*2020 NFL Season Wrap up and Super Bowl Recap

Well, the 2020 NFL Football season has come to an end, and it is time to wrap up the season for my Washington Football Team.

The first thing I gotta say is that the future looks extremely promising, more so than anything that I can remember in the last 30 years of being a fan of this team.

Once again, we find ourselves in a familiar spot, still looking and hoping for a stable answer at the Quarterback position.

Dwayne Haskins was a bust, simple as that. It didn’t work out, and we waisted a first-round pick on a player that most scouts and experts warned teams to avoid taking in the first round. The Haskins debacle should serve as a cautionary tale from now on for everyone in the front office of this team.

Alex Smith won the comeback player of the year, and what a comeback it was. 

Sports media wrote off Smith at the beginning of training camp. His comeback was the crucial turning point for Washington to be in a position to make the playoffs and win the Division.

Going forward, a healthy Alex Smith on the field means that there will be an efficient and capable Quarterback running the offense. Taylor Heinicke and Kyle Allen add competent depth to the position.

We now know that we are not getting Matt Stafford, and Alex Smith has not yet decided on his playing future. I hope he returns for another season, and he becomes a bridge to whomever we draft in the off-season. I don’t think we should trade for a Quarterback if Smith decides not to retire. It will cost way too much to trade for Deshaun Watson, Marcus Mariota, or even Sam Darnold.

Hard pass on Carson Wentz, Mitch Trubisky, Jimmy G, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and Nick Foles.

Dak Prescott might be available, but I have never been sold on him. However, Rod Taylor, Gardner Minshew, and Jacoby Brissett pique my interest.

Kyle Smith left for Atlanta as VP of player personnel… I was disappointed to see him go. But I guess the stink of the Bruce Allen era was a heavy burden for Smith to carry on and continue in Washington.

It feels like the time for crappy free agent signings is done and over with. Marty Hurney and Martin Mayhew have a strong connection to this Washington team and its glory years; I’m confident that they will have a solid draft and a productive approach to free agency.

Re-signing Brandon Scherff should be a top priority. Offensive Line depth will be crucial in 2021; maybe we can address the OL in the draft. I like what we are doing at the Running Back position, and it wouldn’t hurt to add another piece there. 

Chase Young was the runaway Defensive Rookie of the Year, and our Defensive front continues to be the star of the show. But we need to start resigning or figuring out how to keep most, if not all, of our core defensive players. Salary Cap issues are supposed to be Marty Hurney’s strength, and I hope he figures out a way to keep all of these guys here. Jonathan Allen should be the first in the defense to get some type of deal done.

Ryan Kerrigan will entertain free agency, which is sad; I hoped he would stay to finish his career here.

Our secondary needs to be addressed in the off-season, along with some upgrades here and here. I thought that Kendall Fuller and Ronald Darby were formidable, especially towards the end of the season — and Kam Curl filled in very nicely as Safety replacing Landon Collins.

I don’t get tired of saying that this team is one of the most attractive destinations for free agents who want to be part of something special. The NFC EAST is ours for the taking….The Eagles firing Doug Pederson was nuts, and even nuttier was their hiring of Colts OC Nick Sirianni as their new Head Coach. Philadelphia will be a mess next season. Dallas is in decline and will most likely finish 2021 with a losing record. Maybe the NY Giants might give us some headaches, but I still don’t think Daniel Jones is their answer at Quarterback.

In any case, my level of excitement is insanely high at the moment, and I cannot wait for the 2021 season to start. HTTR…or, I guess, HTTFT.



There were dubious penalties against the Chiefs in the first half of the game that sank Kansas City pretty deep; those penalties were a big deal; they put Kansas City in a bad spot from the get-go, and the Bucs, to their credit, never relented. The refs should have allowed more latitude 

This game was not really about Tom Brady. He didn’t do anything spectacular or inspiring; He connected with Gronk twice. He connected with Antonio Brown once, and Leonard Fournette had a 27 yard run for a touchdown that pretty much sealed the game for Tampa Bay. 

The Bucs coaching assistants were the difference makers in 2020 for Tampa Bay. Effective and efficient game plans by Todd Bowles and Byron Leftwich were the key factors here. This 2020 Buccaneers team came in loaded on both sides of the ball with better weapons than the 2019 Buccaneers team. The addition of Leonard Fournette was genius and paid big-time dividends on offense. Gronkowski found his rhythm by the middle of the season and never looked back.

Brady is considered the most successful Quarterback in NFL history, mostly because of his 10 Super Bowl appearances (7 wins, 3 losses). I, however, have my reservations. I do not consider Brady to be the GOAT by those standards, and I certainly, do not think Belicheater to be the Goat NFL coach, as some in Sports media have suggested.

Without question, Brady has created a remarkable career for himself, but most of his Super Bowl wins are surrounded by controversies. Most of those controversies are regarding some of the shady tactics employed by his former Patriots Head Coach Bill Belicheater. 

Mahomes backpedaling, scrambling, and even throwing as he was falling was impressive. He made terrific and accurate throws while in distress. He continually tried to produce any sort of spark and even threw a couple of end zone balls into the hands of his receivers that were dropped.

Kansas City came in with a reshuffled and patched up Offensive Line, which left Mahomes extremely vulnerable to Tampa Bay’s defensive front. The pressure was relentless, and Mahomes could never get any type of rhythm going. 

All in all, I get the sense that Kansas City will make the necessary adjustments in the offseason and will be back contending in 2021. 

On the other hand, Tampa Bay, I feel, is one and done, especially if they cannot keep their defensive unit in one piece — without a dominant defense, Brady’s decline will be much more noticeable in 2021.

See you all on Draft week.

*AFC-NFC Championship Games (2020 Season)

Well, folks, Martin Mayhew is our new GM. It’s full circle for Mayhew; He was part of Washington’s 1991 Super Bowl Championship team as a player and got his start as an executive working as an intern in Washington’s personnel department.

Mayhew’s previous General Manager job was with the Detroit Lions. His track record as the GM in Detroit was mixed with some hits and misses here and there. Drafting Matthew Stafford was the highlight of his time with the Lions, but he was also part of Detroit’s 0-16 disaster season.

Marty Hurney also returns home to the DC area as the executive vice president of football for player personnel.

Hurney was for many years a sportswriter for that rag of a newspaper called the Washington Times. Hurney’s first NFL job was with Washington; he was hired in 1989 during the Gibbs-Cooke era as director of public relations. Eventually, he followed Bobby Beathard to San Diego, where he learned the ins and outs of salary caps and player contracts. Hurney’s time in Carolina as GM has been well-documented, and his most notable move there was drafting Cam Newton.

I’m excited about these two additions; They both have a strong connection to this team and its glory days. I am looking forward to their first draft class. 

I still think that getting Matthew Stafford or Deshaun Watson will be too expensive. 

There is no official word on Kyle Smith and his current status or what his role will be under this new front-office structure. I hope they figure out a way to keep him here; I like what he has done rebuilding our roster without Bruce Allen around. 

