Okay, the rebranding is barely a week away. And I’m beyond anxious waiting for the unveiling of the new team name and logo. However, I’m still not feeling the name Commanders and Admirals. Personally, I would love Hogs or Red Hogs, but I will continue to cheer faithfully for Washington regardless of the new name.

Recently, the name of Malik Wills has been mentioned all over sports media as Washington’s potential first-round pick in this upcoming draft. I hear good things about him — that he has a strong arm and good mobility, but the high number of picks is a concern. The issue with him is that it seems like he is not an immediate starter and more of a developmental prospect. So using a first-round pick on a prospect seems pretty expensive for us. Matt Corral and Kenny Pickett are also options, and Pickett appears to be the most NFL from this QB draft class. But for sure, Washington needs to draft a young QB.

I, for one, do not want Aaron Rodgers, Derek Carr, Russell Wilson, or Jimmy G. All of those QBs will be way too expensive to trade for them. On top of all that, I’m concerned about the potential interest in Mitch Trubisky, especially when considering the Buffalo Slash Carolina connection with Washington’s coaching staff. I don’t see Trubisky as a viable option; instead, they should re-sign Fitzpatrick and see what he can do with our offense with Heinicke backing him and Malik Wills or a young rookie QB as the understudy.

Every reporter with solid connections to Washington seems convinced on Brandon Scherff leaving — that blows; they need to bring him back at all costs, we should keep the OL intact. This was the first time we had some solid OL depth in a long time. Also, bringing back JD McKissic should be a top priority. First-year guys DeAndre Carter and Adam Humphries should both be resigned soon. I still have not seen enough from Jaret Patterson, so we need to add more running back competition on this group

On the defensive front, Daron Payne should also be a priority. Bobby McCain and Landon Collins found their way towards the second half of the season — their contribution was significant — so I think they should return. I’m not really too concerned with losing Tim Settle in free agency.

All in all, I feel like we are in a better spot than we were at the start of the 2020 offseason. Nevertheless, we need a solid draft and aggressiveness in free agency.

The rebranding doesn’t mean that all the controversies and investigations will disappear. 2020 was full of DEA raids, Congressional hearings, and Washington post-investigations. An utter mess and an awful look for this once proud and respected franchise. I hear that Tanya Snyder is now more involved in the team’s day-to-day operations. I don’t really know if that is a good thing; I still haven’t seen many positives from all the structural changes made by the front office at the executive level.

I don’t trust this front office group….yet. So as a result, I cannot help but feel very nervous and anxious for 2.2.22.

49ERS 13 — PACKERS 10

Man, San Francisco is a dangerous team. However, Jimmy G is their Achilles heel; he looked shaky for most of this game but managed to make some clutch throws that made an enormous difference. Outstanding special teams and defensive play were crucial for San Francisco. For their upcoming NFC Championship matchup, Kyle Shanahan will once again go against Sean McVay, another former protege in Washington. San Francisco owns the Rams, sweeping them this season. Next up, San Francisco visits LA. Advantage, LA Rams.

Antivaxxer Aaron Rodgers got precisely what he deserved. Green Bay came in as the #1 seed and with home-field advantage in cold-ass Wisconsin — and once again, Rodgers squandered it. Next up, Green Bay needs to come up with a plan to replace their hack QB. Plus, they are losing their OC coordinator Nathaniel Hackett to Denver, where he will become their new head coach.


This was the most insane game of the entire season. I was out of my seat watching the last few minutes of this game. And the overtime was beyond thrilling. Next up, Kansas City hosts Cincinnati. Advantage, Kansas City Chiefs

Buffalo should’ve won this game. Josh Allen was money — but needed a better and more productive run game. If Buffalo adds a few more weapons, they should be considered a favorite next season. However, Buffalo will miss losing their OC Brian Daboll to Miami, as he is about to become their new head coach.


Alright, how in the world could Cooper Kupp be that wide open, and with the game on the line? Matt Stafford was clutch and outdueled Brady. Next up, LA hosts top-rival, San Francisco. Advantage, LA Rams (too much firepower).

Tom Brady sucked ass through most of this game but finally got going in the 4th quarter and managed to tie this game with only seconds left. But Tampa Bay’s defense could not cover Cooper Kupp, the league’s top receiving threat. Next up, Tom Brady will ponder retirement, while OC Byron Leftwich might end up as the new head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars.


Joe Burrow is living up to his number 1 overall selection. It is remarkable when you realize that Cincinnati did not even make the playoffs last season, and now they are playing for the AFC Championship game and one game away from the Super Bowl. Evidently, this has been a successful turnaround for this franchise. Next up, Cincinnati hosts Kansas City. Advantage, Kansas City Chiefs.

Ryan Tannehill did not rise to the occasion like most expected him. Next season, Tennessee must add better weapons around Derrick Henry and maybe look for a new QB.

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