*NFL WEEK 3 (2020 Season)

Is it too early to panic? Maybe not, but the talk of benching Haskins has begun, which is insane because the kid has only started 10 games in his young NFL career, so no, he should not be benched. Well… unless something disastrous happens, then maybe we can start talking about Alex Smith taking over. Ron Rivera said right after the game that he is sticking with Haskins — which is the right thing to say after a rough game where Haskins threw 3 interceptions. This coaching staff will give Dwayne Haskins all the chances they possibly can to develop this season. However, if by season’s end, he has not shown enough signs of vast improvement, then the Quarterback position will need to be addressed yet again in the offseason.

There were a few bright spots in this game: Montez Sweat looks better and better each week. It was great seeing Kendall Fuller back on the field, and Terry McLaurin continues to be the brightest star of this offense.

We still have not established a solid running game; Antonio Gibson had some nice runs but only 9 rushing attempts. J.D. McKissic only had 5 rush attempts in this game. This is not an effective way to support a young quarterback and a suspect offensive line. The running game has got to be more consistent — I’m hoping Bryce Love gets into the mix soon and show what he has to offer. 

Look, things were looking promising early in the game until Chase Young got injured and exited the game. The team seemed to have lost some confidence without him — the defensive line did not look as dominant after his absence, and Cleveland began to run the ball more effectively. Hopefully, this injury isn’t a serious one, and Chase Young can get back soon. Hell, we have Lamar Jackson and the Ravens next Sunday. This game will be, by far, our toughest test this season.

And for the rest of the league:

49ERS 36 —GIANTS 9:

San Francisco came to this game, all banged up, and still pulled off a dominant victory. Nick Mullens was effective replacing Jimmy G. I don’t know if there is a quarterback controversy in San Francisco yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there is one soon. New York is a disaster right now; nothing is working, and it seems like the Daniel Jones experiment might be coming to an end soon. 


Philadelphia cannot catch a break, this tie might help them at the end of the season, but they are still winless at 0-2-1 for the year. If Carson Wentz continues to struggle, there might be talk of a quarterback switch pretty soon. Cincinnati seems to have found their quarterback of the future; Joe Burrow is playing well so far this season — he threw for over 300 yards with 2 TDs and zero interceptions— pretty impressive for a rookie.


Russell Wilson was on fire, throwing for over 300 yards with 5 TDs and zero interceptions, setting a scoring record with the most TDs this early in the season. Dallas continues to struggle defensively, especially in their secondary, and next week’s game against Cleveland will be an interesting test for them. Can they stop Cleveland’s dynamic run game? can they contain OBJ and Landry? I think not. 


This was supposed to be the most anticipated game this week, and in a way, it kinda was. Patrick Mahomes and Kansas City seem to have Baltimore’s number; Lamar Jackson has lost 3 straight games against Mahomes and the Chiefs. However, next week’s game against Cam Newton’s Patriots will be another highly anticipated matchup for Kansas City. Baltimore plays Washington next week, and it should be a fun game to watch, especially if Washington defensive front can contain Jackson. 


Everyone keeps pointing at Drew Bress as the problem in New Orleans, but I don’t see it this way. There seems to be a movement in sports media to establish a narrative that Brees has lost a step, which I do not see as much as they claim to see. The Saints defense had a hard time stopping Rodgers, while Brees ended up with 288 yards and 3 TDs with zero interceptions. Those are substantial numbers, and they are statistical proof that Drew Bree’s is NOT on a decline.


Minnesota is a complete mess right now; their defense cannot stop anyone. Their offensive line cannot protect Cousins, and now they find themselves at 0-3 for the season, which is probably the most surprising thing this early in the football year. I thought they were poised to make a playoff run this season, and climbing out this whole seems unlikely. Tennessee is undefeated and looking like the playoff team they were late last season.

BILLS 35 — RAMS 32:

This was a rollercoaster game. Buffalo was ahead 21-3 halfway through the game, and by the end of the 4th quarter, the Rams were up 32-28, but with 15 seconds left in the game, Josh Allen threw a game-ending TD to put away Sean McVay’s team. Both of these teams will be contending for their divisions this season. The Rams get an easy game next week against the Giants, and Buffalo gets a banged-up Vegas Raider team.