Washington’s historical promotion of Jennifer King as the first Black woman to be a full-time offensive assistant in the NFL is exceptional.

Our old buddy Dwayne Haskins joined the Steelers on a one-year deal — happy he landed somewhere pretty fast. 

Washington has just become the first NFL team to land a sports betting license through a partnership with FanDuel. Now all the degenerate gamblers in DC and VA can officially bet games online. 

And for the Conference Championship games…..


Tom Brady is going to his 10th Super Bowl — a game that will be played in Tampa Bay’s home turf. The road to the Super Bowl wasn’t easy. Brady and the Bucs beat my Washington Football Team, Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers, in their home Stadiums to get to the biggest game of the Football year… so, if Brady beats Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl, then the GOAT argument should be set in stone.

However, this next generation of Quarterbacks like Mahomes, Joe Burrow, Deshaun Watson, Justin Herbert, and newcomers like Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields might be in a good position to reach similar heights when it is all set and done for them.

I think there is a good chance Aaron Rodgers could leave Green Bay next season. San Francisco would be an ideal spot. I think the 49ers are one Quarterback away from getting back to the big game, and Jimmy G seems to be on his way out. Don’t rule out Denver also…. They have been looking for a Franchise Quarterback since Peyton Manning retired in 2015.


Buffalo got an early lead at 9-0, but it didn’t take long for Kansas City to start putting up points. The Bills did not establish any type of running game to slow down Kansas City. Patrick Mahomes looks like a sorcerer, sometimes making extraordinary things happen and putting his offense in scoring positions. 

The Chiefs are the reigning defending Super Bowl Champions and have an excellent chance to repeat as Champions again. This will be a blockbuster, cannot miss Super Bowl game between Tom Brady, who represents the recent past, and Patrick Mahomes, who is the present of the NFL and also represents the future. 

I’ll make my Super Bowl picks next week….


The Washington Football Team is currently conducting a GM search; they are interviewing a bunch of people from different teams — 49ers VP of player personnel Martin Mayhew looks to be a strong candidate. Also, former Panthers GM Marty Hurney is at play and has a previous working relationship with Ron Rivera.

It seems like Kyle Smith is not being considered for the job. Suppose Smith doesn’t get the GM job, in that case, he should stay in some senior executive capacity; he has overseen a few successful drafts and has the pedigree to be an effective executive for us.

After hiring a GM, finding a starting Quarterback should be the next priority. Taylor Heinicke and Kyle Allen should stay as backups; they are both serviceable backups. A Deshaun Watson trade would be too expensive for us to pursue in terms of putting together a package of trades and draft picks. Maybe we should stick with a healthy Alex Smith and our two backups. 

As I said in last week’s NFL blog post, Washington is an attractive team for free agents who want to be part of a championship-caliber roster. The foundation is in place for something special; we just need to add some key pieces here and there. The Draft should be useful for finding some vital defensive pieces and adding wide receiver, offensive line, and running back depth. We’re drafting at 19th overall. We have one pick in the second round and two in the third…. not bad, plenty of options.

Everyone should watch the 60 minutes piece on Alex Smith…. it was an excellent piece.

And for the Divisional round of the playoffs…..


Josh Allen struggled to score until the 4th Quarter when he finally connected with Stefon Diggs to take the lead. Buffalo played excellent defense neutralizing Lamar Jackson and returning an interception for 101 yards and the game-ending touchdown. The Bills will take on the defending Super Bowl Champs in the AFC title game in a rematch from a 26-17 loss on week 6. Advantage, Kansas City Chiefs.

Lamar Jackson was having a terrible game when he had to leave the game under concussion protocol. Baltimore relies way too much on Lamar’s legs and will continue to struggle against teams that can force him to beat them by throwing. The Ravens have to build a more balanced offense to become more successful in the post-season.  

PACKERS 32 — RAMS 18:     

Aaron Rodgers has been playing at a high level for most of this season, and Green Bay looked fantastic in this game, scoring on every single Quarter against one of the best defenses in the NFL. The NFC Championship game will be held in Green Bay against Tom Brady. The Bucs destroyed Green Bay 38-10 on week 6, but this rematch will be much different. Advantage, Green Bay Packers

Jared Goff was ineffective as usual, throwing for a mere 174 yards with 1 touchdown. The Rams have to figure out how to move away from Goff next season and find a Quarterback that better fits Sean McVay’s dynamic offense. The combination of Cam Akers, Robert Woods, Van Jefferson, and Cooper Kupp with a more capable Quarterback should make for a dangerous offense in 2021.


At age 43, Tom Brady is playing like he is 10 years younger and making Belicheater look like a hack. The Bucs have a good chance to win in Green Bay, but they have to get all their offensive weapons involved often and early. Leonard Fournette, Mike Evans, Antonio Brown, and Gronk need to get going early to have a chance. The Bucs defense has to pressure Rodgers early and remain consistent. This is not the same team that Tampa Bay embarrassed earlier in the season. If Tampa Bay gets behind in the score, Aaron Rodgers will crucify them. Advantage, Green Bay Packers.

I don’t think New Orleans took Tampa Bay too seriously for this playoff game, having swept them during the regular season. The Saints were careless with the ball, and Jared Cook made things worst. I hope this was not the final game for Drew Brees in the NFL. It wasn’t the prettiest game to end a hall of fame career — pretty sure Drew can still play for a contender next season if New Orleans decides to go with James Winston and Taysom Hill. 


Kansas City was looking pretty good until Patrick Mahomes had to come out of the game with a concussion in the 3rd Quarter. It was a scary look for Mahomes when he couldn’t stand up on his own. Chad Henne, who has been around for 13 years in the NFL, came in for the last 20 minutes or so to effectively finish the game. The Chiefs will host Buffalo for the AFC Championship game and a ticket to the Super Bowl. Advantage, Kansas City Chiefs.

Cleveland got away from their two-punch running back combination early in the game. Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt combined for only 19 carries — way below average to control the game and keep Mahomes on the sideline. The Browns are still loaded in offense and defense, and they should still be contenders with a healthy Odell Beckham next season.


This game was a lot closer than all the talking heads predicted. Washington played a solid game, taking Tampa Bay to the limit. This was a successful season for a Washington team that according to most analysts was supposed to be at the bottom of the Division. 

In his first game as a starter for Washington, Taylor Heinicke was incredible — throwing for over 300 yards with 46 yards on the ground and a gutsy rushing touchdown. He cemented himself as a legit threat for a starting spot in Washington next season. At the very least, he is a reliable number 2 QB next season.

Establishing a starting Quarterback should be priority numero uno for Washington in the offseason. A healthy Alex Smith would be ideal; however, we know that is highly unlikely. Smith has been struggling to remain healthy for most of the season. Even his mobility has been compromised due to his injury. If he is completely healthy, he should stay on the roster; if not, then it is time for Alex to retire and maybe join the front-office.

