*TV Series Recap: The Deuce

I finally got the chance to watch The Deuce from start to finish. I finished watching the whole thing, seasons 1 through 3 within four weeks.

James Franco has double duty playing twin brothers Frankie and Vincent. These two brothers are complete opposites, Frankie is a fun-loving hustler, gambling and scheming his way through life. Vincent is all about hard work and doing the right thing, but struggles to make ends meet. Vincent’s luck begins to change when a member of the Gambino family notices Vincent’s work ethic and finds value in recruiting him to front his business interests throughout midtown. Most notably, a mob-controlled bar called the Hi-Hat, located somewhere between Times Square and Hell’s Kitchen.

The Deuce (HBO)

Eventually, Vincent transitions from running the Hi-Hat bar into becoming the figurehead of the mob’s sex parlor operations in Times Square. Vincent’s love interest Abby is played by Margarita Levieva. Abby is a young college student from a privileged background who moves to NYC for college, but, along the way, decides to go in a different direction. Maggie Gyllenhal plays “candy,” a street worker who moves into porno movies and eventually into writing and directing them.

Emily Meade as Lori Madison and Gary Carr as C.C.

But the Lori Madison character played by Emily Meade was probably one of the most engaging characters in this series. You get to see Lori arrive in New York City’s Port Authority and her immediate recruitment and seduction into the street worker’s life by the brutal and vicious pimp “C.C.” played by Gary Carr. The entire ensemble of characters and subplots reminds you of the first few seasons of Mad MenThe Deuce moves along pretty fast, and it is because the show moves at a high pace that some storylines end up getting pushed aside. Case in point, the character of Ashley, played by Jamie Neumann. Her character was very compelling. We see her going from streetwalker to having the courage to move away from her sadistic pimp and comeback as an activist. Shedding the Ashley persona aside and returning to the Deuce as Dorothy. Her activism leads to her eventual murder, but her death was never explained, and there were no hints of any possible suspects. It feels weird that the showrunners wrote her off just like that. Maybe there was some dispute here, or perhaps they felt her character wasn’t worth exploring further, and just moved on from her. 

The Deuce (HBO)TV Show

It’s all about the Streetlife and the everyday hustle to survive, and Times Square is at the center of it all. A reflection of how the country was changing from the early 70s to the mid-80s. The pre-AIDS era of NYC. Before the purification and the so-called clean up of Times Square in the mid-80s and into the early 90s. The arrival of new technology changing the way porn was consumed. Capitalism, with its big business approach pushing aside all the small-time criminals. The arrival of the Marriott Marquis and redevelopment of midtown which led to the arrival of other corporate-owned businesses which pushed out the majority of the small businesses within Times Square and midtown. A process that enlisted the help of the NYPD and other elected and unelected city officials.

James Franco (The Deuce)

I was utterly captivated by this show, especially for someone like me who walks through 42nd Street and Port Authority at least four to five days a week. I have always been conscious of the dark and sleazy history of Times Square, even before watching this show. Whenever I’m walking down 42nd street, I look around attempting to reconnect with its past-imagining what it was actually like in the ’70s and ’80s. I find myself consumed by this romantic nostalgia of this crime-infested part of midtown, wishing those days were still here. I am thinking of how I would’ve made a fortune if I was in Vincent’s shoes living in that era of NYC. It’s interesting, but I noticed that if you pay close attention, Times Square is still full of hustlers, pimps, prostitutes, dealers, and crime opportunists all over. Still, you have to pay close attention and look around quietly and intently to notice. The parlors and brothels are gone, the street workers, the pimps roaming the streets, the peep shows, the porno theaters, the gay club scene, and even the greasy spoon diners are all gone. You can’t find a decent old school diner anymore in Times Square. Call me an old fool, but I long for those days.

The Deuce is without a doubt one of the best TV series of the last 10 years. David Simon and George Pelecanos created something very unique and special.

Four out of Five Popcorn Bags 🍿🍿🍿🍿

The Deuce (Seasons 1, 2 and 3-Streaming on HBO)

*Movie Recap: Uncut Gems

Uncut Gems (2019)

Uncut Gems is such a rush of a movie. It is a non-stop anxiety-driven crime thriller directed by Josh and Benny Safdie and Written by Ronald Bronstein. This movie is pretty intense, and an all-around well made film. Adam Sandler plays Howard Ratner, a jewelry dealer working out of a showroom in Manhattan’s diamond district. Adam Sandler is excellent here, in a career-best performance. We get to follow Howard around as he hustles his way through life, and how his gambling addiction keeps him going. It is all about the hustle here. Every moment of his day is about hustling and gambling, while his personal and family life is in chaos. At the same time, Howard is undergoing a separation from his wife and kids. Idina Menzel plays Howard’s wife, she has a great scene towards the middle of the movie where she snaps and goes off on Howard.

