*NFL WEEK 6 (2019 Season)

Finally, my ‘skins won a game. It was “The Battle of the Winless,” The Dolphins 0-5 vs. the Redskins 0-5, and Bill Callahan delivered on the things he spoke about during the whole week leading up to the game. I saw a renewed emphasis on the run game, which is what I been screaming about since week 1. Hopefully, we will stay the course with our running game as we head into future games. McLaurin scored 2 TDs; it is now beyond evident that he is the lone bright shining light in this offense.

Next week we play the undefeated 49ers under Kyle Shanahan. This is going to be a big game for us, as well as for Shanahan. I am sure he will try to send some type of a statement to Snyder and company by trying to beat us soundly. On the other hand, a victory against an undefeated 49ers squad would be a tremendous achievement for a Redskins team that is in dire need of morale-boosting victories. Two wins in a row would make things better, especially since the Nats have just clinched their first-ever World Series appearance. The DC area has now become ‘Nats Country’ and no longer feels like Redskins Nation is represented correctly in the streets like in the not too distant past. Now all you see is people wearing gear from some of the other local teams like the Nats, Caps, DC united. Redskins gear is becoming less and less visible. This city is no longer proud of their team, and it shows. However, winning cures all, so let us get back to winning, and hopefully, our winning tradition will once again rise in our nation’s capital.

My current overall disposition regarding my Redskins: Hopeful…

And now for the rest of the league:


Jets 24-Cowboys 22: I been saying since the beginning of the season how overrated the Cowboys are, and now they have lost 3 in a row. Whisperings of Jason Garrett being fire sometime soon have already begun. The Jets got Sam Darnold back, and all of a sudden, they looked like an efficient offense. Jamison Crowder showed up big time, and LeVeon Bell had a chunk of yards running. Let’s see if the Jets can sustain this thing.

49ers 20-Rams 7: Jared Goff had one of his worst games since Sean McCoy took over as Head coach. The 49ers are steamrolling through every team they have faced this season. The Ram’s defense is not stopping anybody, and their offense is becoming stale.

Vikings 38-Eagles 20: Kirk Cousins had a great game with 3 TDs, he was able to spread the ball all over the field to most his offensive weapons. The Vikings defense continues to be on a roll. The Eagles had no answers for the Vikings, Minnesota was just the better the team.

Texans 31- Chiefs 24: Pat Mahomes is not the same since he got banged up last week. The chiefs defense is the weakest link here and now have lost two games in the row at home. The Texans are coming into their own six weeks into the season.

Panthers 37-Buccaneers 26: Kyle Allen is running this Norv Turner offense efficiently. James Winston was sloppy and had 5 interceptions. Bruce Arians will have a tough decision to make if he can’t get Winston to turn the corner by the end of the season.

Patriots 35-Giants 14: Daniel Jones should not be playing this soon! He had 3 interceptions and 1 TD. I don’t think he is ready to start against NFL caliber defenses. The patriots had heir way with The Giants.

Seahawks 32-Browns 28: Russell Wilson is making a case for league MVP. The Browns seem to be imploding on a week to week basis. They are about to become the biggest disappointment of this football season.

Saints 13-Jaguars 6: Terry Bridgewater is keeping the ship afloat quite nicely in the absence of Drew Brees. Gardner Minshew had a rough game. The Jaguars have tons of talent and are much better than what they showed in this game.

Ravens 23-Bengals 17: Lamar Jackson had a great game running and throwing the ball. The Bengals are making a case for the worst team in the NFL.

Packers 23-Lions 22: This was a great game on MNF, and it came down to a last-second field goal to lift the Packers to victory. This was a brutal divisional loss for the Lions, but they are playing way better than anybody expected. I think the three most improved teams this season are the 49ers, The Raiders, and the Lions.

Cardinals 34-Falcons 33: Dan Quinn will be fire very soon if the Falcons don’t turn things around next week against the Rams, but the cards are stacked against them. Kyler Murray had his best game so far this season, throwing for over 300 yards and zero interceptions.

Broncos 16-Titans 0: The Broncos defense found its groove and held the Titans from scoring any points. Things got so bad that Marcus Mariota ended up getting benched, and Ryan Tannehill went in to finish up the game.

Steelers 24-Chargers 17: The Chargers were getting blown up before they woke up and made the game enjoyable, but it was just too late to catch up. The Steeler’s defense is finally playing up to expectations.

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