Antonio Gibson was still hurt and limped throughout most of this playoff game. A late season injury diminished his effectiveness to be the dynamic back he has proven to be. Next season, urgency should be placed on providing a complementary running back to Gibson. J.D. McKissic is a good option to keep around, but we need a more explosive option in this position. Bryce Love was supposed to be the answer but has not remained healthy for multiple seasons now. 

This was possibly Ryan Kerrigan’s last game in Washington. I would love for him to stay, and hopefully, they can figure out a contract that doesn’t jeopardize signing other younger free agents and extending some key defensive weapons. 

We should be testing the free agent Quarterback market, but we should be careful not to overspend on aging players, like in years past. This Washington team is attractive for free agents who want to be part of something special. Matthew Stafford is a great option if we intend to win now, but Detroit will probably ask for way too much. Deshaun Watson will be very expensive; mortgaging our future Draft picks to get Watson will be too costly. Cam Newton seems just about done unless he finds ways to return to form in the offseason, but I doubt it. 

Mitchell Trubisky and Dak Prescott might both be available, but I don’t want them here. Hard pass on Carson Wentz, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Nick Foles, and Jimmy G. 

I’m curious to see what we could do with Sam Darnold, Gardner Minshew, Rod Taylor, or Jacoby Brissett. 

I believe that this team will be extremely competitive next season and for many seasons to come. We are now a legit playoff team and we have the makings of a Super Bowl team. We should all expect more wins and many memorable moments for years to come. 


And for the rest of the league…..


The Bills are a dangerous and dynamic team, but Indianapolis kept things close. Josh Allen lived up to the hype and delivered an excellent game. Next round of the playoffs, Buffalo takes on Lamar Jackson and the Ravens. Advantage, Buffalo Bills.

The Colts seem to have found a short-term replacement for Andrew Luck in Philip Rivers. Indianapolis is only a few pieces away from making another deep playoff run like they did a few years ago under Chuck Pagano.


The LA Rams Came to this game with some questions on offense, mostly regarding the Quarterback position. John Wolford got the start for this game but was injured in the 1st quarter, prompting Jared Goff back into the lineup. Goff had been shaky and unreliable all season long, and he wasn’t very impressive here also. The Rams have many offensive weapons, but Goff is the weakest link here. LA visits Green bay for a challenging Divisional playoff game. Advantage, Green Bay Packers.     

Seattle needs to make some upgrades on offense and defense. Russell Wilson does way too much for this offense. The Seahawks need to find more options at running back and another receiving threat to complement DK Metcalf. They will be back in the playoffs next season.


The Saints were supposed to blow out Chicago but struggled to put them away until the 4th quarter. Next for New Orleans is Tampa Bay and Tom Brady for the 3rd time this season. They swept the series and should be favorites to win again. Advantage, New Orleans Saints.

The Bears limped to the post-season and were the most unimpressive team in the playoffs. Next season, Chicago needs to move on from Trubisky and find a Quarterback to build this team around. 


The Browns rocked Pittsburgh from the first play of the game and never looked back. Baker Mayfield played a great game, throwing for over 300 yards and 3 TDs. Kareem Hum and Nick Chubb are the best two-punch running back combo in the NFL, and Pittsburgh could not slow them down. Cleveland goes to Arrowhead and takes on Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs for what should be an excellent game. Advantage, Kansas City Chiefs. 

After Pittsburgh got exposed on a Monday Night game loss to Washington, they went on a losing streak and struggled to finish up the season strong. There are lots of holes in Pittsburgh, and those need to be addressed urgently. Cleveland, Baltimore, and even Cincinnati should be divisional contenders next season. The Steelers have to figure out a way to keep up with the rest of the Division. Big Ben might be close to calling it a career, and the need to find his replacement should be a top priority in 2021. 


The Ravens found a way to neutralize Derrick Henry, making the most significant difference in the outcome. Next week, Baltimore takes on the red hot Bills and Josh Allen. Advantage, Buffalo Bills.

Tennessee is very close to becoming a legit contender; they need to make some slight upgrades on both sides of the ball, and they’ll be right back in the playoffs.

*NFL WEEK 17 (2020 Season)

We are the NFC EAST Division Champions, baby! And it feels damn good to say that. 

There was some controversy in this game when Jalen Hurts was benched in the 4th quarter over third-stringer Nate Sudfeld, who played in Washington many years ago; I think he was in the practice squad….. In any case, we beat the Philadelphia Eagles — regardless of who they put out there to play Quarterback for them. You play whoever is out there playing against you — is that simple, and there should be nothing else to say about it.

I don’t care that we clinched the division with a 7-9 record. What matters most is that we earned this division title the hard way. The fact remains that this Washington team is better than the rest of the other NFC East teams. Look, I get the criticism regarding our record, and I get that we got swept by the NY Giants this season, but those two games were close, and come next season, things will be different when we play them again — I feel like we are poised to become the dominant team in our division for years to come.

The Giants can cry all they want about Doug Pederson benching Jalen Hurts over their 3rd string QB; at the end of the day, the lame-ass New York Giants did not control their own destiny, and they needed help to clinch. And on the other hand, Washington did what it was supposed to do, which was to win, and we did not require any help from other teams to earn a playoff spot.

This whole season has been full of emotions and headlines. The story behind Ron Rivera battling cancer during the season was compelling. Plus, all the issues Rivera had to deal with regarding the changing of the name, all the Covid protocols to implement, the Dwayne Haskins mess, and the insane ownership drama casting a dark shadow over the team. The way Coach Rivera dealt with everything was indicative of the type of leadership he has brought to this franchise.

And on top of it all, the story of Alex Smith almost losing his life and pulling this remarkable comeback is like something written for a Hollywood movie. 

All things considered, this 2020 season was a success. 

Now, our complete focus should be on the playoffs and on beating Tampa Bay. Our defense will challenge Tom Brady — the rush will be coming hard and often. This game will not be easy for either team, but we should be in good shape to make some post-season noise.

Bring on Tom Brady!!!

WFT 20 — EAGLES 14:

And for the rest of the league…..


The delusional Cowboys thought they actually had a shot of winning the division by winning this game. The reality is that Dallas is a disaster of a team, and they will be much worse next season.

The Giants struggled to win this game, but even at 6-10 for the season, they did not deserve to go to the playoffs.

SEAHAWKS 26 — 49ERS 23: 

Seattle finished the season at 12-4 and with the 3rd seed in the NFC playoffs. Next, they take on the Rams in the wildcard round. These two same division rivals split their two divisional games of the season. Advantage, Seattle Seahawks.

San Francisco finished the season at 6-10 and in last place of the NFC WEST. San Francisco has many roster issues to figure out in the off-season, but I think figuring out if Jimmy G is their answer at Quarterback should be their top priority. I still feel that Garoppolo is not the answer.


The LA Rams finished the season at 10-6 and with the 6th spot in the NFC playoffs, and they take on Seattle in the wild card round. Their defense is dominant and should make things difficult for Russell Wilson, but who will play Quarterback for the Rams is the x-factor here. John Wolford looked pretty dynamic, replacing Jared Goff. The Rams might have a Quarterback controversy brewing here. Advantage, Seattle Seahawks. 