Adam sandler and Julia Fox

But for me, the character that stood out the most and stole the movie was Julia, Howard’s showroom employee, and girlfriend, played by newcomer Julia Fox. I feel like she was the scene-stealer of this movie. She delivers an incredible and outstanding performance. In most scenes where she is in the background with no dialogue, you still feel compelled to keep an eye on what she is doing and how her character is reacting to the scene. The screen presence and facial gestures of Eric Bogosian’s character (Arno) as he is trying to collect on Howard’s debts are remarkable. Arno is married into Howard’s family, and seems to be mixed up with Armenian mobsters. The goons working for Arno trying to collect on Howard’s debt are intense. Even Kevin Garnett is pretty good playing himself here. The overall casting of this movie was perfect. 

The claustrophobic vibe of Howard’s showroom is an essential fixture of this film, and all the wheeling and dealing going on there. You get to see Howard dig himself deeper and deeper with every decision he makes. It’s a scheme on top of scheme; you feel the anxiety of every scheme because every decision Howard makes doubles down on the previous gamble and makes things worse. The Safdie Brothers seem to be on the cutting edge of cinema, and I can’t wait to see more from them in the years to come. This is a highly entertaining movie.

Four out of Five popcorn Bags. 🍿🍿🍿🍿


*Movie Recap: The Two Popes

The Two Popes (2019). Anthony Hopkins (Pope Benedict XVI), and Jonathan Pryce (Pope Francis).

Directed by Fernando Meirelles (“City of God,” “The Constant Gardener”) and written by Anthony McCarten (“Theory of Everything,” “Darkest Hour”). Anthony Hopkins plays Pope Benedict XVI (Joseph Ratzinger), and Jonathan Pryce plays Pope Francis (Jorge Bergoglio). These two actors are just incredible together. It’s all about the acting here. Powerful, big-time acting to be precise. Cardinal Bergoglio writes to Pope Benedict requesting to be allowed to retire. Then he receives a letter summoning him to meet with Benedict in his summer residence at Castle Gandolfo. Here is where the creative license takes over, especially with the particulars on the topics being discussed by the Two Popes.

However, the dialogue between Benedict and Francis is exceptional; McCarten’s writing shines here. We get to see their two opposing viewpoints on life and theology. Their different approach to Catholic doctrine is very evident, nevertheless, they both seem to agree that the church must evolve in order to survive. But Benedict seems incapable of taking the next steps into reforming the church and addressing the issues that have plagued the Vatican for decades. The flashback scenes of young Bergoglio before he joined the priesthood are well executed and elegantly portrayed by Juan Minujin. Here is where the film turns its focus into Pope Francis and how his early years shaped him into the man of faith he eventually became. The controversial period of Bergoglio’s involvement during Argentina’s Dirty war is also presented to show a conflicted priest who will carry the burden of those years into his papacy. The Two Popes is one of the best movies I saw in 2019. Anthony Hopkins and Jonathan Pryce are formidable.

Four out of Five Popcorn Bags 🍿🍿🍿🍿

THE TWO POPES (2019, Streaming on Netflix)

*Redskins Coaching Staff and Super Bowl Prediction.

My Redskins are just about done putting together their new coaching staff under new Head Coach Ron Rivera. The hiring of Ken Zampese as the new Quarterbacks coach is a solid hire. He brings tons of experience to a position where experience is needed. Dwayne Haskins will benefit from Zampese’s experience, and an improved Quarterback play should be expected next season under the tutelage of Zampese and new offensive coordinator Scott Turner. Another highly experienced coach is John Matsko, who rejoins Rivera from their days with the Panthers. In all his years in Carolina, Matsko had consistent rushing stats, and although he has big shoes to fill taking over Bill Callahan’s position; I still feel this is a big hire for the ‘skins. We also have a new wide receivers coach in Jim Hostler, who is also rejoining Rivera from the Panthers. Hostler is another highly experienced position coach, having worked in Green Bay, Buffalo, San Francisco, Baltimore, and Carolina, to name a few. Hostler is inheriting a very young receiving corps that features the breakout wide receiver star Terry MclaurinPete Hoener is another Carolina coach making his way to the Redskins this season. Hoener will be the new Tight Ends coach, and he also brings many years of experience molding, coaching standout tight end talents like Greg Olsen, and a young Vernon Davis in San Francisco. I’m excited about all these changes to our coaching staff; it was time to bring new voices into the locker room. We have the number 2 overall pick in this upcoming 2020 NFL Draft, and we should be all in on Chase Young. He is more than just a pass rusher; He is a one in a lifetime-generational player. Young could be that missing piece that we have been missing to give our defense the boost needed to become an elite NFL defense. We need to find some corners that can contribute immediately, and some tight end depth should also be a high priority. 

