*NFL WEEK 9 (2019 Season)

Dwayne Haskins made his first NFL start, and it went kind of like I expected it to go. The current active offense is devoid of talent due to all the injuries. Jordan Reed has not played all season, Vernon Davis has been inactive for most of the season, but when he did play, he made substantial contributions in the passing game. Not having tight ends hurts badly. Not having Trent Williams has been crucial. Haskins could benefit from having the best-left tackle in the NFL playing, especially since the protection has been bad this whole season. Adrian Peterson is running wild under Callahan, I can only imagine how special our running game could be if Chris Thompson and Darius Guice were healthy enough to be part of Callahan’s run heavy schemes.

The good thing from this game was that Haskins was not awful at all; he played well, considering the lack of weapons. Colt McCoy can probably run the offense better than Haskins and Keenum, but it is time to let this kid play and get him some live NFL game experience. If the Redskins front-office wants to figure out a way to excite the fan base, or at least to pique their interest, then they should let Haskins be the starter for the rest of the season. He is a local product from the DC area, and they need to emphasize that fact as much as possible.

My current disposition regarding my Redskins: Let the kid play.

And now for the rest of the league….


Eagles 22-Bears 14: Trubisky needs to get benched, and the whole offense sucks. They have a good defense, but they are struggling as a team. The Eagles are bouncing back nicely heading into their bye week. Since my Redskins are pitiful this year, I am pulling for Philly to take the division away from Dallas.

Cowboys 37-Giants 18: The Cowboys are still smoke and mirrors, they only beat teams with losing records, rebuilding teams. They will lose next week against Kirk Cousins and the Vikings. Daniel Jones scrambles like a snake trying to make plays or extend them, he takes off running when he sees daylight, but it does not always work out in the Giant’s favor. It is excellent that he is more mobile than Eli, but his mobility has cost them interceptions, fumbles, and many lost opportunities to make plays. I am still not impressed with Danny Dimes.

Raiders 31-Lions 24: The young talent from this Raiders team is beginning to pay dividends; they are now 4-4 and making some noise in their division. The Lions lost another close-heartbreaking game, but they are also a rebuilding team, and they will be contending for the division next season.

Ravens 37-Patriots 20: Lamar Jackson is everything RGIII was supposed to be. He is obviously the future in Baltimore, and likely the most dynamic Quarterback the NFL has ever seen since Michael Vick. The overrated Patriots got their first loss of the year and silenced all the talking heads in sports media crowning them as the best defense in the league.

Panthers 30-Titans 20: McCaffrey ran wild all over the Titans picking some serious yards and scoring three TDs. Ryan Tannehill is an upgrade from Marcus Mariota, but it will take the off-season to improve this team.

Steelers 26-Colts 24: Jacoby Brissett got hurt in the 2nd quarter and replaced by Brian Hoyer, who struggled to get the offense going. If Brissett is going to miss time due to his injury, then Hoyer will start going forward, so we will see if this derails the Colts playoff chances. The Steelers are now 4-4 and have a chance to make a run at the playoffs, especially with the Browns and Bengals stinking up the division.

49ers 28-Cardinals 25: San Francisco is the only 8-0 team this season, and they are finally beginning to get everyone’s attention. I have been saying since pre-season how good this team is, and they should be SuperBowl favorites. Kyler Murray and the Cardinals were able to hang in there with probably the best team in the league, and it shows the potential this team has. Next season they will be making some noise.

Texans 26-Jaguars 3: This game was played in London, so I was up earlier than usual to watch this game, and it was a good one. Jacksonville could not catch any breaks, and Fournette was unable to get going. Houston’s defense without JJ Watt did not allow any TDs, only a field goal. Gardner Minshew mania seems to be coming to an end. This game was awful for the Jaguars, and it seems Nick Foles might be ready to return.

Chiefs 26-Vikings 23: Matt Moore was out of the league last year, and now he looks like a starter. The Chiefs defense stepped up and made crucial stops when needed. The Vikings play the overrated Cowboys next week in primetime, which is a game they should be able to win easily.

Dolphins 26-Jets 18: Miami won its first game at the expense of the disappointing Jets. I expected the Jets to be much better than what they have shown so far this season. If Sam Darnold does not show considerable signs of improvement, then Adam Gase will likely be let go by the end of the season.

Broncos 24-Browns 19: Baker Mayfield is overrated, and most of the sports media seems to be leaning that way now. They only had one good game (against the Ravens), they are now 2-6 for the season, and next week they play the Bills, which will probably be another loss for a team that seems to be falling apart week to week. Denver got it done with a third-string quarterback, which says a lot about both teams.

Chargers 26-Packers 11: Nobody expected the Chargers to win this game decisively as they did. They needed a victory, and they got it. The Packers got caught napping, and they could not get anything going.

Seahawks 40-Buccaneers 34: James Winston had a good game, but his defense could not stop Russell Wilson from throwing a party all over Tampa Bay’s secondary. The Bucs are building for the future, and it shows. Seattle plays the 49ers on Monday Night next week, which should be an awesome divisional game.

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