BOB LAZAR: AREA 51 Documentary

img_1121I liked it, and I didn’t. But overall, I was not very impressed by this new Bob Lazar: Area 51 documentary, Directed by Jeremy Corbell (streaming now on NETFLIX). It didn’t do much for me, and in a way, I felt like Steven Greer’s UNACKNOWLEDGED (2017, also streaming now on NETFLIX) was way more entertaining and thought-provoking than Jeremy Corbell’s documentary, where he made a solid attempt to reframe the Lazar story by adding a more personal structure to the documentary. Showing Lazar at work, at home, also adding his wife and friends to the story. We also get Mickey Rourke as a narrator, adding an air of a Hollywood top billing celebrity to the credits.


img_1123At the end of the day, It doesn’t really matter if you believe in Lazar’s story or not, it doesn’t really matter if you believe in UFOs. It matters how the story and the material are presented to the viewer, which I felt like it was presented somewhat poorly. Although there are some exciting and entertaining moments throughout the documentary, it still fails to bring the story together within the world of UFOLOGY and to connect Lazar’s story with the current impact of the Ancient Aliens TV show in modern popular culture.

Bob Lazar and the director of this documentary (Jeremy Corbell) went to the Joe Rogan Experience studio and recorded a podcast, which was longer than the actual documentary, and to some degree a lot more entertaining. Perhaps the most exciting thing I took away after listening to the podcast was the revelation that some of the “crafts” at area 51 actually came from Archeological digs (according to what Lazar was told). 

Now that is one powerful revelation and a revelation that comes with some serious implications that could put our entire understanding of ancient civilizations upside down (if you believe in Lazar’s story). The idea that most of those crafts were obtained from archeological digs and not recovered from some UFO crash is mind-blowing, to say the least.

Could it be possible that ancient cultures had developed this kind of technology?

Could previous civilizations had at some point reached a higher level of technology, even higher than our own current technological abilities?

Or perhaps there was some type of mass extinction event that suddenly wiped out those civilizations which caused those crafts to be left behind and as time went by they got buried away along with the ruins of those past civilizations, only to be discovered by modern humans within the last century?

Is difficult for me to believe that an alien civilization visited us in ancient times and left behind their crafts and all their advanced technology. Unless they came to stay, brought their technology with them, and never left. Only to be wiped out along with those ancient civilizations at some point. Maybe Graham Hancock’s theory about how humans are a “species with amnesia” is right on the money, perhaps we have lost our own sense of history, our true ancient history, and at some point in our distant past, we were a highly advanced species. A species that had an advanced understanding of physics. Maybe that explains many of the pre-diluvian tales of pre-Columbian cultures throughout the Americas and other parts of the world.

This documentary never addresses the real questions regarding Lazar’s story, it just tries to vindicate the parts that have been proven true, and some parts feel somewhat circumstantial. Element 115 still remains a mystery. Lazar refused to discuss on the screen whether he sneaked some of element 115 out of Area 51, which is a claim he made sometime back in the ’80s. So I guess if you are not familiar with Lazar story, you will find a lot of value in this documentary, but in case you are very familiar with his story, this documentary feels like we are just catching up with Bob after all these years. Like we are seeing how he still manages to live a ‘normal’ life, while still maintaining firm with his claims and story. But the main thing I found fascinating was Lazar’s comments on the Rogan podcast. When Rogan asked him if he had any idea where those crafts come from, Lazar replied that they came from an archeological dig.

Bob Lazar: “it’s not just old, it’s ancient.”




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