The Cardinals were looking like a playoff team until Kyler Murray got banged up. They should be considered contenders in 2021.


The Chiefs rested their starters for this meaningless game. They have home-field advantage throughout the AFC playoffs and will play the lowest seed winner of the wild card round. 

The LA Chargers fired their Head Coach Anthony Lynn after four years. Although, he managed to win four games in a row to finish the season respectfully. But it wasn’t enough to save his job. The silver lining here is that the Chargers seem to have found their Quarterback of the future with Justin Hebert. Also, LA has a stud running back in Austin Ekeler and a couple of talented wide receivers. All those things should make this Head Coaching opening one of the most attractive in the NFL.  


The Raiders and Broncos had nothing to play for in this game. The Vegas Raiders were already eliminated from the playoff hunt weeks ago, and they were looking to finish up the season on a positive note at 8-8 for the year. Jon Gruden has many things to address in the offseason, most notably Derek Carr’s future as a Raider. 

Denver has been a disaster for a few years now under John Elway as GM. The good thing is that they will finally hire a General Manager to oversee football operations and put together a decent Draft in 2021. Finding a franchise Quarterback should be their top priority. 


New Orleans clinched the number 2 spot in the NFC playoffs and will take on a Chicago team coming into the playoffs limping. Advantage, New Orleans Saints. 

The Panthers finished the season at 5-11 and hoping for 2021 to have a healthy Christian McCaffrey for the whole season and look for a franchise Quarterback to build their franchise around. 


Tom Brady and company secured the number 5th spot in the NFC and will take on my Washington Football team. Tampa Bay is the favorite here, but My WFT will bring the heat to Brady. I predict a low-scoring game. Advantage, Washington Football Team. 

The Falcons will be in the market for a new Head Coach, and I think Raheem Morris should be seriously considered for the permanent job. But at 4-11 for the season, there is a good chance Atlanta might go in a different direction. 


The Packers were hell-bent on securing the number 1 seed in the NFC, and the score proves it. Green Bay now has a first-round bye and home-field advantage throughout the NFC playoffs. 

Chicago backed into the playoffs with help from the LA Rams. The Bears will take on New Orleans in their first post-season game. But I think Chicago will be one and done in the playoffs. Advantage, New Orleans Saints.


The Vikings were the most disappointing team this season. They finished at 7-9 and blew multiple chances to keep themselves alive in the playoff hunt. Their offseason should be focused on upgrading their offensive line protect Kirk cousins, who has shown capable of putting up big numbers. Their defense was a disaster all season, and it needs an immediate upgrade as well. Minnesota needs to do whatever they can to keep Gary Kubiak from retiring. 

The Lions finished the season at 5-11 and looking for a new Head Coach and a new GM. Also, Matthew Stafford might become available in the offseason. 


The Bills are rolling into the playoffs red hot and look like a very dangerous team to go up against. They finished the season at 13-3 and with the AFC EAST Division title. Buffalo will take on the Colts in the wild card round. Advantage, Buffalo Bills. 

The Dolphins had a chance to clinch a playoff spot by winning this game, and instead, they got blown out. The silver lining here is that Miami finished the season at 10-6 and seems to be the second-best team in the AFC EAST and with many pieces in place to give Buffalo a run for their money in years to come.


This game was the bottom feeder bowl. New England has a lot of things to figure out in the offseason. Belicheater will be under heavy pressure to bounce back after a disaster of a season. If the Patriots do not have another winning season in 2021, there will be a new Head Coach in New England in 2022. 

The NY Jets fired Adam Gase, and they are back in a familiar spot, looking for a new Head Coach. Sam Darnold’s future is also in question. 


The Browns are back in the playoffs since 2002 and will rematch Pittsburg in the wild card round. The Steelers should be at full strength for their playoff game, and Cleveland is coming in limping with some Covid related absences, including their Head Coach Kevin Stefanski. Advantage, Pittsburgh Steelers.


Ravens destroyed Cincinnati to clinch the 5th spot in the AFC, and they will take on Indianapolis in the wild card round. Advantage, Baltimore Ravens. 

The Bengals finished the last 6 weeks of the season without Joe Burrow, who played at a high level before getting injured against my Washington Football team and was lost for the season. Cincinnati seems to be on the verge of contending in the AFC North, a division that includes Baker Mayfield, Lamar Jackson, and the veteran Big Ben. This entire division should be extremely competitive, come next season.


The Colts clinched the 7th spot in AFC by beating Jacksonville and getting help from Miami by losing to Buffalo. Ironically enough, Indianapolis will take on Buffalo in the wild card round. Advantage, Buffalo Bills 

Jacksonville finished the season as the worst team in the NFL at 1-15 and with the number one overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. Trevor Lawrence should be their no-brainer pick, but many things can happen between now and Draft day. Doug Marrone was also fired, and Urban Meyer’s name has been floating around as a possible replacement. 


The Titans struggled to pull this victory and clinch the AFC SOUTH Title. Derrick Henry looked unstoppable in this game, and with Tennessee taking on Baltimore in the wild card round, they will need another dominant game from Henry. Advantage, Tennessee Titans. 

The Texans finished up an extremely disappointing season at 4-12. No doubt most of the organizational damage was caused by Bill O’Brien, who was fired early in the season. Houston has hired a new GM, and the Head Coaching hunt should be their top priority heading into the off-season. The Texans have a uniquely talented Quarterback in Deshaun Watson, and their entire focus should be on building a competitive team around him.

*NFL WEEK 16 (2020 Season)

This was a brutal loss….. Dwayne Haskins was awful quarterbacking this team for 3 quarters, throwing for 154 yards with 2 picks and zero touchdowns. He was benched in the 4th quarter for Taylor Heinicke, who came in and moved the offense more effectively — connecting with J.D. McKissic for our only touchdown. It was evident that Heinicke was far more competent running Scott Turner’s offense than Haskins.

Our defense allowed 20 points in the first 2 quarters, and our offense could do nothing to climb out of the hole. The silver lining is that we kept Carolina scoreless for the entire second half of the game. We stepped up defensively in quarters 3 and 4, completely shutting out Carolina. But we could not capitalize on it and lost a chance to clinch the Division. 

By the time the game had ended, It was pretty clear time had run out for Dwayne Haskins in Washington. Time after time, he squandered all the opportunities given to him. Look, Haskins is very talented and has a powerful arm, but he has failed to put it all together. The worst thing is that there seems to be no trade value for him and cutting him now was the only option. Waiving Haskins was the right call; I was surprised that it happened this fast; I thought it would happen in the offseason. However, Haskins has become a massive distraction for the team, and getting him out of the locker room was crucial, and now the focus is entirely on beating Philly Sunday night.

It is time to ride with Alex Smith for the last game of the season; he is the best option for our offense, even at less than 100%. If Smith cannot start, Taylor Heinicke should be a good option.  