Official Redskins 2020 Coaching staff.

NFC-AFC Championship Games:

49ers 37-Packers 20Raheem Mostert was unstoppable in this game, and his backstory of being cut by a bunch of teams and finding a spot in the 49ers squad is remarkable. Jimmy G threw the ball 8 times with only 6 completions, that is an insane stat. They will need to be more aggressive with the passing game against the Chiefs if they expect to win the Super Bowl. The Packers seem to be a few pieces away from getting back to the big game, especially on defense. The window for Aaron Rodgers to get back to a Super Bowl is getting smaller. Kyle Shanahan has the unique opportunity to become the first father-son Super Bowl-winning Coaches in NFL history. 

Chiefs 35-Titans 24: Tennessee looked great in the first half of this game leading 10-7 in the first quarter, but Kansas City took Derrick Henry entirely out of the game, and Ryan Tannehill struggled to get anything going on offense. The Chiefs defense has stepped up as of late and is better than the talking heads on sports media suggest. Pat Mahomes is the complete package, and he is the best young quarterback in the NFL by far. Andy Reid is back coaching in the big game after 15 years. Reid is a great coach who is getting a second chance to win a Super Bowl after losing his first Super Bowl against the Patriots in 2005 when he coached the Eagles.

My Super Bowl Prediction: 

This game is shaping up to be one of the best Super Bowl matchups in recent history, and they are both formidable teams, but unfortunately, only one will get to raise the Lombardi trophy at the end of the game. My heart says; the Chiefs should win, but my mind says; The 49ers will end up winning the whole thing.

49ers Super Bowl Champs. 

*NFL Divisional Playoffs & Redskins Coaching Moves

The Washington Panskins.

The changes continue at Redskins Park. They let Eric Shaffer go after 17 years with the Redskins. He is highly regarded when it comes to the salary cap, but a changing of the guard was needed. Coach Rivera has brought in his own guy Rob Rogers from the Panthers who also served at Carolina in a similar role managing the salary cap as Shaffer. Doug Williams was retained but under a new title of Senior Vice President of Player Development. Ken Zampese has also been hired as the new Quarterbacks coach to work under new Offensive Coordinator Scott Turner. Zampese has an impressive resume working and developing young Quarterbacks, so we’ll see what kind of impact he has on young Dwayne Haskins on this upcoming season. Special Teams Coordinator Nate Kaczor was retained, which was a no brainer since his unit was the most consistent and best-performing unit this past 2019 season. 

Kyle Smith has been promoted to Vice President of player personnel. This is a pretty big deal; Kyle will work closely with Coach Rivera as they approach the 2020 NFL Draft. It is important to note that Kyle Smith is the son of A.J. Smith, who was the San Diego Chargers General Manager during the time Rivera worked there as the defensive coordinator under Head Coach Norv Turner. All these connections are essential to get a sense of what this new regime is trying to accomplish.

And now some Divisional Playoff action:

Titans28-Ravens 12: Lamar Jackson came crashing down. The Titans and Derrick Henry took over this game and never looked back. It was the most surprising win, and nobody expected Tennessee to beat the number 1 scoring offense. Next, the Titans take on Pat Mahomes and the Chiefs, and I think the Titans playoff Cinderella run will come to an end. 

49ers 27-Vikings 10: Total domination by San Francisco. Kirk Cousins got blitz to death in this game, Cousins had better stats than Jimmy G, but they were both pretty mediocre. Next, the 49ers should be favorites against the Packers. I would love to see the 49ers vs. the Chiefs in the Superbowl. 

Chiefs 51-Texans 31: This was the most exciting game of the weekend. Houston was 21 to nothing in the first quarter, Kansas City scored seven straight Touchdowns to turn this game upside down on Houston. Patrick Mahomes‘ playmaking abilities reminded the entire world who the most dynamic young quarterback in the NFL is. Next, the Chiefs should be the favorites against the Titans to reach the SuperBowl representing the AFC. 

