It’s been a slow-moving 2023 for Washington so far. They are still interviewing Offensive Coordinator candidates. However, Ron Rivera announced that Sam Howell would enter training camp as the number 1 QB. Meaning the QB job will be Sam Howell’s to lose. This announcement will be crucial for the next round of OC interviews. Coincidentally, there seems to be a legit interest in hiring Eric Bienemy as our new OC. I believe an official meeting/interview will take place immediately after the Super Bowl — It is essential to note the connection between Andy Reid and Ron Rivera, as it might play a role here.

This 2023 off-season is the most significant in decades. Mainly due to the uncertainty regarding the sale of the team. Encouragingly, Dan Snyder’s mansion in Maryland is now up for sale, so he seems ready to get the hell out of the DMV for good. Hopefully, Jeff Bezos will make his bid soon. Nevertheless, we still need to secure the services of Daron Payne and put together a solid strategy for this upcoming 2023 draft — Especially a draft plan to strengthen our O-line.

Other teams are filling up vacancies quickly — The hiring of Kellen Moore to the LA Chargers will be interesting for Dallas, as Mike McCarthy will take over play-calling duties. Our old friend Scott Turner found a landing spot with the Raiders as a passing game coordinator. And Chris Harris landed in Tennessee as Cornerbacks coach for the Titans. These two coaching positions are critical spots that will be highly scrutinized in 2023.

On the sad front, Bobby Beathard passed away at 86 years old last week. He was the most successful GM in Washington’s history. His partnership with Joe Gibbs in evaluating and selecting talent was remarkable. As a result of this partnership, Washington went to 3 super bowls in the 80s, winning 2 of them. He was bold; he once ran in a race wearing a shirt that said, “I hate the Cowboys.” That alone makes him a legend in my book. God Speed, Bobby Beathard.


EAGLES 31 — 49ERS 7
The Eagles got a lucky break when Brock Purdy got injured and left the game — entered career backup, QB Josh Johnson. Still, he was incapable of producing any threat on offense, and not long after entering the game, Josh Johnson was injured and had to leave the game. Multiple lucky breaks for Philly. Next, Philadelphia plays for the Super Bowl.

There were terrible calls by the refs throughout this game. But having Josh Johnson as Brock Purdy’s backup was insane; Johnson has proven to be useless year after year, and yet, he continues to get backup jobs in the NFL. Unfortunately, when Brock Purdy came back into the game, he was visibly unable to throw or get any reasonable range of motion in his throwing arm. Nevertheless, what the Niners accomplished this season was nothing short of impressive. Next, San Francisco needs to figure out their QB situation and hire a new Defensive Coordinator; DeMeco Ryans left to become the Head Coach for Houston.

Patrick Mahomes playing in one leg and putting on a show was outstanding. The Chiefs finally got over on the Bengals and will be playing in another Super Bowl.

The Bengals were supposed to have upgraded their O-line, but Joe Burrow has continued to be pressured and sacked throughout this playoffs, and their ground game has not complimented their passing game adequately. Next, Cincinnati needs to improve its QB protection for the 2023 season.

The sports pundits are calling this game the Andy Reid Bowl, which is very fitting, considering all the years Andy spent in Philadelphia.

However, the outcome of this game will be decided by 2 factors. First, how healthy Patrick Mahomes will be by game time. And secondly, on how efficient Kansas City’s Defense can be at preventing Jalen Hurts from breaking out of the pocket. Let’s remember that Washington already provided the blueprint for beating Philadelphia; Washington exposed their weaknesses on week 10, and they did it with a healthy Jalen Hurts. The Chiefs should follow a similar game plan.

Here is the thing, I despise the Cowboys and the Eagles almost equally. So, as a result, I will always pick against them.

My Super Bowl pick:


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