All we have to do now is win on Sunday against Philadelphia, and we will clinch the NFC EAST and host a playoff game. The Eagles are already eliminated from playoff contention and would want to play spoiler. 


And for the rest of the league…..


Baltimore has been on a 4 game winning streak and is a game away from clinching a playoff spot. All they have to do is beat Cincinnati on week 17, and they are in.

The Giants have lost 2 in a row, and their only chance to make the playoffs is by beating Dallas next and hope for Washington to lose.


The Eagles got destroyed by Dallas. Phiadelphia had nothing to offer offensively, except for a huge play by Jalen Hurts to Desean Jackson for 81 yards. Carson Wentz may not be entirely out of Philly just yet, especially if Jalen Hurts struggles next Sunday.

The Cowboys are alive for the Division title, and all they have to do is beat the Giants and hope for Washington to lose. 


The Vikings are officially eliminated from the playoff hunt. This was a disappointing loss for Minnesota, and most surprisingly, their weakest link seems to be their defense and not their offense for a change. Mike Zimmer called this defense the worst he has ever coached. The Vikings have to put emphasis on upgrading their defense next season.

The Saints clinched the NFC SOUTH Division title, and now, to secure home-field advantage throughout the NFC playoffs, they have to beat Carolina and hope for Green Bay to lose against Chicago next week.  


Miami struggled for most of this game and ended up benching Tua for Ryan Fitzpatrick, and it paid dividends. Fitzmagic gave the offense a spark to edge out the Raiders and keep themselves alive in the playoff race. All they have to do now is beat Buffalo on week 17.

The Raiders self-destructed in the last few weeks and got eliminated from the playoff hunt. Jon Gruden has some critical roster decisions to make for next season, and there is a good chance that Derek Carr may not be a Raider in 2021. 

49ERS 20 — CARDINALS 12:

Arizona put themselves in a tough spot by losing this game. Their backs are now against the wall, and to the playoffs, they have to beat the Rams next week and hope for Chicago to lose.

San Francisco has been ravaged by injuries all year. They played in the Super Bowl last season, and now they are not even going to the playoffs. However, they are finishing up the season respectfully and looking to be bouncing back in 2021. 


Tom Brady had a monster game, throwing for over 300 yards with 4 TDs and zero picks. Tampa Bay is back in the playoffs and is looking to secure the 5th seed spot by beating Atlanta on week 17.

Detroit has a lot of house cleaning to do in the offseason. The two most significant issues to address are the Head Coaching position and the future of Matthew Stafford. 


Seattle clinched the NFC WEST Division title, and they are now hoping to lock in the top seed in the NFC by beating San Francisco on week 17 and hoping for Green Bay and New Orleans to lose.

The Rams are still in control of their own destiny here; all they have to do is beat Arizona to clinch a playoff spot or hope for Chicago to lose. 


The Jets have put together two straight wins against the Rams and the Browns, two teams with winning records. They are surprisingly finishing the season on a positive note. But it will not be enough to save Adam Gase’s job.

The Browns are in a tough spot to clinch a playoff spot — they have to beat Pittsburgh on week 17 and need a lot of help from other AFC teams. 


The Steelers got back to their winning ways after losing 3 straight games. Pittsburgh is looking to secure the number 2 seed in the AFC, but it won’t be easy; they’ll need to beat Cleveland on week 17 and hope for Buffalo to lose.

The Colts are currently outside of the playoff picture looking in, but with a solid chance of still making it by beating Jacksonville on week 17 and hope for lots and lots of help from other teams. If Baltimore, Miami, Cleveland, or Tennessee loses, Indianapolis will clinch the final AFC spot. If Tennessee loses and Indianapolis wins on week 17, then the Colts are in and also win the AFC SOUTH.  


The Chiefs had a hard time pulling out this win, and they seem shaky heading into the playoffs. They keep winning games by narrow margins, but the good thing is that Kansas City has now clinched Home-field advantage throughout the AFC, and they get a first-round bye. Having the first round off will benefit Kansas City greatly.

Atlanta is finishing up the season playing good football and showing signs of contending next season — their final game is against Tampa bay. 


The Bears have turned their season around and are within a game of clinching a playoff spot. All they have to do is beat Green Bay in week 17, and even if they lose to the Packers, they still can clinch a spot if Arizona loses against the Rams.

Jacksonville is now daydreaming about Trevor Lawrence and all the attention Jacksonville will receive during the offseason. 


Buffalo swept New England for the season, and they are now the clear cut dominant team in the AFC EAST for years to come. They are one win away from securing the number 2 seed in the AFC if they beat Miami on Sunday.

New England is imploding before our eyes. All those years of cheating and bending the rules are coming back to haunt Bill Belicheater and company. They are no longer the dominant team in the AFC, and I’m beyond static to state that. If next season turns into another losing season for New England, I predict Belicheater will be out. 


Green Bay is now one game closer to locking in the number 1 seed in the NFC; they just need to beat Chicago in week 17 or hope for Seattle to lose. 

The Titans are still on top of the AFC SOUTH but need to win against Houston and hope for Indianapolis, Baltimore, or Miami to lose. 


Justin Herbert should be a strong candidate for Rookie of the year — He has become the central piece of the rebuilding process in LA, and building the team around him should be their focus going into 2021.

The Broncos need to find a Quarterback next season, and there really isn’t much to get excited about Denver at the moment. 


Cincinnati is playing hard for Zac Taylor and are finishing up the season playing solid football without Joe Burrow. They should be making some noise next season in the AFC NORTH.

The Texans have lost 4 games in a row, and the Bill O’Brien era’s side effects are still very much relevant in Houston. Deshaun Watson is one of the most talented young Quarterbacks in the NFL, which should be an attractive prospect for all the potential Head Coach candidates.

*NFL WEEK 15 (2020 Season)

Losing sucks; however, this loss wasn’t surprising, considering Dwayne Haskins was starting in place of Alex Smith (Injury). As much as I would love for Haskins to be successful, he continues to find ways to disappoint the fan base (including me). It feels like other young Quarterbacks are showing flashes of potential greatness and developing faster than Haskins, like Justin Herbert, Jalen Hurts, Joe Burrow, Kyler Murray, and Tua. — all of them are clear-cut starters for their teams. Hell, even Daniel Jones, at times, seems to be more dynamic than Haskins. 

But most importantly, all those young Quarterbacks do not seem to have all the maturity issues Haskins has been known for. And at least, none of those young players have been caught partying with a bunch of strippers, breaking Covid measures mandated by the NFL. Inexcusable behavior from Haskins, and sadly, his time in Washington might be coming to an end.

The good thing is that Logan Thomas has emerged as a receiving threat to complement Terry McLaurin. Now, opposing defenses have to pick their poison and figure out which of those two receivers they will have to double cover. J.D. McKissic was extremely productive running and catching, combining for over 100 yards and 1 touchdown. Once Antonio Gibson returns, these two running back combination should be lethal. 