Next to the Vikings, Houston is the most disappointing team this season. They are 0-3, and it feels like poetic justice that they are actually playing Minnesota next week. I think it is time to press the panic button for both of these teams. Pittsburg is now on top of the AFC North, looking forward to their matchup against Baltimore in week 7. 

COLTS 36 — JETS 7:

The Colts seemed to have figure out the formula to minimize Phillip Rivers’ interceptions, and it looks like the AFC South divisional title will come down between Indianapolis and Tennessee. The Jets were supposed to be better than what they have shown so far, and Adam Gase’s time in NY might be coming to an end soon.


Cam Newton was contained, but New England still had enough in their arsenal to put up 36 points on a banged-up Raiders team. Next week New England visits Patrick Mahomes, which should be an excellent game.


Trubisky finally got benched when Chicago was down 26-10, and Nick Foles came in to put up 20 answered points to keep Chicago at 3-0 and Atlanta winless. The Falcons should be in panic mode at this time, and it doesn’t get any easier for them against Aaron Rodgers next Sunday.


Ryan Fitzmagic looks good yet again early in the season, and Jacksonville’s struggles are proof that Nick Foles wasn’t the real issue offensively for the Jaguars. 


Carolina, without McCaffrey, managed to dominate still and put away a tough Chargers team.


Detroit made things tough for Kyler Murray and essentially gave Matt Patricia a life-line for another week. Can the Lions do the same to Drew Brees next Sunday? I doubt it, but I cannot wait to watch this game. 


Tom Brady continues to look good in Tampa Bay, and they finally got Rob Gronkowski involved significantly in their offense. Denver is a complete mess, and they have not figured out a way to contend since Payton Manning retired. Maybe it is time for John Elway to step away from football operations.

*NFL WEEK 2 (2020 Season)

We suffered our first loss of the season. The Cardinals are better than I expected. They took this Washington Football Team seriously, and the final score and stats showed it. I saw similar issues in this game from the first half of last week’s Eagles game. This is a very young football team with lots of holes. The offense struggled, the running game struggled, and the secondary is suspect — The defensive front is as good as advertised; they bring pressure, they get sacks, but there are obvious holes in the backfield. Troy Apke continues to struggle against deep throws. Dynamic wideouts will potentially have monster games against this Washington Football Team secondary. We need Kendall Fuller healthy and available to play ASAP.

Brandon Scherff will be out for a few weeks. The OL needs to be updated and addressed next off-season. The offense overall needs to improve. Terry McLaurin is our only dangerous weapon. Our TE Logan Thomas brings good experience and seems reliable at times. Still, we need an immediate upgrade in this position to compliment what we currently have. Our running game needs to get going, and somebody has to be established as our featured back.

Going for 2 points twice in the game was not what I would’ve done. Rivera gambled twice and came up empty twice. I disagreed with the 2 point conversion attempts, but I appreciate the boldness of this coach. This coaching staff is rebuilding from the ashes Bruce Allen left behind, and this season might end up being an evaluation season for the leftover players from the Gruden/Allen era. 

We have Baker Mayfield and the Browns next week. This is a very winnable game. Mayfield is not as dynamic as Kyler Murray, and I sense that our defensive front will make things difficult for him and Cleveland’s running backs. 


And for the rest of the league: 


Cleveland looked like they got their offense back on track, albeit against a young, inexperienced Bengals team led by a rookie Quarterback. This game gave us a primetime sample of Joe Burrow and what the future might hold for this young Cincinnati team. I’m still not sold on Baker Mayfield.. let’s see how he does against my Washington defense next Sunday. 


Barkley is done for the season, which will pretty much set the Giants back offensively. I’m still not sold on Daniel Jones, and I think this season will be a long one for the Giants. Chicago is surprisingly 2-0, but I still believe that a more competitive team has not yet tested them. 


The Falcons lost this game in the most idiotic way you could lose a game. Dallas got a break at the end of the game when Atlanta essentially allowed an onside kick to be recovered by Dallas when Falcon players surrounded the ball, and none of them attempted to pick it up. Dallas got lucky; they should be 0-2. 

