*NFL WEEK 6 (2020 Season)

Why in the hell would you go for a two-point conversion when there are 36 seconds left in the game? Your offense was shaky at best all afternoon; Kyle Allen is not Russell Wilson or Patrick Mahomes, so just kick the extra point, tie the game at 20-20 and go to overtime. Do you want to show your team how to win? Do you want to test your team? And you say you want to teach your team how to win? Which is why you went for two instead of the extra point?

Then, why don’t you teach them how to win in overtime and see if they can actually go out and win the game — but don’t just give away the game with 36 seconds left by going for 2 instead of going for the tie. There is virtually no time to get the ball back if you fail. Which we did fail, and we lost the game. 

Look, Ron Rivera gambled twice on 4th down, and it paid off….great, I applaud you — but I don’t care if the analytics say that converting a 2 point play is about 50/50. The fan base needed this win badly, this was a divisional game — a must-win game, and you don’t gamble with these type of games. This was a heavy loss.

Daniel Jones had nothing against us except for one good run. Our defense took control of the game towards the 4th quarter, and the Giants couldn’t get anything going offensively. We had the momentum; we should have gone to overtime and beat them there. Our running game continues to struggle. Peyton Barber has been useless so far this season. I do not see anyone stepping up to potentially be the bell cow running back like Derrius Guice was supposed to be and was starting to show flashes of potential greatness. 

Next week, we have another divisional game against the Cowboys. Dallas has a bad defense, and their offense is struggling. I don’t see Zeke running on our defensive front, Andy Dalton will have to beat us through the air, and Amari Cooper is their most dangerous weapon. Still, this is a very winnable game — Lets Beat Dallas. 

WFT 19 — NY GIANTS 20:

And for the rest of the league…..


Dallas got beat badly by Arizona; it was a miserable night for Dallas, and that brought joy to my soul. The Cowboys defense is looking extremely vulnerable, and my Washington Team has an excellent chance to make a statement next week against them. 


Lamar Jackson was somewhat contained in this game but still managed to throw 1 TD and run for another. Carson Wentz played much better than in previous weeks and brought his team back to make the game a lot closer, but in the end, the lack of healthy weapons is hurting this Philly team. Baltimore allowed a bad Philadelphia team to get back into the game, which should be a cause for Ravens fans’ concern. 


Browns Head coach Kevin Stefanski cited a rib injury as the reason for Baker Mayfield struggling. The fact is that the Steelers are very good this season, and Cleveland is simply not good enough to compete in a tough and competitive division with Pittsburgh, Baltimore, and a Cincinnati team on the rise. 


Tom Brady rebounds nicely after losing to Nick Foles last week. Green Bay went ahead on the scoreboard early with 10-0 in the first quarter, but from the 2nd quarter on, Tampa bay scored 38 unanswered points on a packers team that looked completely overwhelmed. 

49ERS 24 — RAMS 16:

Jimmy G had a solid game with 3 TDs and zero interceptions to help San Francisco win a huge divisional game. The NFC West is now the most combative division in the NFL. 


Carolina was looking pretty good coming into this game, but Terry Bridgewater struggled to get his offense going. Chicago is now 5-1 playing some sloppy looking football and finding ways to win games. The Bears are now in a great position to win this division.


Patrick Mahomes got back on track throwing 2 TDs to star tight end Travis Kelce and relying on a powerful running game behind Clyde Edwards-Helaire, who rushed for 161 yards. The Bills have lost 2 games in a row, and Josh Allen struggled in both games; next week, they have the pathetic NY Jets, which should be a winnable game for them. 


Romeo Crennel has this Houston team playing at a higher level than under Bill O’Brien. This was a thrilling game that went into overtime, but the combination of Ryan Tannehill and Derrick Henry is becoming a lethal dose of explosiveness. The Titans are now 5-0 and looking like a legit contender. 


It didn’t really matter that FitzMagic had 2 interceptions; he still managed to score 3 TDs, and Miami completely dominated this NY Jets team that is just plain awful and possibly the worst team in the NFL. Adam Gase will be fired very soon. 


This was the most surprising game of the week. Cam Newton and New England struggled in all areas of the ball. Cam looked rusty after testing positive for Covid a few weeks ago. Denver only needed to score 6 field goals and zero TDs to put this game away. 


Matt Ryan looked great, and Kirk Cousins played his worst game. Minnesota needs to press the panic button now and make some drastic changes. Atlanta got their first win of the season, and it was a huge one. 


Both these two teams are bad, but Jacksonville is almost as bad as the Jets, and Detroit’s defense feasted on a flawed Jacksonville team.


Indianapolis needed this win badly. Phillip Rivers threw 3 TDs and 1 interception and brought the Colts to 4-2 behind Tennessee for the division. Joe Burrow threw for over 300 yards with 1 interception; he seems to continue to get more comfortable as a starting QB. The Bengals will contend next season.

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