Seattle did a great job containing the rush from our defense, but we still got enough pressure on Russell Wilson to make things difficult for them. The pass rush needs to be more consistent in the first half of games — we seem to get going late in most of the games recently. Washington has to address this issue ASAP. They cannot head into the playoffs accustomed to playing from behind. The last two games against Carolina and Philly will be crucial. Especially when facing Jalen Hurts, due to how explosive he has looked these previous two weeks.

All in all, we are still on top of the NFC EAST, and all we have to do is beat Carolina this coming Sunday to clinch the Division title and host a playoff game.


And for the rest of the league…..


I was rooting hard for Cleveland, and they delivered the goods. NY needed to win this game to take back the top spot in the NFC EAST, and now they have to win out and hope for Washington to stumble along the way….It ain’t gonna happen.


Jalen Hurts now has asserted himself as Philly’s Quarterback for the foreseeable future — And although Philadelphia lost this game, their offense looks much more dynamic with Hurts under center. Jalen has shown that he has what it takes to lead this team next season and for years to come. Carson Wentz and his next move will dominate sports media for the next few months. Arizona is still alive for a wildcard spot in the NFC, but they need to win next week and hope for Chicago to lose. 

DALLAS 41 — 49ers 33:

This win is nothing but fool’s gold. San Francisco’s starting roster came to this game obliterated with injuries, and they still managed to keep this game close. Dallas is still trash, and they will be even worst next season. San Francisco is now looking into next season with lots of questions regarding their Quarterback position.


The Raiders pretty much ended their playoff run with this loss. They are still mathematically in it, but their chances are razor-thin. On top of it all, there might be a Quarterback controversy brewing in Las Vegas; Derek Carr got injured early in the game, and Marcus Mariota came in and looked pretty good running the offense. Mariota looked a lot more dynamic and effective moving the offense than Carr has looked for most of this season. Look, Carr had some solid games here and there, but not enough to convince me that he should remain with the Raiders next season.


Buffalo clinched the AFC EAST division title for the first time since the 90s. The Bills will be a tough team to beat in the playoffs and should be considered favorites in the AFC. Denver is just playing out the schedule and hoping to find answers at Quarterback in the 2021 Draft or free agency. 


Chicago looked like a whole new team with David Montgomery running the ball and Trubisky also looked pretty good scrambling around making plays. Minnesota had no answer defensively for them. The Bears saved their season and have a shot at making the playoffs. The Vikings, however, are mathematically still in the playoff hunt, but it’s a long shot for them.

NY JETS 23 — RAMS 20:

The Jets finally won their first game of the season, and although they will no longer finish the season winless, they slipped from the number 1 draft spot to number 2, which means their shot at picking Trevor Lawrence in next year’s draft is unlikely. The Rams put themselves in a bad position by losing this game. They have to win out to make the playoffs, and if they beat Seattle on week 16, LA will win the NFC WEST division.


The Chiefs got tested on all sides of the ball in this game. But they managed to hold back Drew Bress for the win. It is now safe to say that Kansas City is the absolute number 1 favorite in the AFC. The Chiefs have already clinched the AFC WEST but still have not clinched home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. The Saints have to beat Minnesota on their Christmas day game to clinch the NFC SOUTH division title.


Baltimore has won three games in a row to keep themselves on the playoff hunt; however, they will need to win out and hope for some other teams to lose to make the post-season. Jacksonville now has the number 1 pick in the 2021 NFL draft, and they should be in a good spot to rebuild their franchise; hopefully, they will do it the right way this time around.


Miami ended New England’s season and kept themselves hot on the playoff trail. Now they have to win out and hope for Baltimore to fall apart. Belicheater is back to being the same coach he was before Tom Brady turned him into something he is not. If next season New England doesn’t have a winning season, I predict Belicheater will be out. 


Tampa Bay was trailing 24-7 in the 3rd quarter, and things looked grim for the Bucs, but Tom Brady and company turned it up and outscored Atlanta 24 to 3 to escape with a narrow victory. The Buccaneers need to win out and hope for a Chicago loss along the way to earn a playoff spot. Atlanta is finishing up the season respectfully under Raheem Morris’s stewardship, who should seriously be considered for the job permanently. 


The Bengals are a team on the verge of greatness. Even without Joe Burrow, Cincinnati looked like a dangerous team. They should be a playoff team next season. The Steelers already clinched a playoff spot weeks ago; however, the AFC NORTH title is still up for grabs between them and Cleveland, but all Pittsburgh has to do is win their next game against Indianapolis to secure the division.


The Colts are now 10-4 for the season, and to make the playoffs, they have to beat Pittsburgh and hope for Miami or Baltimore to lose next week. Houston has played much better under Romeo Crennel, but it won’t be enough to permanently secure the job. The Texans are just a few pieces away from contending again. 


Tennessee is trying to fend off Indianapolis in the AFC SOUTH. The good thing is that they hold the tiebreaker in the division, making them the favorite to win the division title. The Titans will clinch the AFC SOUTH if they beat Green Bay and Indianapolis losses next week to Pittsburg. The Lions have looked better under Darrell Bevell. It makes you wonder if he had taken over Detroit earlier in the season, then his shot at the permanent job might have been a little better.

*NFL WEEK 13 (2020 Season)

Ron Rivera now has two signature wins in his first season as Washington’s Head Coach. First, beating Dallas on Thanksgiving day and then beating the undefeated Steelers in Pittsburgh for the first time since 1991.

We are now tied with the NY Giants for first place in the Division and in a good spot to win the whole thing. We are now on a three-game winning streak, and regardless of our 5-7 record, this team is playing as well as any other division-leading team in the NFL.

We lost Antonio Gibson early in the first quarter, and Pittsburg did a great job neutralizing Terry McLaurin, but we still found ways to maximize our other offensive weapons efficiently. The resurgence of Alex Smith cannot be understated. He is clearly the comeback player of the year. This team seems inspired by his mere presence on the field.

This coming Sunday, we visit Kyle Shanahan and the 49ers. We all know how much Kyle Shanahan despises Dan Snyder, and I’m sure he will be hell-bent on beating us. Also, Jordan Reed and Trent Williams would love to have a win over their former team. San Francisco is a dangerous squad on both sides of the ball, and a win over them would be another statement victory for this young Washington Football Team. 


And for the rest of the league…..


The Washington Football Team connection between Colt McCoy and Alfred Morris proved effective to outscore Russell Willson. The Giants are still on top of the NFC EAST at 5-7, but they have a tough stretch ahead. First, on week 14 against Arizona and Kyler Murray. Then, on week 15 against Cleveland and Baker Mayfield. I’ll be rooting for both the Browns and the Cardinals in the coming weeks. Seattle took a step back in the NFC WEST title race. However, the Seahawks have on paper an easy game next Sunday against the winless Jets.


The story here is that Carson Wentz got benched, and Jaylon Hurts looked pretty good. Philadelphia has some difficult decisions to make in the offseason regarding their future at quarterback. The Packers seem to have the NFC NORTH division locked down.