RAMS 37 — EAGLES 19:

The Rams are 2-0 by beating up on NFC East Teams, and they seem to be making an early run at the super-competitive NFC WEST. Philadelphia is a wounded team at 0-2, but they get a break next weekend against the Bengals and Joe Burrow. 


Terrific game. Cam Newton is making New England look more dynamic than they ever did under Brady. Cam is unleashing a run game not seen in New England in recent memory. Teams have to defend the run completely different than how they defended when Brady was at center. Seattle and Russell Wilson lookalike early contenders. 


The new and rebranded Las Vegas Raiders opened up their brand new stadium win a colossal signature win. This Vegas team looks dangerous, and their AFC West division is ultra-competitive, which will make their divisional games against Kansas City and LA Rams must-watch games. Talking heads on sports media are already whispering about the possible end of the road for Drew Brees. It is nonsense; Brees was not the reason they lost this game. 


Baltimore and Lamar Jackson look to be unstoppable. I’m looking forward to next week’s Monday night matchup against Pat Homes and the Chiefs. The Texans had the unlucky task to play against Kansas City and Baltimore in their first 2 games of the season. Week 3, they get a 2-0 Steelers team that seems to be a legit contender. They have a hard time beating teams with winning records, and I think it is early to say this, but Bill O’Brien’s seat is getting hot already. 


This game went into overtime. LA controlled most of this game with a rookie Quarterback taking over after a last-minute Tyrod Taylor injury during game-time warm-ups. Kansas City barely pulled off the win with a game-winning field goal in overtime. The Chargers seem to be better than I expected them to be without Phillip Rivers. 


Tom Brady shut everybody up for at least one week. They still haven’t found ways to get Gronk involved in the offense. Fournette had a solid game running the ball. McCaffrey got injured and will be out for a few weeks. Carolina will struggle without him. 


Aaron Rodgers had another statement type of game, putting up pretty solid numbers against another divisional rival. Green Bay is now 2-0 for the year and on top of the NFC North division. Next week’s game against the Saints should be a fun one. Detroit has lost two games in a row where they had a solid lead and allowed the opposing team to catch up. Matt Patricia might be out of a job very soon if they do not turn things around pretty fast. 


Indianapolis got things going offensively by establishing a solid running game and keeping Phillip Rivers from throwing the ball like he is known for. The Colts defense was all over Kirk Cousins, who threw 3 interceptions and could not get anything going until the 4th quarter when the game was already out of hand. The colts seem to have found a star kicker in Blankenship.


Josh Allen had a monster game with 4 TDs and over 400 yards. Buffalo seems to finally be in a position to take over the AFC East division reigns from New England. Miami made things competitive, and they seem to be getting better; however, they have a tough schedule ahead of them, and this season may not be their turn around season just yet. 

49ERS 31 — NY JETS 13:

San Francisco looked like the 49ers of last year, albeit against a struggling Jets team that seems to be going nowhere fast. Garoppolo left the game banged up and is questionable for next week’s game against the Giants. 


Pittsburg’s defense was the difference-maker here. They took Drew Lock out of this game with an injury, and Denver’s backup QB Jeff Driskel did not fare any better; he was rough up throughout most of the game. The Steeler’s have a legit defense. 


Ryan Tannehill continues to shine in Tennessee, throwing 4 TDs with zero interceptions in this game. The Titans have quietly taken control of the AFC South. Jacksonville has a tough matchup against a Miami team desperate for a win.

*NFL WEEK 1 (2020 Season)

Man, does it feel good to start the 2020 NFL season with a signature victory. 

The Washington Football team was tested early, but they found a way to win. It was 17-7 at halftime, and things were looking rough for the ol’ burgundy and gold. Haskins looked shaky at times during the first half but managed to keep things steady and went into the second half more poised. The key for me was that he did not turn the ball over and made smart plays when needed. Scott Turner called a solid game in the second half, which made a difference in the final outcome. Nevertheless, the run game seems questionable still… maybe we pulled the trigger on Adrian Peterson too soon? we will see…

The defense was spectacular, especially the defensive front. Ryan Kerrigan seemed loosed and played well, becoming the all-time sack leader in team history. He seems to be at the perfect spot, surrounded by all these young talents. The pass rush overall looked furious, and it was coming from all over the place. Chase Young and Montez Sweat are a force to be reckoned with. This season is all about establishing a dominant defense that will set the pace for the future.

