*NFL WEEK 5 RECAP (2022 Season)

My level of disgust and disappointment with this team is unmeasurable. With less than a minute left, we made it to the 2-yard line with a chance to put this game away, and Wentz threw a horrendous pick. Ugh, I was so fucking disgusted when this happened.

But, besides this awful play, Wentz played well enough to cut him some flack. Ultimately, Carson Wentz isn’t really the problem here. Especially when considering how shaky and inconsistent our O-line has been, particularly in this game.

Ron Rivera made things worse during the week’s comment about the difference between all the NFC East teams. I repeat, Carson Wentz is not the problem; he shouldn’t get all the blame; he should get some, but not all. Stupid move by Rivera; doesn’t look good for this coaching staff. They went out of their way to get Wentz and gave up some crucial draft picks for him. It is too early to be this critical of our QB play. 

The O-line isn’t helping our QB feel comfortable. They are getting dominated; Andrew Norwell has not been remarkably consistent. Let’s remember Norwell played under Rivera in Carolina. Ereck Flowers, Brandon Scherff, and Morgan Moses are definitely missed, and we need to sign Flowers back or see who is out there available that could help us with depth.

On top of it all, the defense is way underperforming. You have two well-regarded defensive coaches (Rivera and Del Rio), and this unit simply sucks. They continue to allow teams to go up and down the field on Washington. They need to fix this ASAP, or Del Rio has got to go. 


WEEK 6, Washington at Chicago:

The Bears are not a very good team. They don’t have a defensive identity established yet, so Washington should be able to execute their offensive scheme effectively. Justin Fields struggles, but he is still dangerous: Fields has to be contained. Washington has a hard time defending mobile Quarterbacks; we need to bring pressure to Fields and not allow him to hurt us on the ground.  

We won’t have Dotson available for Chicago, so we need McLaurin to be our featured receiver. Dyami Brown has proven he can be a serious threat, and we need to continue using him as such. Logan Thomas is also out, so John Bates needs to step up. Plus, this could potentially be a big game for Brian Robinson on the ground. 

William Jackson III was finally benched (a long time coming). It will be interesting to see how his absence as a starter affects our coverage and overall play in our secondary.

This is a massively crucial game for Washington; losing this game and getting to 1-5 would be a death blow for our playoff chances. However, if we win this game, we have something to build to make a wildcard run. We are a better team in terms of talented players and more experienced coaching staff. We cannot lose to Chicago and not expect significant changes. 

Advantage, Washington Commanders.

And for the rest of the league,


This game was played in London — NY was behind 20-10 by halftime, but The Giants played spoiler for Aaron Rodgers, beating him in his first international game. Next, NY hosts Baltimore. Advantage, Baltimore Ravens.

The Packers are getting exposed from week to week. They are not a complete team and should not be favorites to win their division this season. Next, Green Bay hosts the NY Jets. Advantage, NY Jets.


The Eagles are still undefeated, and by the look of their schedule, they might end up on top of the NFC come playoff time. Jalen Hurts looks unstoppable, especially on the run. Next, Philadelphia hosts Dallas. Advantage, Philadelphia Eagles.

The Cardinals got behind early but rallied back to tie the game. Unfortunately, a missed FG cost them a chance for overtime play. Arizona needs to figure out a way to use Kyler Murray more as a running threat. Next, Arizona visits Seattle. Advantage, Arizona Cardinals. 


The Cowboys continue to feast on weak and depleted teams. I’m not impressed by this win; it is all smoke and mirrors with Dallas — They will get exposed soon enough. The QB controversy between Cooper Rush and Dak will be a hot topic for the next few weeks. Next, Dallas visits Philadelphia. Advantage, Philadelphia Eagles.

The Rams are a mess right now. Their O-line is depleted, and Sttaford is constantly under siege. On top of that, their running game is struggling behind a weak offensive line. LA needs to make some protection adjustments urgently, or the Rams are at risk of not making the playoffs this season. Next, the Rams host Carolina — a perfect chance to right the ship. Advantage, LA Rams.


The Chiefs were trailing 20-10 at halftime and turned this game around pretty quickly in the 3rd quarter. Kansas City still has a suspect defense, but they have improved from last year and have shown the ability to get into games. Next, Kansas City hosts Buffalo. Advantage, Kansas City (Home field advantage). 

The Raiders are the best team with a losing record. At 1-4 this Vegas team has been competitive in every single game but lost by a single score. Josh McDaniels stupid decision to go for 2 instead of the field goal made the difference in the final outcome of this game. Next, Las Vegas hosts Houston. Advantage, Las Vegas Raiders.