I always enjoy watching these overrated Cowboys lose, and Dallas is nearly done for the season. The Ravens have a massive game next Monday night against Cleveland — a must-win game for Baltimore to stay alive in the playoff race.

BILLS 34 — 49ers 24:

Josh Allen seems poised to lead this Buffalo team to the AFC NORTH division title. San Francisco struggled to contain Josh Allen for most of the game, but the 49ers’ defense did a commendable job against one of the most dynamic players in the NFL. 


Jacksonville forced Minnesota into overtime, but the Vikings continue to find ways to win, and they remain very much alive in the playoff hunt. Jacksonville is almost as bad as the Jets right now. 


Sean McVay has this LA team in the driver’s seat on top of the NFC WEST, and they seem to be in the right spot to win the Division. Arizona has a pretty good chance to get back into the playoff race in the next two weeks with games against the NY Giants and Eagles. 


Since I despise the NY Giants and as an adopted New Yorker, I really, really try to root for the NY Jets, but games like this one make it extremely hard to believe that they can become relevant soon. Gregg Williams was fired Monday morning — after making one of the worst defensive decisions of the year. The Jets were ahead in the score 28-24, and with 13 seconds left, Williams sent out an all-out blitz on Derek Carr and left a rookie corner alone to defend, which ended up on a game-winning deep ball pass. NY is now 0-12 and, most likely than not, will finish the season 0-16. The Raiders struggled and fought hard to earn this victory and essentially saved their playoff hopes for another week. 


Solid win for Cleveland, finally beating a team with a legit winning record. Tennessee is still on top of the AFC SOUTH, but Indianapolis is now just one game behind them, so the Titans have got to win out the Division to make the playoffs. 


Denver put up a valiant effort by keeping this game close, but Kansas City is way too talented to be kept down for 4 quarters. Denver has got to find a quarterback next season. Kansas City will be tested by Miami next Sunday. 


Deshaun Watson made a costly mistake mishandling a snap at the end of the 4th quarter that pretty much ended the game for Houston. This was an important divisional win for Indianapolis to remain alive for the playoffs.


Brian Flores has this Miami team playing hard and is currently one game behind first-place Buffalo in the AFC NORTH. Next week’s game against Patrick Mahomes will be crucial for Miami. The Bengals are just playing out the season.


New England shutting down Justin Hebert and the Chargers was impressive. Cam Newton’s numbers are not remarkable, but he still manages to find ways to be effective. The Chargers are a disaster and continue to nose dive.


Taysom Hill is 3-0 subbing for Drew Brees, but it is not such a big deal. Let us remember that last year Terry Bridgewater went on a long winning streak, also subbing for Bress. Atlanta is finishing the season very respectably. 

LIONS 34 — BEARS 30:

Darrell Bevell taking over as interim Head Coach seems to have given this Detroit team a boost of energy that Matt Patricia could not conjure up in his entire losing tenure there. The last four remaining games for Detroit are against teams with winning records, and Bevell will have to find ways to finish the season strong to be considered a legit permanent Head Coach candidate. The Bears have entirely collapsed, losing 6 games in a row. Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace might be on their way out of Chicago at the end of the season.

*NFL WEEK 12 (2020 Season)

What a glorious victory!!! I have not enjoyed a victory this much since the magical RGIII rookie season. Beating Dallas always feels special this was a thanksgiving game that I will remember for a long time. And to top it all, we Swept Dallas for the first time since 2012.

Alex Smith continues to amaze everyone, including me. His numbers were not impressive, but he provides stability and experience to a position that has lacked those things. He knows how to better use the weapons around him, and he read can defenses at a higher level than Haskins and Allen.

Antonio Gibson is emerging into a star running back, complementing Terry McLaurin as another offensive threat. Gibson ran for an impressive 115 yards and 3 TDs. Happy to see Peyton Barber running hard, gaining tough yards. Cam Sims has now earned himself a prominent role on this offense. 

Our defense played strong, and our pass defense played better. Our secondary has to be more consistent, but all in all, they only allowed one big downfield play the whole game.

This Washington Football Team has the makings of something truly unique, and as a lifelong fan, there is a level of excitement and honor to be part of this new process. 

WFT 41 — COWBOYS 16:

And for the rest of the league…..


Massive win for NY, but it came at the high cost of losing Daniel Jones for a few weeks, which is great news for Washington. The Giants have an extremely tough schedule ahead of them to win out the division — harder than Washington’s remaining schedule. The NFC EAST remains up for grabs. The Bengals without Joe Burrow are a different team, but they still made this game competitive. 


Carson Wentz continues to struggle and throwing picks in every game. Philly is slowly sinking deep to the bottom of the NFC EAST. Seattle is now on top of the NFC WEST, and next week they play the NY Giants without Daniel Jones and then the NY Jets the following week; two easily winnable games.


RGIII made this first start in years, and it was a sad thing to watch. This version of Robert Griffin is far from the Quarterback that won Rookie of the year back in 2012. The Ravens managed to contain Big Ben for most of the game, but Pittsburgh was more effective in the red zone than Baltimore. The Steelers are now 11-0, and next Monday afternoon, they will have to deal with a motivated Washington Football Team that has a pretty good chance of giving Pittsburgh their first loss of the season.


The Raiders took a huge step backward by losing this game, and their playoff hopes are now diminishing. Next Sunday, they play the winless NY Jets, and they should win that game to boost their confidence going into a tough four-game stretch to end the season. The Falcons are finishing the season on a hot winning streak under the guidance of highly respected interim Head coach Raheem Morris, who should be a legitimate candidate for the job permanently.


Detroit finds itself in a familiar spot, looking for a new Head Coach yet again after firing Matt Patricia and Bob Quinn within a couple of days after losing this Thanksgiving game. The Texans have won two games in a row and seem to be ending the season with solid momentum heading into 2021.


Kirk Cousins had an inspired game, throwing for over 300 yards with 3 TDs and zero interceptions. This win was huge and essentially saved their playoff chances. Minnesota has a winnable schedule ahead of them. Carolina is already playing out the schedule and looking forward to 2021. 


New England saved their season and gave themselves a lifeline for another week, and although this game was an ugly offensive game, Cam Newton made things happen with his legs and put them in position to win. The Cardinals needed this win to continue their playoff push — next week’s divisional game against the Rams is a must-win for Arizona to remain alive. 


Finishing 0-16 seems more and more certain for NY, and Adam Gase will inevitably be fired by the end of the season, if not sooner. Miami is in a tight race for a playoff spot, and their remaining schedule is not an easy one.


Cleveland got pushed around by one of the worst teams in the league. The Browns are 8-3 and very much alive on the playoff race. Next week, they play Tennessee, making for an exciting game featuring two dynamic running backs in Derrick Henry and Nick Chubb. 

49ERS 23 — RAMS 20:

The 49ers put themselves right back in the playoff hunt. And even though injuries decimate them, San Francisco is finding ways to win challenging games. But it seems like it might be a long shot for them to win out their remaining five games. Costly turnovers were the story for this Rams team that struggled against an inspired 49ers defense. Jared Goff is gradually playing his way out of LA with his inconsistent play. Goff has to play consistently better for LA to have a chance to win out the NFC WEST. 