Packers 28-Seahawks 23: Green Bay and Aaron Rodgers looked sharp against a Seattle team that seemed to arrive at this game pretty banged up. The Packers take on the 49ers next week. A battle of former Redskins assistant coaches Kyle Shanahan and Matt LaFleur. San Francisco is a hell of a lot more dangerous and more dynamic than the Seahawks. I pick the 49ers here to end up in the Superbowl representing the NFC. 

*Movie Recap: Marriage Story and The Report

MARRIAGE STORY  (2019, Streaming on Netflix)

Marriage Story.

Noah Baumbach is known for making captivating, charming, ambitious, and complex films. Marriage Story is another achievement for this brilliant director. I think of this movie as a divorce love story. A movie that deals with the disintegration of marriage — the undoing of a family and the perils of the legal aspects of divorce. Adam Driver plays Charlie a New York theatre company director struggling to balance his work life in NYC and the separation from his wife Nicole, (Scarlet Johansson), who has moved back to California to continue to pursue her acting career. Charlie commutes to the west coast to spend time with his son and wife as often as possible. Both Charlie and Nicole had initially agreed not to involve lawyers in their separation. Still, Nicole decides to move forward by hiring a divorce lawyer and serve Charlie divorce papers, and the custody battle for their son Henry ensues. Laura Dern plays Nora, Nicole’s divorce attorney, Laura Dern’s performance steals the movie. Ray Liotta is hilarious as a high power divorce attorney representing Charlie.

You can’t ignore the parallels of this movie and Baumbach’s personal life and his divorce from Jennifer Jason Leigh. The acting here is some of the best movie acting in all 2019. At the end of the movie, I could not help but feel invested and caring for these people and root for them to make things work. 

Three out of Five Popcorn Bags. 🍿🍿🍿

THE REPORT (2019, Streaming on Prime)

The Report.

The Report is a political thriller in the spirit of “All the President’s Men,” or “Syriana,” and even Spielberg’s “The Post.” It feels like some of those investigative true story political dramas made or set in the 70s. However, this movie is based on current events that are still pretty much relevant today. The coverup and the public relations propaganda regarding “enhanced interrogation techniques” and the misinformation of its results and ineffectiveness fed to the public are at the center of this film. Adam Driver delivers another outstanding performance playing Daniel Jones, a senate staffer working for Senator Dianne Feinstein, played by Annette Being, who delivers an excellent and award-worthy performance. Jones is tasked with leading an investigation into the CIA torture practices after 9/11 and deliver his findings in a report to the senate committee on intelligence. We, the audience, get to follow Daniel Jones on an atmospheric and claustrophobic investigation as he uncovers truth after truth, which took him seven years to piece together. 

HBO was supposed to make this movie, but for some reason, they decided against it. Remarkably, It was made in 26 days for a fraction of the original budget. Director Scott Z. Burns has made a very significant movie here, and in a way, a history lesson that should not be forgotten. Vice (2018) attempted to achieve something similar, but this movie goes deeper into the ineffectiveness of the CIA torture practices. I don’t feel that anyone is painted as a real villain in this movie, every character seems to believe that their cause is righteous, and acting according to what they presume is in the best interest to national security. Of course, we now have the benefit of looking back on those years and realizing that wasn’t the case. Movies like The Report and Vice keep those events from fading away into the abyss of memory.

Three out of Five Popcorn Bags. 🍿🍿🍿

*Movie Recap: THE IRISHMAN (Spoilers)

THE IRISHMAN (2019, Streaming on Netflix)

The Irishman is based on the 2004 True Crime book; I heard you paint houses by Charles Brandt. The movie recounts the life of mob hitman Frank Sheeran (played by Robert De Niro) and his involvement in the 1975 disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa as well as the unsolved murder of “crazy Joe” Gallo outside Umberto’s Clam House in New York City’s Little Italy.

Joe Pesci as Russell Bufalino (The Irishman, 2019)

Martin Scorsese’s mobster movies like Goodfellas and Casino, have an interesting connection in which they all become a type of intense, all-out analysis of the Italian American underworld and their golden years. The Irishman is no exception, although the pacing its a lot slower than Scorsese’s previous mobster films, which is a good thing. I actually felt like the movie needed more time to expand on certain things and individual characters, but that is just me. The acting is legit. It is serious acting, and we don’t get those type of films anymore. Joe Pesci returns to movie acting by playing Russell Bufalino, the Mob boss of the Bufalino crime family out of Northern Pennsylvania. Pesci is excellent here. Al Pacino Plays Jimmy Hoffa, this is one of his best roles in recent years.