49ERS 37 — PANTHERS 15 

Jimmy G is looking solid running Kyle Shanahan’sShanahan’s offense, but it is only a matter of time until Jimmy G turns into Jimmy Gag. Next, San Francisco visits Atlanta. Advantage, San Francisco 49ers.

Well, Carolina fired Matt Rhule (a year too late), and it is now the Steve Wilks show. However, Carolina has no QB — Baker Mayfield is banged up, and Sam Darnold is doubtful. Next, Carolina visits San Francisco. Advantage, San Francisco 49ers.


This game was played in London and came right to the last 2 minutes of the 4th quarter. Minnesota is 4-1 but looking shaky on just about every win — I’m not a believer yet. Next, Minnesota visits Miami. Advantage, Minnesota Vikings.

The Bears turned this game around after being down 21-3 late in the 2nd quarter, but Justin Fields is not clutch enough to get Chicago over the hump. Next, Chicago hosts Washington. Advantage, Washington Commanders.


The NY Jets are making some noise in the AFC and are now 3-2 and surging. This team is starting to show some swagger and believe in themselves. Next, NY visits Green Bay. Advantage, NY Jets.

Miami is missing Tua — simple as that. Terry Bridgewater left the game due to a possible concussion and is now doubtful — things are starting to look grim for a once-promising team. Next, Miami hosts Minnesota. Advantage, Minnesota Vikings.


The controversial roughing the passer call on Atlanta gave Tampa Bay the edge to finish up the game on top of the Falcons. I’m not surprised by this dumb call; Tom Brady has a history of getting bogus calls like this one, especially as of late. Next, Tampa Bay visits Pittsburgh. Advantage, Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 

The Falcons got robbed of a chance to make this game closer in the score. Atlanta needs to determine if Marcus Mariota is their answer at QB and if they need to build around him. This season will answer those questions. Next, Atlanta hosts San Francisco. Advantage, San Francisco 49ers.


The Texans won their first game of the season — and it was a tough one for this well-coached Movie Smith team. Houston will be a tough team to beat this season, but not much should be expected from them in 2022. Next, Houston visits LAs Vegas. Advantage, Las Vegas Raiders.  

Trevor Lawrence threw 2 picks in this game and struggled to against a young, tough Houston defense. The Jaguars have a lot of things to clean up and fix. Next, Jacksonville visits Indianapolis. Advantage, Jacksonville Jaguars.


The Ravens fought hard for this one, but Justin Tucker was money, as usual. Tucker is by far the most clutch kicker in the NFL and deserves a massive contract next season, more so than Lamar. Next, Baltimore

The Bengals were supposed to take the next step this season and are now teetering between mediocrity and disappointment. Next, Cincinnati visits New Orleans. Advantage, Cincinnati Bengals.


The LA Chargers came from behind and hung on for dear life to pull out the win with a field goal. However, the Charges are struggling to put together wins, and things are starting to look dicey for them. Next, LA hosts Denver. Advantage, LA Chargers.  

Cleveland lost a close one. I expected more explosiveness from this offense, but they seem to be in good shape with Jacoby Brissett until Watson takes over. Next, Cleveland hosts New England. Advantage, Cleveland Browns.


Buffalo is looking like the runaway best team in the NFL. But it is still early in the season to crown them. Next week Patrick Mahomes will rematch Josh Allen. Next, Buffalo visits Kansas City. Advantage, Kansas City Chiefs.

The Steelers are looking for answers at QB and a defensive identity. This is a rebuilding season for Pittsburgh. Next, Pittsburgh hosts Tampa Bay. Advantage, Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 


This was one of the most boring games I’ve ever seen — it went in over time, and field goals and solid defense from indy made the difference. Next, Indianapolis hosts Jacksonville. Advantage, Jacksonville Jaguars.

The Broncos have got to start panicking now. Their defense is legit enough, but Russell Wilson seems uncomfortable running this offense. Things are not looking good for Denver. Next, Denver visits the LA Chargers. Advantage, LA Chargers.


New England shocked everyone here and shut Detroit down, leaving them scoreless. So it was about time Belicheater’s defense showed up. Next, New England visits Cleveland. Advantage, Cleveland Browns.

This was an embarrassing loss for Detroit. The Lions were looking like an up-and-coming team, and New England left them scoreless in 4 quarters. Detroit needs to shake this loss off and focus on what is ahead. Next, Detroit visits Dallas. Advantage, Detroit Lions. 


The combination of Andy Dalton and Tyson Hill paid off for New Orleans, as they held off Seattle. Next, New Orleans hosts Cincinnati. Advantage, Cincinnati Bengals.

Geno Smith continued to look good for Seattle, and it seemed like they had a chance to put this game away but fell short. Next. Seattle hosts Arizona. Advantage, Arizona Cardinals.

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