Tom Brady struggled for most of the game, and he is the main focus of everyone in sports media when it comes to Tampa bay; however, their defense hasn’t lived up to expectations. Look, Brady makes mistakes and throws interceptions, but he still is a hell of a lot better than most starting quarterbacks in the NFL. The Bucs will be playing for their playoff life in the next 4 weeks. Kansas City played a brilliant game on all sides of the ball, and at 10-1, they are now playing for home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. 


Buffalo is still on top of the AFC EAST, but Miami is just one game behind them. The Bills have a tough road to the division title. Anthony Lynn has lost control of this Chargers team. Even after firing Ken Wisenhunt (bad call) and demoting their special teams’ coach, those changes have not resulted in victories or significant improvements. The Chargers have the building blocks in place with players like Justin Herbert and Austin Ekeler to build something special, which is precisely the right time for a new Head Coach to take over next season. 


Denver had to promote Kendall Hinton, a practice squad wide receiver, to starting Quarterback — and it was a disaster; Hinton completed only 1 pass and threw 2 interceptions. New Orleans had their way with Denver, and I was surprised they didn’t run up the score on them. 


Derrick Henry was the difference-maker in this game. He was unstoppable, running for 178 yards with 3 TDs—a huge divisional win for Tennessee, splitting the series with Indianapolis. The Titans are temporarily on top of the AFC SOUTH, but the Colts are breathing down their neck. 


Aaron Rodgers had a strong performance, throwing 4 TDs and zero interceptions. The Bears were supposed to have a dominant defense, but they were unimpressive for the entire game: no picks, no interceptions, and no pressure on Rodgers. Chicago squandered their 5-2 start of the season and now find themselves virtually eliminated from the playoff race.

*NFL WEEK 11 (2020 Season)

It is always good to head into Dallas week with a victory under our belt, and what a satisfying victory it was. 

I have been saying for weeks now, hell, I said back in September that Alex Smith was the best option we had at quarterback. Nevertheless, it’s clear to everyone now, especially the coaching staff, that Smith is their guy for the rest of the season. Next season, he should remain with Washington as we draft another young quarterback or continue to groom Haskins into the starting job. 

Our defense sometimes baffles me; they should be a lot more dominant than what they have shown, especially with the depth of talent in the linebacker and defensive front. Ryan Kerrigan has to be more involved, and they should just go ahead and sign Eric Reid and improve our secondary so we can finish up the season strong. 

Kendall Fuller and Ronald Darby had an excellent game; I hope this combination becomes consistently productive. 

The Cowboys are feeling pretty great right now after their unexpected victory over Minnesota. Dallas was able to get their running game going with both Ezekiel Elliot and Tony Pollard, which opened up their passing game a bit. However, I don’t see them capable of running the ball on Washington as effectively as they were against Minnesota, and our defense has already shown that it can rattle Andy Dalton. 

This Thanksgiving game should be fireworks, and the winner will take first place in the division. Bring on Dallas!!! 


And for the rest of the league…..


Carson Wentz is slowly playing his way out of Philly, and Jalen Hurts might be finishing up the season if Wentz gets benched at some point. The Eagles have squandered their division lead, and now Dallas or Washington are poised to take over first place in NFC EAST. The Browns are playing for their post-season life at this point; they have to win some crucial divisional games. Week 14 game against Baltimore could decide their playoff fate.


Minnesota’s winning streak came to an end in a hard-fought game, and now their playoff path gets muddy. Dallas played their best and most balanced game this season, but I doubt they can sustain this momentum against Washington.


This AFC WEST rivalry is officially back and relevant again. The Raiders took Kansas city to the brink of defeat, but Patrick Mahomes connected with Kelce for the game-winning touchdown with just a few seconds left. The Chiefs are now 9-1 and take on Tom Brady and the Bucs next Sunday, which should be an exciting game to watch. The Raiders are still pretty much alive for a wildcard spot, and their remaining schedule is not too difficult to overcome. 


Another thrilling game between these two divisional rivals; Seattle took a big step towards the post-season, and their remaining schedule seems easy enough to get them close to a playoff spot. Arizona is still within striking distance of the playoffs, but they need to win some divisional games and hope for Seattle and LA to slip a bit. 


The Rams took first place in the NFC WEST, although they still have a bunch of divisional games left in their schedule — the way their defense is playing, it seems like they could very well end up on top of the division by the end of the season. Tampa Bay could not get their running game going and relied heavily on their passing game, which was inconsistent for most of the night. Brady threw two costly interceptions that pretty much sealed their fate. The Buccaneers have a date with Patrick Mahomes next Sunday; old dog vs. new dog. I cannot wait for this game. 


Cam Newton is the only reason New England has remained relevant this season, but it may not be enough to get them over the hump into the playoffs. The Patriots are in real danger of not making the post-season for the first time in almost a decade. Romeo Crennel got himself a nice victory over his old boss. The Texans have a lot of talent, and despite all the damage Bill O’Brien caused them with his insane player transactions, Houston should be looking forward to next season and a brand new start.


Denver had the upset game of the entire NFL weekend. Melvin Gordon had a solid game on the ground with 2 TDs. Tua struggled throughout the game and was benched in the fourth quarter. Miami has two easy games back to back before heading into a tough final four-game stretch. I’m curious to see if Denver can duplicate this defensive performance against Taysom Hill and New Orleans next Sunday. 


Taysom Hill had himself a pretty great game throwing for over 200 yards and rushing for 2 TDs. The Saints should be in good shape while Drew Brees recovers. Atlanta has a tough schedule ahead with one winnable game. The Falcons have some deep house cleaning to do in the offseason. 


This game went into overtime, and Tennessee relied on Derrick Henry running the ball into victory. Baltimore continues to lose against teams with winning records, and besides playing the 10-0 Steelers next week, Baltimore’s remaining schedule looks easy enough to have a shot at the playoffs. The Titans are 7-3, tied with Indianapolis for the AFC South and just one game behind within the division. 


Another thrilling game that went into overtime. Aaron Rodgers could not pull another overtime clutch signature victory. The Packers are still on top of the NFC NORTH and should remain on top since Minnesota and Chicago are inconsistent from week to week. 


The Jets showed some fight in this game, but Joe Flacco struggled to get things going with his receivers. On the other hand, Justin Herbert had an excellent game, throwing for over 300 yards with 3 TDs. The remaining schedule for NY looks extremely difficult, and there is a pretty good chance that they will end up 0-16 and with the number 1 overall draft pick in 2021. 


Pittsburgh is now 10-0 and very likely to finish the season undefeated. Jacksonville is just a sad, pathetic team, and they are lucky to have one victory this season. 


PJ Walker got his first NFL start, and his first NFL win. Carolina was efficient and controlled this game from start to finish. Detroit has some tough decisions to make regarding their coaching staff in the offseason.

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