*NFL WEEK 12 (2019 Season)

My Redskins won their second game of the season. Final score Redskins 19- Detroit Lions 16. A game where there were many missed chances to put up more points on the board, but the execution was not there. Terry McLaurin is now officially our top wide receiver, Harmon is surging, Sims is an intriguing player with tons of potential. We have to continue to feed Guice and establish a second complementary running back better. I expected Adrian Peterson and Guice to develop into a dual-threat, but it has not happened. Next season, Peterson might end up walking, so we need to start establishing depth in our backfield. Haskins is a work in progress, and I think we might have something special in him. There are many positives here; he has a powerful arm, he stands poised in the pocket, can take hits, and when he breaks free, he can be elusive and fast enough to make plays — excellent tools to build an offense around.

So, as the season is coming to an end and with only four weeks of regular season Football left, the calls for changes and the firing of Bruce Allen will only get louder and louder. Dan Snyder needs to understand that the entire franchise needs to be reinvigorated somehow. The Redskins franchise as a whole is in life support. Home game tickets are selling for record low prices. Nobody is showing up for games. The NFL has to get involved somehow. The Washington Redskins were one of the top five highest sources of revenue for the league, even in seasons when they were bad, they were still pretty damn profitable, but now, that is no longer the case. We need to win out the remaining games in the schedule and have something positive to show the fans for 2020. We should not worry about dropping off from where we currently seat in the first round of the draft. It does not matter what our record ends up being, we will still have a first-round draft selection somewhere in the top ten. 

My Overall disposition regarding my Redskins: FIRE Bruce Allen

And now for the rest of the league…..

Bears 19-Giants 14: Danny Dimes is not the answer at Quarterback for NY, but I hope they stick it out with him for a while so my Redskins defense can feast on him next season. 

Patriots 13-Cowboys 9: The weather was terrible, Brady was terrible, Dallas was terrible; everybody was terrible. These two teams are overrated, it was an uneventful, boring game, so the score pretty much tells the whole story. 

Seahawks 17-Eagles 9: Carson Wentz was not effective in this game and has been inconsistent with his play. Maybe the Eagles need to reevaluate things regarding their future at the QB position. Rusell Wilson struggled, but his defense kept him within range, and it was all they needed to put away the Eagles.

Jets 34-Raiders 3: This was a bad loss for the Raiders, they did not seem ready for the Jets. The Jets are showing flashes of what they can potentially become next season. Not entirely sold on Sam Darnold. 

Texans 20-Colts 17: This was a very close game, but Houston ran away with the game in the final quarter of the game.

Ravens 45-Rams 6: Lamar Jackson is making every team the Ravens play look bad. The Ravens scored on their first seven positions, think about how insane that is. Jared Goff is playing like garbage. The Rams were a Super Bowl team just a year ago, and now they look awful. 

49ers 37-Packers 8: The packers had nothing to offer against this 49ers team. It was one of Aaron Rodgers’s worst game in years. The 49ers are 10-1 and are probably the best team in the league alongside with the Ravens, which coincidently, they will play each other this upcoming Sunday. 

Saints 34-Panthers 31: This was one exciting game, and it ended on a field goal with only a few seconds left. A great divisional win for the Saints, a heartbreaking divisional loss for the Panthers. 

Browns 41-Dolphins 24: Kareem Hunt made his presence felt in this game. The Dolphins are playing better towards the final home stretch of the season, but they are still far from being a dangerous team. The Browns are still a disappointment, and they always look good against teams with losing records.

Steelers 16-Bengals 10: AFC North Divisional games are always nasty and close, but the Steelers could not afford to lose to the winless Bengals. 

Bills 20-Broncos 3: The Bills needed this win badly to stay in the wildcard race. The Broncos will be making massive changes in the offseason. 

Buccaneers 35-Falcons 22: If your team is playing Tampa, then Jameis Winston will always give you a chance to be in the game no matter what the score is, and in this game, he once again had multiple turnovers. The Falcons are trying to save whatever is left of the season and playing for their head coach’s job.

Titans 42-Jaguars 20: Titans are finding a new life under Ryan Tannehill. Maybe they have their answer at quarterback and will part ways with Mariota. Derrick Henry had an excellent game. The Jaguars are struggling all over, not just at the quarterback position, and their defense is not stopping anyone. 

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