There is an evident and drastic difference between Jay Gruden and Ron Rivera. 

Rivera seems to command complete respect from his players. This team showed guts and swagger, which I have not seen since the Marty Schottenheimer team of 2001 and the Joe Gibbs 2.0 team.

Still feels hard to call them the Washington Football Team, but that is what they are……for now—excited about this young football team. 

Bring on Kyler Murray next week!!

WFT 27 — EAGLES 17

….and for the rest of the league:


Clyde Edwards-Helaire seems to be the real deal, and Kansas City and Pat Mahomes look like early SuperBowl favorites. Houston got in a hole early in the game, and they did not have enough in their arsenal to mount a comeback. Everyone will be watching what goes down with this Houston team, and Bill O’Brien’s future as the Head Coach depends on the Texans making a deep run in the playoffs.

BEARS 27 — LIONS 17:

After struggling for the first 3 quarters, Trubisky threw 3 TDs in the 4th quarter to quiet the calls for Nick Foles to replace him. Detroit had this game almost wrapped up, and for some strange reason, they decided to switch defensive schemes, which allowed Chicago to get things going offensively. These 2 teams will be fun to watch this season.


Tom Brady did not look as bad as some of the talking heads have claimed. I watched this entire game, and there were many drops, misreads, and bad protection. Tampa Bay will be better as the season progresses. New Orleans looked good, but I’m still not sold on them. 


Russell Wilson was on fire, throwing 4 TDs: 2 in the 1st quarter, and 2 in the 3rd quarter with zero interceptions. Atlanta could not get their best playmakers like Julio Jones or Todd Gurley involved as much, and it cost them. 

BILLS 27 — JETS 17:

Josh Allen had himself an excellent season opener throwing for 2 TDs and running for another. The Jets fell behind early — they finally got their offense going in the 3rd and 4th quarters, but it wasn’t enough. 


Aaron Rodgers had himself a monster day with 4 TDs and made a subtle statement to those who think he might be in decline. Minnesota got caught napping and fell behind. The Vikings are better than what they showed in the first half of this game. 


Cam Newton looked renewed and inspired, and Miami did not. Although, I expect the second year for the Dolphins under Brian Flores to be more competitive than the previous season. 


The Las Vegas Raiders are looking like contenders. The entire AFC West seems to be one of the most competitive divisions in the NFL. Carolina, without Cam Newton, seems to be a pretty dynamic team still. 


Gardner Minshew threw 3 TDs and seemed to have picked things up right from where he left off last season. On the other hand, Phillip Rivers did not change his ways from his days as a Charger and threw for over 300 yards and 2 interceptions. The colts need to establish a running game and limit the air game from Rivers. 


Lamar Jackson is, without a doubt, the most dynamic player in the NFL, and Baltimore is poised to make some noise this season. The Browns are just pathetic, and its only a matter of time until Baker Mayfield gets benched. 


Tyrod Taylor was effective in his debut as a charger, and although he did not score any TDs, he did not create any costly mistakes like his predecessor would have. Cincinnati might be the surprise team this season. 

CARDINALS 24 — 49ERS 20:

Jimmy G struggled in parts of this game, and I think this season will be a referendum on him. Kyler Murray has an excellent weapon in Deandre Hopkins, and they seem to be on the same page already. 


Jared Goff was productive and more effective than Prescott. Dallas always gets hyped up by the media, but they are way overrated. The Rams are still an enigma, and next week they play Philly, which will be an interesting game to get a better sense of who they are. 


The kicking game was the storyline here, where Stephen Gostkowski missed every single field goal attempt and even an extra point, but he made the final kick of the game count, and that was all Tennesse needed to secure the win. Denver seems to be building around Drew Lock, and they might be a few pieces away from contention in the AFC West. 


Pittsburgh’s defense was solid, their running game was effective, and Big Ben threw 3 TDs with zero interceptions to put away the feisty Giants and spoil Joe Judge’s Head Coaching debut.

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