Joe Pesci and Robert De Niro (The Irishman)

The whole de-aging thing is impressive, but my only critique is that the characters didn’t seem to have youthful movements, they still moved around as older men. Harvey Keitel plays Angelo Bruno the Mob boss of the Philadelphia family. Stephen Graham plays Anthony “Tony Pro” Provenzano, a capo in the Genovese crime family based out of New Jersey. Tony Pro had become enemies with Hoffa, and he was considered to be a suspect in Hoffa’s disappearance. Stephen Graham is phenomenal here; he is making a career out of playing Italian mobsters as he did in Boardwalk Empire, where he brilliantly played Al Capone.

Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Ray Romano. (The Irishman)

When some of the mobster characters are being introduced to the audience, you see a quick caption pop up on the screen with their names and how they ended up meeting their demise. That was cool and different, but I would have liked to see them meet their end on film and maybe see how their death was tied up to Jimmy Hoffa’s disappearance. Perhaps they were just loose ends, or maybe their killing was unrelated to Hoffa. Anna Paquin plays Peggy Sheeran in an outstanding non-dialogue performance, she delivers just one line in the film, and it is epic.

The Irishman will be one of those movies that will continue to be talked about and over-analyzed in years to come. There are a bunch of “easter eggs” throughout this film related to classic Scorsese films and even a wink to the Godfather movies. I wonder if there is even a more extended director’s cut coming out at some point. Watch it a few times; it is excellent.

Five out Five Popcorn Bags 🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿

*Movie Recap: 1917

This movie is about Two young British lance corporals during World War I who are assigned to deliver a message through enemy territory and reach a British battalion in the war front. The message, orders the commanding officer to put on hold their imminent attack because they are being led into a trap by the Germans.

1917 Directed by Sam Mendes

This movie was written and directed by Sam Mendes, and the story is inspired by Mendes’ grandfather, who fought in WWI from 1916-1918 when he was 16 years old. This movie has been called a single shot featured film, a simulated single shot movie similar to the opening sequence in Birdman (2014). 1917 doesn’t feel like a conventional war movie, especially since there isn’t a deep pool of WWI movies out there or a WWI movie that expresses the significant human experience of the First Great War, which I sense is what 1917 attempts to express.

Geroge Mackay and Dean Charles Chapman

George MacKay and Dean Charles Chapman deliver strong performances, however, as a whole, the film neglects to develop the characters, opting for visuals and long takes. The scenes where the corporals are moving through the trenches are the most remarkable and unique. 1917 is a daring film and aesthetically pretty. On the other hand, there is a sense of relevance within the conditions and political climate that led to WWI and the current European geopolitical climate. There seems to be many similarities in this European notion of National Identity, that swept Europe during the early 1900s, and it is threatening to sweet Europe once again. Which is something that filmmakers, artists, as well as celebrity figures should address before it leads to significant conflicts as it once did a century ago. This film, however, fails to address those issues, focusing mostly on the raw and obscene nature of war, but not the conditions that led to war. Nevertheless, 1917 is a visually stunning and compelling film. An important film to be precise.

Three out of Five Popcorn Bags 🍿🍿🍿

*NFL Playoffs: Wildcard Round and Redskins Shaking Things Up.

The Redskins are in the process of cleaning house; we have already hired a new Head Athletic trainer in Ryan Vermillion, who worked for Ron Rivera in Carolina for many years. We also hired LB coach Steve Russ, reuniting him with coach Rivera from their time with the Panthers. It was announced that Scott Turner (Norv Turner’s son), is moving back to DC as the new offensive coordinator for the Redskins. Scott Turner worked under Rivera in Carolina as a Quarterbacks coach and is still unclear what is going to happen with Kevin O’Connell, his name is being thrown around for potential offensive coordinator jobs in multiple places. Will they keep O’Connell as Quarterbacks coach and Scott Turner as the Offensive Coordinator? I really hope they don’t mess this up. Haskins’s development under O’Connell was remarkable, so bringing Turner to the Redskins means a new system for Haskins to learn. I did like what they did in Carolina with Christian McCaffrey, so maybe there is a bigger picture here with Turner running the offense, and perhaps that is why they are allowing Kevin O’Connell to walk away. Figuring out the Trent Williams situation should be our top priority. Things are moving pretty fast around Redskins park.

