Simply put, The Book of Boba Fett is fan service galore, which, as a hardcore and at times toxic fan, I did not mind at all. In actuality, I fucking loved it. It is an exciting show to watch with some remarkable and outstanding moments

Warning: This blog post contains spoilers.

It is 7 episodes packed with lots of cool stuff. Robert Rodriguez directed 3 episodes. While Dave Filoni, Steph Green, and Kevin Tancheron directed 1 episode each. Plus, Bryce Dallas Howard returned to direct episode 5, one of my favorite episodes of the entire Boba Fett slash Mandalorian extended universe.

There are some small plotholes here and there, but I don’t mind them. I also don’t mind seeing more of Tattooine with all its vast dessert and the slow western vibe of the show.

First thing, we finally see how Boba survived the Sarlacc in episode V (Return of the Jedi) and how Boba ends up as a prisoner for the Tuskens and eventually becomes a member of their tribe, living and fighting side by side with them. This part of the series borrows similar things from Kung-Fu (the TV series) and movies like Dances with Wolves and Lawrence of Arabia.

The whole premise of this show is about the resurrection and rehabilitation of Boba Fett — He has changed; He goes from this ruthless mercenary to a more compassionate mercenary. Boba’s time with the Tuskens, learning their ways and culture, was crucial for the growth and development of this new version of Boba Fett. Additionally, It was really cool seeing the sand people in a different light and spending time with them; it humanized and endeared them to the audience.

Here are some of my favorite things,

I like how Boba is re-organizing the crime underbelly into a cohesive crime organization similar to the mob commission, where he will rule as a crime overlord and a Godfather type of leader.

You can trace back many influences from the old canon books before Disney bought out George Lucas. Things like the meaner version of chewy, Krrsantan (Carey Jones). This was an excellent inclusion. Krrsantan is straight out of the Star Wars comic books — he was initially conceived as an exiled Wookie who became a gladiator and then a mercenary.

Bringing in Cad Bane was genius. His background as a brutal mercenary and as Boba’s former mentor added a new level of excitement to the series. Danny Trejo showing up as the Rancor trainer was awesome. It is like having Machete in space. The group of young cyborgs was not as annoying as most online trolls have suggested. They referred to them as the Star Wars version of the Mighty Morphine Power Rangers — not even close; they are teenage cyborgs who modify their limbs with tech — like trans humanists; this was a refreshing new addition.

The two new characters, Twi’lek Majordomo (David Pasquesi) and Grasa Fwip (Jennifer Beals) were also solid new additions. And bringing back Peli Motto (Amy Sedaris) to reprise her role as a Mos Eisley mechanic was a strong choice for continuity and comic relief purposes.

There are two Mandalorian-centric episodes. Which prompted the online trolls to refer to this series as Mandalorian Season 3. What a bunch of fucking idiots — It is definitely not Mandalorian Season 3; it is simply furthering Mando’s character arc. At the same time, it serves to greater connect the expanded universe within this franchise. Also, the Mandalorian lore continues to be extended here. Most significantly, there is conflict building up for Mando, and he will soon have to decide whether or not to continue to follow the Mandalore way; all of that will have to be addressed in Mandalorian season 3.

The coolest thing? I finally got to see what I always wanted — I got to see Luke Skywalker do Jedi stuff post-Episode V. You know, the things that the sequel trilogy failed to do. Additionally, the de-aging of Luke was massively improved; Luke looked much better here than in Mandalorian season 2. It was delightful to watch young Luke not long after the events of Return of the Jedi. Luke and Ahsoka talking while mentioning and referencing Anakin was noteworthy stuff.

Seeing Luke training Grogu was exceptional. The emotional scene when Grogu reconnects with Mando is heartwarming. As a result, Grogu’s decision to reunite with Mando will push the story forward as we head into Mandalorian season 3. On top of that, Grogu using the force to put the Rancor to sleep and then passing out right next to him was brilliant. Boba riding the Rancor was epic. Mando and Boba fighting together was pure fan service, and I loved it. All the fight scenes are pretty cool, especially the fight scenes with Fennec Shand (Ming-Na Wen); I dig what they are doing with this character.

In essence, Boba Fett’s story is of an orphan who never really had a home or a family and is now putting the pieces in place to create his own tribe. While at the same time, it is a story about trauma and healing. Some people hated this rendition of Boba Fett, but those are just a bunch of dopes. The Book of Boba Fett is now officially canon, and all those losers need to live with it.

All in all, This is some of the best Star Wars content ever made, and we as fans should be jumping with joy with the prospect of multiple series heading our way.

Five out of Five Popcorn Bags 🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿

THE BOOK OF BOBA FETT (Season 1, 2021). Streaming on Disney+

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