*Movie Recap: The Happy Prince

The Happy Prince (2018, Sony Pictures Classic)

The Happy Prince is the story of Oscar Wilde in exile — it is essentially a death bed movie. The film recreates the final period of Wilde’s life – Living his last few years like a tragic vagabond, penniless, walking the streets, hustling for a drink. Surrounded by street hustlers and petty thieves, shone by the same public who at one time celebrated his genius—living on a small allowance from his Wife’s state. Cast out from his family and the world. He has to resort to using a fake name to check into hotels since the Wilde name has now become a controversial name all over the world. Oscar Wilde was a victim of the victorian era morality act, charged, and imprisoned for gross indecency in 1895. And although he finally received a posthumous pardon in 2017, the fact remains that this archaic law utterly destroyed his life and career.

Nevertheless, Oscar Wilde has a small circle of friends that still support him and expect him to write again. The film title of Happy Prince comes from a children’s book of the same name that Wilde wrote in 1888. The title of this movie, in a way, becomes a sort of bridge to his family, and the family he adopts during his exile. Both families cherished Wilde’s storytelling abilities, and that is beautifully protrayed in this movie.

Writer, director, and star of this movie Rupert Everett delivers a passionate performance. The Happy Prince is a complete triumph for Everett’s determination to make this movie, considering all the obstacles holding back production and the years it took to make this film a reality. And above everything else, this film establishes Ruppert Everett not only as an excellent actor, but also a gifted writer and a very talented director who should continue to write and direct more films. I found myself captivated by this movie.

Three of out Five Popcorn Bags 🍿🍿🍿

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