And now for some Wildcard Playoff action:

Titans 20- Patriots 13: The Belicheaters got exposed yet again. Brady looked done, and it might be the end of the Brady-Belichick era. I think one or the other will be out of New England next season. Derrick Henry is probably the best running back in the playoffs. Next, Tennessee plays Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens.

Texans 22-Bills 19: Buffalo made some insane decisions in this game, which cost them the game. The Bills seem to be very close to getting this team over the hump. Next, Houston takes on Pat Mahomes and the Chiefs. Deshaun Watson vs. Pat Mahomes equals must-watch TV.

Vikings 26-Saints 20: It took overtime play for Kirk Cousins to finally win his first playoff game. Dalvin Cook, Adam Thielen, and Kyle Rudolph showed up big time for this game. Drew Brees was under fire for most of the game, and his mobility was limited. It was a solid game. Next, Minnesota takes on the 49ers; this will be the most exciting game of the divisional round. Kyle Shanahan knows Kirk Cousins very well from their time with the Redskins. I am looking forward to this game.

Seahawks 17-Eagles 9: Carson Wentz got concussed and replaced by 40-year-old Josh McCown, who played pretty well, keeping the “Beagles” within range of catching up to Seattle. There must be a curse on Carson Wentz because he cannot stay healthy, and something always seems to happen. DK Metcalf looked unstoppable, Marshawn Lynch scored two TDs and looked great. Next, Seattle takes on the Packers, which has the making of an excellent game.

*Welcome to Redskins Nation Ron Rivera HTTR!!!

The 2019 NFL football season is finally over, and we finished at a disgraceful 3-13 for the season—It was an agonizing and miserable season, one of the worst that I can remember in my close to 30 years as a Redskins fan.

Throughout the whole season, there was a massive outcry for Snyder to fire Bruce Allen, and to make drastic changes to the power structure at Redskins Park. Our wishes became a reality on Monday morning when Snyder issued a statement announcing the firing of Bruce Allen. This decision was at least eight years overdue, but I’m glad that it is finally a reality, and we can begin the process of rebooting this historic franchise.

Within hours of announcing the removal of Bruce Allen, sports media was buzzing about the arrival of Ron Rivera in the DC area to meet with Dan Snyder. There was plenty of speculation regarding a fast-moving hiring process to secure Ron Rivera as our new Head Coach, and as of today, right at the start of the new year, Ron Rivera is the new Head Coach of the Washington Redskins. This hire is a very bold and exciting move. Rivera is also the first minority Head Coach in the history of the Redskins, and the first Latino Head Coach to be precise, which is refreshing and remarkable considering the demographics of the DC area. We finally have a coach that will reflect our community. Ron Rivera is a defensive-minded coach and a no-nonsense type of coach. Discipline and accountability will be emphasized under his leadership. He is someone who can immediately create a culture of change at Redskins Park. An entire overhaul of the coaching staff is in order, starting with the defensive staff. Hiring Jack Del Rio as a Defensive Coordinator is a terrific move. Greg Manusky had no clue how to best maximize the skills of our vast pool of high drafted and talented players on this roster. His defensive schemes were terrible and, at most times, predictable. Offensively, I hope they keep Kevin O’Connell as our offensive coordinator; he has been instrumental in the development of Dwayne Haskins. It was sad that we could not keep Bill Callahan around as the offensive Line coach, but I heard he would like to coach next to his son, who is currently the offensive coordinator with the Cincinnati Bengals. I wish him the best, he is a great coach.

After listening to Rivera doing media rounds and shedding some light into the process that got him this job, you get the sense that Snyder had his eyes on Rivera for a while. The discreet meetings between Rivera and Joe Gibbs are particularly insightful. It shows how much emphasis and care went into this process. I feel great about this hire and the possibilities ahead for our relatively young football team. Reaching out to Trent Williams is a priority, especially since the Head trainer Larry Hess has also been fired. There have been multiple complaints about Hess and the training staff in the last few years. Trent Williams sat out the whole 2019 season due to his grievances with the training staff. Players took longer to recover from injuries that would typically take less time to come back.

The work ahead for the new regime in Redskins park will be tough; they have ten years of Bruce Allen to undo. But, it seems Rivera has a clear picture of the road ahead, and he is up to the task of rebuilding not only the team and the culture, but also the excitement of the entire fan base.

And now lets get ready for some NFL playoffs……

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