*NFL WEEK 16 (2019 Season)

This game went into overtime, all tied up at 35-35, but we could not stop the Giants from moving the ball down the field on their first possession in overtime to score the game-winning TD. It was a fitting end for two Irrelevant teams playing for nothing in December. Both fan bases should feel hopeful by all the flashes of talent and potential greatness these two teams have shown off in the last few weeks, including this game. I get the sense that next season the balance of power in the NFC East will shift from Cowboys-Eagles to Giants-Redskins, based on what I have seen this whole season. Some football pundits were calling this game the “Chase Young bowl,” meaning that one of these two teams could end up with a better draft spot to select the highest rated defensive end coming out of college.

NY Giants 41-Redskins 35

Adrian Peterson passed another record and is now fourth in the all-time rushing touchdown list. Haskins was playing very well before getting banged up and taken out of the game. He looked strong and decisive, completing his first nine passes. Steve Sims has emerged as another downfield threat to complement McLaurin, who is closing into 1,000 yards receiving for the season. This core of young offensive weapons is something to feel hopeful going into next season. Our defense is what I’m mostly concerned about. There is way too much talent, loaded with first and second-rounders to be this ineffective. Massive changes are coming to the defense, including a change in defensive coordinator. Next Sunday is our final game of the season against our blood rival Dallas. Nothing would be more gratifying than to finish the season with a victory over the Cowboys and put an end to their playoff hopes.

My overall disposition regarding my Redskins: BEAT DALLAS!!

And now for the rest of the league:

Eagles 17- Cowboys 9: All Dallas had to do in this game was win and the NFC East division was theirs, but the overrated Cowboys once again fell short as they usually do. And now the Eagles have a shot at winning the division next week against the Giants.

Packers 23-Vikings 10: Green Bay won the NFC North title, and the Vikings clinched a playoff spot due to the Rams’ loss to the 49ers. Minnesota needs Dalvin cook to be a 100% for the Vikings to be a real threat in the post-season.

49ers 34-Rams 31: This game was huge for both teams, the Rams losing eliminated them from playoff contention and the 49ers are now set up for a monster game against the Seahawks next week to determine playoff home-field advantage and a first-round bye. The Rams were at the Super Bowl last season and now, they are not even a wildcard team, significant adjustments coming next season for the Rams.

Ravens 31-Browns 15: Baltimore clinches the top seed in the AFC with this victory over the over-hyped Browns, which means the road to the Super Bowl will go through the Ravens. The Browns will need to clean house next season, starting with the Head Coach.

Patriots 24-Bills 17: Tom Brady is officially a game manager now, while New England’s defense does all the heavy lifting. Patriots are now the AFC East champions, but they have to win next week against Miami to clinch a first-round bye. The Bills have secured a wildcard playoff spot.

Jets 16-Steelers 10: The Jets had a statement game against Pittsburgh, where they show what kind of team they could be next season. I think they are only a few pieces away from contending in the AFC East. The Steelers have a tough road ahead next week against the Ravens, who are resting their starters. They have to beat Baltimore and hope for the Texans to beat the Titans to make the playoffs.

Raiders 24-Chargers 17: Surprisingly, the Raiders are still alive for the playoffs by beating the Chargers, but it won’t be easy, first they need to beat Denver next week and hope for the Titans, Steelers, and Jaguars to lose. Very unlikely that all those things will come together.

Texans 23-Buccaneers 20: Houston clinches the AFC South division title, while the Bucs have a lot of questions to answer regarding the future of James Winston.

Saints 38-Titans 28: New Orleans is rolling into the playoffs with lots of momentum and are still chasing a first-round bye and home-field advantage through out the playoffs. The Titans have to beat the Texans next week to get into the playoffs. Regardless of what happens, Ryan Tannehill has secured himself as the long-term answer at quarterback for Tennessee.

Falcons 24- Jaguars 12: Atlanta is finishing strong after a 1-7 start this season, they are trying to save Dan Quinn’s job, but it might be a little too late for that. The Jaguars are a hot mess and coaching changes and maybe even drafting a QB is in the future for Jacksonville,

Cardinals 27-Seahawks 13: Kyler Murray is a legit threat for years to come in the NFC West. The Seahawks look depleted going into the playoffs. They just re-signed Marshawn Lynch out of semi-retirement to boost their running game.

Dolphins 38-Bengals 35: This game went into overtime, and it was a wild game for two teams who are in the middle of a rebuilding process. The Bengals secured the number one pick in next year’s draft.

Broncos 27-Lions 17: Drew Lock played great against a pretty good and underrated Lions defense, but Denver might need to look into next year’s draft to hopefully find the franchise QB they’ve been searching since Payton Manning retired.

Chiefs 26-Bears 3: Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs are getting into a steady rhythm heading into the playoffs, while the Bears will need to make some drastic adjustments during the offseason.

Colts 38-Panthers 6: Firing Ron Rivera has not translated into victories for Carolina. They are in actuality a lot worse without him, and next season will be very interesting to see what happens with Cam Newton and the direction this Panthers team heads into, especially with a new coaching staff. The Colts need to figure out a way to lure Andrew Luck out of retirement next season.

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