot at their division title, they are now two games behind Houston, and it will take something extraordinary for them to pull it off. 

Buccaneers 28-Jaguars 11: Nick Foles got benched in this game for Gardner Minshew and still did not make any difference. The Jaguars are having issues in both offense and defense, and I do not think the Quarterback is the actual problem here, but the QB is always an easy scapegoat. Tampa Bay’s season is almost over, and they are just trying to win enough games to build towards next season. James Winston’s future in Tampa is in question. 

Broncos 23-Chargers 20: Another last second heartbreaking loss for the Chargers. Phillip Rivers has a hall of fame career and needs to leave the Chargers and play for a contender next season. Denver may have something special with this young Quarterback Drew Lock. Next week Denver plays the Texans, which will be a good test for Lock. 

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