The complete dismantling of the X-Men series finally came full circle with this mess of a movie.

Dark Phoenix was the last movie made by FOX in the X-Men film series before handing over the entire MARVEL universe to Disney. Hopefully, for the better.

I came to this movie completely open-minded and ignoring all the bad reviews I saw online, and for once, the online trolls were right. Glad I didn’t spend any of my hard-earned dollars on this disaster of a movie in the theaters.

X-Men First Class (2010) and X-Men Days of Future Past (2013) were fucking fantastic — Love those two movies—X-Men Apocalypse (2015j, was not up to the standard set by the previous two installments. Still, it was an enjoyable and entertaining movie.

The first 15 minutes of Dark Phoenix were promising. The car crash sequence was nicely shot — I was all in, but then, the script falls apart. The whole thing is 114 minutes too long.

Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) accidentally absorbing this cosmic energy and gaining ” Phoenix Power” was far-fetched and ridiculous. Turner’s Jean Grey came off as dry and lacking any excitement. She was pretty good in X-Men Apocalypse, so I suspect the screenplay is the culprit here. Famke Janssen’s portrayal of Dr. Grey provided the blueprint on how this character should be approached.

The rest of the supporting cast was uninspiring. Storm now has a British accent? Cyclops was forgettable. Jessica Chastain, who is always great in everything she does, seemed uninterested in playing this dual character. Jennifer Lawrence (Raven) also seemed disinterested.

Michael Fassbender (Magneto) and James McAvoy (Charles Xavier) are pure magic together. Their storyline is super compelling. Hank/Beast (Nicholas Hoult) was great. The climactic action sequences at the end of the movie were pretty impressive. Everything else was poorly conceived.

We go from X-Men First Class set in 1962, and then we come to Dark phoenix set in 1992, and both Magneto and Professor Xavier look like they have not aged at all. It feels like filmmakers do not give a damn about simple little things that we fans take seriously.

Both Days of Future Past and Apocalypse attempted to reset the convoluted X-Men timeline. However, there were still a bunch of holes and discrepancies — Now Disney is in the unique position to fix the series or start over with a complete reboot of the series. Maybe James Mangold (Logan, 2017) should be seriously considered to take the reigns of future X-Men movies.

All in all, Dark Phoenix is worth watching at least once. The final scene between Magneto and Professor Xavier was a sweet send-off to twenty years of X-Men movies.

Two out of Five popcorn Bags 🍿🍿

Dark Phoenix (2019j.


The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) finally catching up and giving female superhero characters their own front and center movies is long overdue…. (Cannot wait for Black Widow, 2020).

Captain Marvel is essentially the precursor to Avengers Endgame, putting the last piece of the marvel cinematic universe puzzle together — I confess that I waited until most of the Avengers movies were available on streaming to catch up… (thanks Disney+).

I am not a massive expert on MCU or DC Extended Universe (DCEU), but I consider myself to be a fanboy of some of the individual characters like Captain America, Winter Soldier, and Thor. I have been reading this excellent comic series: Red Skull by Joshua Williamson and Hail Hydra by Rick Remender I highly recommend them. The Captain America movie trilogy is fantastic, by the way —watch all three in one seating if you can.

I have some mixed feelings regarding Captain Marvel — there were a bunch of things I liked, and a few I did not: The Stan Lee appreciation opening logo was awesome. Everyone should stand and clap whenever this new logo hits the screen. Sam Jackson’s de-aging CGI was impressive. Jude Law is always fantastic in whatever he is in, and he is exceptional here again. Ben Mendelsohn, as Talos, is pure joy to watch. The twist with The Skrulls storyline was my favorite part, and the end credits easter eggs/spoilers are also pretty cool.

However, it was hard for me to connect with Captain Marvel as much as I connected with other marvel characters or even Wonder Woman. Trying to turn Captain Marvel into MCU’s version of Wonder Woman was not a success, which is what this movie attempted to accomplish — Simply put, she is not as charismatic as Wonder Woman. I saw a bunch of online criticism surrounding Brie Larson’s performance, but I cannot entirely agree; I think Brie Larson is an outstanding actress… the hell with it; she is an Academy Award-winning actor. So If you want to blame anything, blame the script.

We all know where Captain Marvel fits within the hierarchy of Superheroes. We all know she is the most powerful Avenger in the MCU, so we know the stakes are low as far as danger or vulnerability is concerned. Plus, we know where she and the rest of the superheroes will end up — which makes this movie just a simple origins story and, in a way, an introduction to Carol Danvers/Vers AKA Captain Marvel to a casual and more extensive audience. Even as an origin story, this movie rushes in and comes off as flat and unoriginal.

There was way too much military jargon and overplayed military terminology being used. Even the friendship between Rambeau and Danvers was not compelling enough for me. Annette Bening was terrific, but I felt like her Supreme Intelligence/Dr. Wendy Lawson’s character needed more screen time.

By far, Captain Marvel is the least impressive of all the Marvel Cinematic Universe superhero movies; nonetheless, some interesting and compelling parts make this movie worth watching a couple of times.

Two out of Five Popcorn Bags 🍿🍿

Captain Marvel (2019).

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