*Movie Recap: The Captain (Der Hauptmann)

The Captain (2017)

The Captain is based on the true story of Willi Herold, a German soldier who is on the run for deserting, and by chance, runs into an abandoned military vehicle where he finds a German Air Force Captain’s uniform. Herold puts on the uniform and encounters another soldier (Reinhard Freitag, played brilliantly by Milan Peschel). Freitag has been separated from his company and joins up with the impostor Herold, who claims to be on a secret mission from the Furher himself to seek out war deserters and evaluate morale and loyalty to the Third Reich. They pick up drifter soldiers along the way, looting and murdering as they make their way into a Nazi camp full of Jewish prisoners and deserters.

The officers at the German camp are suspicious of Herold’s credentials. Still, they go along with the phony officer. The apparent lack of oversight over Herold’s actions will end up serving in favor of all those Nazi camp officers’, especially, with regards to their lack of ethics towards the prisoners. Max Hubacher delivers a chilling and perverse performance of a murdering evil, sociopath that believes he has the moral high ground to commit all sorts of atrocities.

Written and directed by Robert Schwenkte (R.I.P.D. 2013, The Time Traveler’s Wife, ’09). Schwenkte is a director mostly known for commercially driven Hollywood movies like The Divergent series. Those series of movies are an ocean apart from The Captain as you can possibly imagine. Shot entirely in black and white, which I’m sure was influenced by Schindler’s ListThe Captain is a movie that haunts you long after it is over and makes you reflect upon the darkness of humanity. 

Three out of Five Popcorn Bags 🍿🍿🍿

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