*NFL WEEK 7 (2019 Season)

It was the “Shanahan’s revenge Bowl” and I was thinking going into the game that Kyle Shanahan was going to run up the score and humiliate the team that unfairly fired him and his father Mike Shanahan a few years ago, but thankfully our defense stepped up and held them scoreless for the first half of the game until the 49ers were able to finally score a field goal and put some points on the board. It was an ugly, nasty game. It rained all day long, and the field was in bad shape. We ended up losing 9-0. We could not even score a single field goal; it was a horrible game to watch. I guess not getting blown out by an undefeated team like the 49ers counts as a moral victory, but the thing is that we do not need those types of victories right now, we need to win some real games desperately. This team is on life support at the moment, and things will not be easy in the upcoming weeks. On Thursday night, we play the Vikings, and Kirk Cousins in Minnesota, who I am sure wants to beat on the team that gave up on him, and I do not blame him. Then, we face the Bills, which probably has the #1 or #2 best defense in the league.

We are now 1-6 for the season and 0-4 at FedEx Field. We no longer have a home-field advantage (not sure if we ever did after we left RFK stadium). Fans from every single opposing team we play at home show up and owns FedEx field. It is sad and pathetic. We need to start winning games NOW. A victory over the Vikings would change the conversation and give the fan base something to feel optimistic.

My overall disposition regarding my Redskins: Dreadful

And now for the rest of the league….

Week 7

Rams 37-Falcons 10: Todd Gurley continues to struggle running the ball, and the entire Rams offense is not making things easy, but they ended up putting up 37 points on the Falcons who are also struggling on both sides of the ball and will likely end up costing their Head coach his job very soon. The Rams defense stepped up and dominated this game with the newly acquired Jalen Ramsey.

Chiefs 30-Broncos 6: Matt Moore came into this game in the second quarter, replacing an injured Pat Mahomes and steered the ship into a solid victory over the Broncos. All the talking heads on sports media thought Vic Fangio’s defense was finally starting to come together, but the scoreboard tells a different story.

Packers 42-Raiders 24: The Packers are quietly putting themselves up as one of the favorites to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. They are now 6-1 and seem destined to at least win their division. The Raiders self-destructed in this game, but were competitive to the end and are now 3-3 and in second place in their division behind the Chiefs. Do not be surprise if they make it into the playoffs as a wildcard.

Vikings 42-Lions 30: Kirk Cousins and the Vikings are finding their rhythm and getting on a roll. Dalvin Cook is probably the best running back in the league right now. The Lions are losing tight games. I am surprised how much they have improved from last year; I was wrong about them going into the season.

Cardinals 27-Giants 21: Daniel Jones put up some solid stats, but the turnovers were crucial. The Cardinals contained Barkley and were able to pressure and sack Danny Dimes, a bunch of times. Kyler Murray has the Cardinals surprisingly seating pretty at 3-3-1, but they have a couple of tough games in the next two weeks.

Cowboys 37-Eagles 10: Carson Wentz was under siege from the start of the game, Dallas brought constant pressure and shut down the Eagles ground and air game almost entirely. Zeke Elliot ran all over the Eagles defense. The Cowboys get an easy game against the Giants next week, and then things will get tough for them with six very losable games.

Saints 36-Bears 25: The Mitch Trubisky experiment is not yielding the results Bears fans expected. The Bears lone signature victory this season was against the Vikings in week 4. The expectations were high for this 3-3 team going into this season, especially on the defensive side, but they could not stop the Saints explosive offense from putting up points on the board. Alvin Kamara was out for this game, and his backup Latavius Murray ran for over 100 yards. Terry Bridgewater continues to steer this 6-1 Saints team into the playoffs in the absence of Drew Brees.

Jaguars 27-Bengals 17: Andy Dalton put up a valiant effort to try to get this team their first win of the season, but the Jaguars defense got a bunch of turnovers to keep the Bengals at 0-7. The Bengals could not wait to push Marvin Lewis out the door, and I am pretty sure they would love to have him back right about now.

Bills 31-Dolphins 21: Only the Patriots have beaten the Bills, which says a lot about this Buffalo team. It is going to be very interesting how this AFC East division looks like come December. The Dolphins, at this pace, will end up racking up draft picks for next year’s draft.

Colts 30-Texans 23: Jacoby Brissett has the Colts fans thinking playoffs. This is precisely why every team needs to have a legit backup in case your starter goes down. The Saints, Jaguars, Panthers, and Colts have winning records with backups, but in Brissett’s case, there is no question that he is the future of this franchise, and the Colts should build around him. The Texans are now 1-1 in the AFC South division, so they still have a chance to make a run.

Ravens 30-Seahawks 16: Baltimore is looking like a completely different team from the Ravens team that got blown out by the Browns in week 4. Next week’s game against the Patriots will be must-see TV. The Seahawks defense had no answers for Lamar Jackson. Next week Seattle takes on their former defensive coordinator Dan Quinn’s 6-1 Falcons, which will make things interesting.

Titans 23-Chargers 20: This was a close game to the end. Ryan Tannehill came through for the Titans, validating the benching of Marcus Mariota and having a former starter as his backup. Mariota might be looking for a new team at the end of this season. The Chargers keep losing close games heartbreakingly, and the clock is ticking on Philip Rivers’s time with the Chargers.

Patriots 33-Jets 0: Sam Darnold could not duplicate his magic from the previous week and seemed frazzled throughout the whole game. The Patriots defense not allowing any scores is pretty remarkable, but their schedule has been pretty smooth so far, next week they have a tough test against Lamar Jackson and the Ravens.

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